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  1. This was my series finale because I pretty much checked out after this episode. The only episodes I watched after season 11 was when NW came back. I was as out of it as Carter was in S15 because I didn’t know what the hell was going on or who half the characters were.
  2. Joe would be an attractive alcoholic with BPD who watched his teenage love of his life die tragically. I’m joking but with the poor me she must be a victim writing that Abby got I can totally see it going that way.
  3. I’m not sure why GV objected to that line. No. 1 - no one is that pretty or special to treat someone else like shit and No. 2 Abby was having her cake and eating it too with her physical relationship with Luka and her emotional one with Carter. Anyone in Luka’s place would have snapped.
  4. ch1

    Night Court

    Night Court had a multitude of riches when it came to the actors. Even those that only stayed a year like Lana, Flo, Billy and Paula worked. To me the cast always gelled. It’s sad to think half the cast is gone. And much too young in pretty much all their cases. RIP Markie Post. I didn’t believe it when I first saw it because of how close it was to Charles Robinson’s death. Someone needs to wrap Larroquette, Warfield and Moll in bubble wrap.
  5. Secrets and Lies shouldn’t have been on a best episode list at all. The characterization of everyone involved was terrible and over the top.
  6. Season 6 had some great songs. There are a few songs I downloaded because of ER. One that always makes me think of ER is If You Want Me to Stay. I always hear Malik singing it. Lol.
  7. ch1

    Night Court

    He was so good as Mac. The back and forth between him and Harry Anderson was gold.
  8. Maybe that older women thing is why the writers thought it would be entertaining to write about Carter first time being with a maid that worked for his family when he barely hit puberty. I still want to know the thought process on that one.
  9. ch1


    I loved Ross. One of my clear memories of nearly crying laughing with this show was the leather pants scene. I would have watched 2 hours of just the cast reminiscing. The parts I liked the most was just the cast on set talking.
  10. I never got the shipping of Luka and Abby. I didn’t make it to season 14 or their marriage but how they started out in season 7 was just depressing. I mean their first date ended in a man getting his head bashed in. They were just a dark hole and it sounds like their stories after they got together again in later seasons weren’t much better.
  11. I’ll pretty much skip the last 2 seasons. I enjoyed the reruns of the earlier seasons more than this season. They really couldn’t do anything with Christy. The actress left and the writers gave her a good ending but I would have liked Bonnie’s phone call about Adam to be to Christy.
  12. Anna Faris was a part of the show for 7 of 8 years. Leaving the last season doesn’t erase what she brought to the show for the majority of time it was on the air.
  13. The person that would have made the most sense would have been Christy. Plus she would have called Bonnie out on making it all about her.
  14. I think running her business as honestly as possible is her happy ever after - and probably having a good relationship with Bonnie who she said is like a sister to her.
  15. The last I remember she found out she was perimenopausal and decided to freeze her eggs but they weren’t viable. We’re in the home stretch so I expect magical endings like Christy going to Georgetown.
  16. She was on the last season of a 2 year deal so how could it be money?
  17. It was also irritating that she wasn’t listening to Marjorie until she started complimenting her. We get it Bonnie is self-absorbed. We also get that Marjorie is old. It seems to be the new Christy needs a man joke and it’s just as tired.
  18. I would love to see a reunion that includes Noah and Eric. The original six is when I was addicted to this show and seeing them together you can see why this show was a hit. The writing was there but so was the cast chemistry. I cracked up at George and the others saying they couldn’t believe it’s been 25 years and AE responding “yeah, that’s because it’s been 26.” Lol.
  19. I think Jill’s line about fire being beautiful or whatever it was is a sign to call it a day. When writers have to reach like that for a laugh it’s time to go.
  20. I would imagine to use Anna Faris’ image they would have had to pay her. This show has been cancelled so it’s probably money they had no interest in spending.
  21. Marjorie doesn’t strike me as the type of cat owner who would let them run around outside. Too easy for something to happen to them. I mean this is the woman who blended fish for them.
  22. That montage of celebrities praising WA shows that if money is being made to hell with anything else. Just goes to show how shallow Hollywood really is. I think Moses Farrow sold his soul so he would be in the will. Jerry Seinfeld is an asshole with his response to Stephen Colbert saying he can’t separate Allen from his work. Why is that so shocking? Arrogant tool. Dylan Farrow’s daughter is adorable.
  23. I’m over this show but I thought the scene with Rod and Jill was a good one until they had them go predictable with the hook up. Then I just rolled my eyes.
  24. ch1

    Mom in the Media

    I wasn’t a fan of Violet (never understood her hatred of her mother but being ok with Bonnie) but it does suck that now there is zero chance of any kind of forgiveness - which I don’t think would have happened even if Faris stayed. The writers seemed to have done away with Christy actually being a mom.
  25. What gets me about this scene is his broken “mom” when lays his head on her chest. Gah, it makes me tear up thinking about it. I think the show lost its mojo with the start of season 7. For me that is when ER went downhill (although I do like season 8 but I think that is the last season I enjoyed.)
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