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  1. When Mary Katharine Ham was talking about how united we were pos- 9/11 and how the anthem was for all of us then I was wishing she could talk with some of my Muslim-American friends about what life was like for them...
  2. Meghan had no issue with Rush Limbaugh's homophobia when she was talking about how much she idolized him / his lung cancer, so I guess she only has an issue with people who come for the gay people she's friends with.
  3. Just double checked, it was actually a hand sanitizer so I guess that makes a little more sense?? Good for Mary Trump for calling out Meg for sitting out the interview.
  4. I think that was actually a hand soap that came right after the dog shampoo.
  5. I just started/finished binging Evil and am so hooked! I wish I had waited until the hiatus was over to start watching, I cannot wait to see what else is coming this season.
  6. I enjoyed the finale very much. Both seasons have been great fun to watch and I really hope we get a third.
  7. I really hope we don't see Kyle recast for a good long while.
  8. Maybe I misunderstood her but I thought she was saying we could use the money they are throwing at this, not their leadership.
  9. I so hope this is true. I've never been a fan of Sumer or Kyle and would be much happier with both characters far from GC
  10. I really like Sara and hope that rumor of her leaving is just a rumor. Her recent likes on Twitter seem to hint at such:
  11. Drew gives even Meghan a run for her money in long windedness
  12. Doesn't say HR but executives
  13. What is Whoopi doing here on Friday?
  14. So today Meghan has dated someone of every race, traveled the entire world, and also claimed that only one person on the bachelor has ever been above a size 0. Why do I get the feeling that none of these things are true?
  15. I wasn't familiar with Rachel but she knocked it out of the park! I loved that she got the word in after Meghan too, what she was saying sure made a lot more sense than the nonsense that came before it!
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