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  1. Yep. I think Johnny was definitely a bit harsh when he flat out said he was not attracted to Bao when she giggles and acts childlike. If I were on the receiving end of that comment, from my husband no less, that would really sting. No doubt he could have positioned that sentiment in a much less hurtful and more productive way, but I am starting to see what I think he meant. I feel like there is a spectrum for silly behavior - on one side there is playful silly, almost sexy silly, and on the other end of the spectrum, there childish silly. Bao seems to lean pretty heavily on the childish side a
  2. Ugh…I felt like she stole that line from Doug in season 1, when he said he “grows on people, like a fungus.” It was such a cute line at that time, especially given Doug and Jamie’s start, so understandably the show played that clip a lot. I’m betting Bao saw it and wanted to replicate the “cuteness”. But it was a big fail in my book. It seemed artificial. So, yes, it didn’t play well with me either, but not necessarily because i was disgusted by it, but because it felt so fake, and most annoyingly, it felt plagiarized.
  3. Yep. I can appreciate her unabashed love for the finer things. She totally owns that trait, which I respect. But I really struggle with her inability to compromise and her lack of consideration for whatever Gil might want or like (except for the one time when she gave him a plate of chocolate chip cookies on the honeymoon - that was cute). It’s her way or no way and that just won’t work in a marriage (unless you marry a doormat, which Gil most certainly is not). Gil was spot on when he called her “extra”.
  4. Exactly! I loved when Pastor Cal claimed that Myrla saying that she was not attracted to bald men “was just her being superficial”. Lol! Exactly, Pastor Cal…and that doesn’t mean it’s insignificant and should be ignored! At least a part of attraction (arguably, a very big part) is superficial. Plus I think Myrla leans more toward superficiality, in general, than the average person (I’m sure she would be the first to admit that too) so all the more reason for the experts/producers to actually listen to her. To simply ignore certain requests and/or requirements of the participants is disingenuou
  5. Serious question…what’s up with the “no bills” in Samoa. Does everyone in Samoa live off the grid? They all have solar panels, windmills, their own livestock, farm animals, fruit orchards, veggie gardens, etc.??? I’m not sure if that’s super primitive or super progressive, but I’m intrigued. (unless, of course, man-child Asuelo simply just doesn’t fully comprehend that funds are actually required to live in Samoa, the way a small child might not understand that…never mind…question rescinded…)
  6. Ughhhh…I could not help but notice that both Brett’s and Ryan’s table manners left a bit to be desired. Just after Brett exhibited the lousy table manners you noted above, Ryan stuck his fingers in his mouth and pulled something out that I assume he simply did not want to swallow and then presumably put the partially chewed morsel back on his plate. Yuck yuck yuck. Yuck yuck yuck. That ranks waaaay up there on my faux pas list. Jeez…if he absolutely just had to do that, at least he could have turned his head away, covered his mouth with his napkin and discreetly put the inedible item into the
  7. I don’t fault either Myrla or Gil whatsoever for their seemingly polar opposite lifestyles/priorities. This is ALL on the experts. Before the wedding, the show aired clips of each of them articulating exactly who they were and what they were looking for in a partner and the experts chose to ignore it. Gil said he was a simple, frugal guy who didn’t want an Instagram model. Myrla showed off her impressive closet and her wall of self portraits and wanted someone who could match her lifestyle, financially. Neither lifestyle is better than the other in any way, but they are completely incompa
  8. Wow. Tiffany and Ronald couldn’t even get out of the therapist’s parking lot before getting into yet another huge argument. So much for agreeing not to criticize each other (although apparently Tiffany doesn’t see her comments as criticisms, she sees them as “truths”, thus it’s ok in her eyes - news flash Tiffany: you don’t need to be lying to be criticizing someone…you, most certainly, are criticizing Ronald almost every time you open your mouth!). Ronald is not without his faults (to say the least!), but at least he seems to recognize his shortcomings. On the other hand, Tiffany really think
  9. I can only assume that Brandon’s friends were all trying to figure out what Brandon saw in Julia until she mentioned installing the stripper pole in the kitchen…then suddenly everything made sense. Lol.
  10. This! I suppose I do need to give her some credit though for either not reading or reading and subsequently totally forgetting all the negative posts about her on social media since her season aired. She still seems entirely oblivious to the fact that a notable percentage of MAFS viewers don’t find her to be the cute, charming, witty girl she seems to think she is. I thought she was unnecessarily rude and mean to Jake during all but the first few days of their marriage (you can find someone unattractive and still be polite to him or her), and she invested far too much time trying to recruit pe
  11. I kind of wondered about this…so many of these Americans fail to meet the income requirement to sponsor their spouses on the K1 and they need to rope in poor family members or friends to fall into these train wrecks with them as co-sponsors. Tiffany, Kalani, ‘Pole’, probably David too (I don’t remember, but I know his buddy essentially paid for everything, including his in-law pay-off and his deluxe accommodations at the storage facility), etc.. I suppose that’s why these people agree to be shredded by TLC viewers - they are desperate for the money. Speaking of that, it’s funny how Ti
  12. So Virginia continued to try to rewrite history in this episode. Last week she said her drinking was never a problem and never would be a problem. Um, ok. Never mind that we all saw it. We all saw the impact it had on her physically and the problems her drinking caused her relationship. But according to Virginia there’s “nothing to see here”. Sure. For sure (thanks Ryan for my new, widely applicable MAFS quote for the season). And it’s too bad the experts didn’t address her drinking at all in their expert-only session. If nothing else, having a “professional” acknowledge the problem might have
  13. I’m wondering if the reason Chris and Paige immediately clammed up when Kevin brought up the new car for Mercedes is because maybe it was repossessed. If the guy couldn’t keep up the payments on his Subway franchise I’m assuming he also couldn’t keep up the payments on the car for Mercedes (and that assumes the car even exists…it could also be a part of a big fat sack of lies revolving around the supposed pregnancy). Or the third option: perhaps he is hiding the car from creditors on his bad debts and thus wanted to get off the topic as quickly as possible, in the hope that the car wouldn’t be
  14. Why am I not surprised that Hailey couldn’t even be gracious toward Jake during the reunion show. Kevin even opened his question to her with “help a guy out”...but nope. Her competitive, must win at all costs attitude got the better of her yet again and she essentially threw Jake under the bus. Again. Complete with that demonic dr evil laugh. What guy is going to want to date that girl after this season?
  15. This is ridiculous. Now Vincent is completely contradicting himself regarding the bossy comment at the wedding. During the regular season, in the midst of one of Vincent’s hissy fits, he told Brianna that the “bossy” label assigned to her at the wedding was a turn off and a trait he said he specifically did not want in a partner. Then in the reunion show he pretended he never said that and claimed he didn’t take the word ‘bossy’ that way and he thought it just meant that she knew what she wanted. Huh??? That’s definitely not what you said, Vinny... Again, don’t these people realize that t
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