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  1. The other day I heard Derek F say he has like one cigarette a day or something, so I don’t think he’s a heavy smoker. Is he the only one though?
  2. Jack was on this podcast talking with Brice (from Survivor Cagayan). They are good friends. I enjoyed the conversation -- Brice is fun and Jack seems like a good guy. It's a nice relationship they seem to have. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/purple-pants-podcast-collection-co/id1476333073?i=1000521255275 The After Party show was not too bad. David Spade can have some funny moments. Michelle B as well.
  3. I love this show so much. I got the free month of Paramount and will probably have to pay for a month to finish it out, but it will be worth it. I watched in real time in ‘92 as a teen and watching them again is wonderful. I love what they’re doing mixing in past clips. It’s good to see Kevin has grown so much in his activism, understanding he has to embrace all parts of equality including women. It was rough to watch his arguments back in the day because of him throwing around derogatory words against the women. I felt it even as a teen before I knew anything. I’m glad Eric is getting al
  4. Did I miss something? Why was Dr. Will nowhere to be seen? I thought he was moving in and there would be all sorts of highjinks with the HOH. What a pointless gimmick unless he’s back for Veto? I guess I’m mildly excited about the triple next week so there’s that. But this season is truly the worst and I’ve seen them all.
  5. I guess she changed her tune on this! I still cannot picture her on Survivor like at all. From the Us interview: I wish she had better favorites though lol. She also said she'd love to do a real estate show. She belongs on TV somewhere again no doubt.
  6. I agree with this. The casting (for women) doesn’t even compare to Survivor for the most part. I’m guessing Janelle basically played the dumb girl role to get cast originally. I would so love to see Janelle on Survivor. I wonder if she would ever do that. I can’t really picture it, lol. But that would be amazing.
  7. Ooh, I think we’re gonna see scary Christmas come out.
  8. Does anyone know how to get flashback working? Is there a good browser to use (on a Mac) for it to work? Or maybe it's just broken. I don't think the app lets you flashback. I'm very excited to have this on all day while I work at home but no way was I staying up all night.
  9. I just saw Leah and Mike have a podcast now. Just downloaded and started listening...I think it will be good! I love hearing them talk. It's called Scientology: Fair Game
  10. Ah ok, thanks. I had only heard something about a mental issue, depression or something as to why he left RHAP. Just looked at the Reddit stuff and wow I had no idea. Good to know though.
  11. Wait. Why is Alex Kidwell a scumbag? I always thought he seemed like a decent guy championing for women and minorities from what I’ve seen. But if there’s something more please share! He definitely does have some kind of insider knowledge regardless.
  12. CBS is optimistic about getting ‘Big Brother 22’ on the air so you won’t have to go through a summer without it Hard to believe this could happen, but I guess it is more likely than Survivor coming back soon.
  13. Take a look at Nick’s thread in the forum. There’s a lot of info there.
  14. I don’t see why they wouldn’t potentially have BBCanada 9 next year. I think this will just be a “final bow” for this season. What a wreck it was, it does seem appropriate it was canceled. From the first quit to 2 dumb expulsions for reasons that weren’t shown. And I could hardly watch Carol last episode practically gloating over quitting.
  15. There is really something wrong with that guy. Speaking of BB and Covid-19, BB Canada is carrying on right now. It does seem best to just keep them in there. BBUS could cast a week before, they probably do anyway. So I hope they can have the season even without casting calls. Who knows the kind of people we would get though.
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