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  1. raspberry7

    S01.E03: Beanball

    I am a die hard baseball fan (Cards), and I don't mind the exposition one bit. The more the show can draw in non-baseball-fan viewers, the better. And, they are at least striving for authenticity (admittedly with some sacrifices for TV and some errors, such as not getting "beanball" right) -- as others have said, the same can't be said for most shows. They often tip their hat to people who do know baseball. Case in point: I was giddy, GIDDY that this episode featured the Cardinals... this was not an accident. Part of the legacy, for better or for worse. (Bob Gibson, the legendary Cards pitcher, described his pitching repertoire (nay, 'arsenal') as containing the brushback, hit-batter, and knockdown pitches, but emphatically NOT the beanball -- "Nobody in his right mind throws a rock 90-plus miles an hour at a guy's head.")
  2. raspberry7

    S10.E10: The Knockouts Premiere

    Ryan was SO out of the pocket, I could hardly listen. He was something like half a beat ahead of the band for the first verse. I was surprised none of the judges asked him if he was having trouble hearing the band or something... I don't recall that problem from his earlier performances. The voice itself is a moot point if you can't sing in time (or, I'll grant you, purposefully out of time).
  3. raspberry7

    S01.E01: Pilot

    I was wondering this too... or an eye job? Something about his face was distracting me. Agree with those not buying Akermann in her role. Can't tell if it's the writing or the acting, or both.
  4. raspberry7

    S00.E148: The Husbands Of River Song

    Yes, yes, yes. It was amazing how much difference acting with Kingston seems to make. I loved the whole episode, but the best part was "But always, when you need it the most... there is a song." (Capaldi's acting, Kingston's acting, the writing, the music... all top notch.)
  5. raspberry7

    S09.E12: Hell Bent

    I thought she did a great job, and showed an interesting evolution for the character. The scene in the ruins of Gallifrey was particularly good. I agree with the thought that Moffat seems to be trying to make his companions More Special Than RTD's Companions (and Wife!)
  6. raspberry7

    S04.E09: Three's A Crowd

    It's the douchey hat! It's the douchey hat! (And everything else too)
  7. raspberry7

    S02.E01: Axis Mundi

    I'm hooked!
  8. raspberry7

    S04.E03: High Noon

    Beyond worst lawyer ever -- would any intelligent person sign a contract the second it is plopped down in front of them, without researching the company? Yeah, this type of stuff is why I can't watch MEDICAL dramas, so I feel your pain lynnea6:). I get that this show and others fluff on technical stuff (law, medical, etc.) for what they perceive to be dramatic effect, but so often it actually weakens the plots. In this case, they've made a main character look completely incompetent.
  9. raspberry7

    S04.E01: Can't Let Go

    Dear Nashville producers, Please hire me as a medical advisor, since you clearly do not have one. I am a doctor and I love trashy TV. You can pay me by letting me hang out in Gunnar's house. Thank you.
  10. raspberry7

    S12.E15: Top 6 Perform + Elimination

    From your mouth to God's ears! And the pseudo-slow mo was amazing (and great choreo!). ETA slomo
  11. raspberry7

    S12.E14: Top 8 Perform + Elimination

    Can someone with tap dancing expertise help me out here: I think Gaby does really cool rhythms while tapping in her solos, but she is often ahead of the beat. (I used to play percussion, and this irks me.) Is it normal in tapping to try to be off the beat a bit, and if so -- normal to be in front of the beat rather than behind it? (I.e., is it desirable to be off beat so that the audience can hear the tapping better?)
  12. raspberry7

    S02.E08: Omega Station

  13. raspberry7

    S02.E08: Omega Station

    I didn't buy the Ani/Ray romance, but I think I SHOULD have. To whoever made this not work: You can't sell me a love story between two damaged characters who have been working together for months and have been through multiple life-or-death situations together, and are played by Colin Farrell and Rachel McAdams? Come on. (I attribute the failure-to-thrive of this plot point to non-actor elements, as I think these two actors fared well overall.) Also, I agree that the second coming of "woman feels it in her gut when her man is murdered" had me howling with laughter.
  14. raspberry7

    S02.E08: Omega Station

    This scene made me want to shoot my eyes out with a nail gun.
  15. raspberry7

    S02.E07: Black Maps And Motel Rooms

    "Everything is f***ing." Wow, Nic Pizzolatto, you really do know how to write women!