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  1. DHDancer

    Masterchef (UK)

    So where are the topics? And why the convoluted redirecting?
  2. DHDancer

    S08.E06: Pastry Week

    OK, I can see that but I would argue that using a dolly also constitutes not hand-raising either. :)
  3. DHDancer

    GBBO In The Media

    He's written quite a few!
  4. DHDancer

    S03.E05: Pies

    Or just buy it already made. Expensive but so is the time and energy in boiling for an hour or so.
  5. DHDancer

    S03.E09: Patisserie

    It's actually "scRummy" meaning scrumptious. I love Mary's words --- "informal" instead of rustic (or not quite up to the required standard) for instance :)
  6. DHDancer

    S03.E05: Pies

    Sweet Potato Pie is pretty well known here in the US. Very sweet (to my taste) as a rule and is made very similarly to pumpkin pie. Here's a random recipe https://www.marthastewart.com/316561/sweet-potato-pie (check out the similar recipes at the bottom of that page)
  7. DHDancer

    S05.E06: Icarus

    Program. Since Series 1 there has been free masonry and suspected tampering of evidence. Strange joined the free masons if you remember and Morse warned him about serving 2 masters. I suspect those bully cops of being behind Fancy's death.
  8. DHDancer

    S03.E07: Sweet Dough

  9. DHDancer


    If you know how, it's easy to watch broadcasts on the original channels, in this case Canal (France).
  10. DHDancer

    S03.E07: Sweet Dough

    Watch the excellent TV series China Beach: that was the first time I was introduced to these unsung heroes. I believe one of the episodes was about the ones who died. edited to add: should have finished all the posts as this info was already shared. Glad I'm not the only one old enough to have watched CB!
  11. DHDancer

    S05.E04: Colours

    Yeah, there are usually clues. For example, if you see poppies in the lapels, it's November (Armistice 11/11). I can't remember the clue in this specific episode (I think it was verbal) but I see to remember it was around June.
  12. DHDancer

    S08.E08: Forgotten Bakes

    Cumberland Rum Nicky eh? I have a St Michael's Home Baking (1979) cookbook that I refer to for traditional British stuff and sure enough there was a recipe for this. And it DID NOT have a lattice top (so there Paul!) Still, I can't believe what a meal the bakers were making of doing the lattice. It's incredibly easy to do it straight on top of the pie and you don't have that transfer issue. I did like Steven's creative first take on the lattice and was sorry it didn't work out for him. The Bedfordshire Clangers was an interesting, if somewhat simple challenge. Cornish Pasties also were sometimes made with savory and sweet ends. And the important thing for these types of hand pies is that the pastry has to be ROBUST to withstand being transported into less-than-perfect environments. The thick edges were sometimes discarded rather than eaten (along the lines of trenchers) Overall I thought this was more of a let-up week: nothing particularly challenging. Oh and I'm really liking Noel!! He's a terrific host and he's often doing pretty funny things in the background.
  13. DHDancer

    S08.E06: Pastry Week

    I was a bit concerned that Sophie's raised pie didn't meet the specifications as it had no top. I thought it was a bit of a cheat really. And I'm sorry but Mr Hollywood is not always RIGHT! If you use a raised pie mould like Julia you HAVE to raise it on the inside otherwise you can't open the mould. It's one of the few things about Paul I chafe at: he states thing as absolutes. I love custard tarts, which is what those Portuguese tarts were in essence but I'm not about to go through all that effort. Also, it's NOT the hardest pastry challenge -- remember when they had to make filo dough (phyllo)?? Now, that's an exercise in futility imo. And haven't they also had to make streudel in past seasons?
  14. DHDancer

    S08.E05: Pudding Week

    You don't need a butcher: If you are in the UK, packet suet is available in supermarkets (or it was when I lived there in the 70s/80s) You can buy it online through Amazon -- they also have a vegetarian version which is my choice :) And yeah steamed puds/custard, along with flapjacks (not the American kind) were very common school lunch "afters". Ah, such not-very-fond memories....
  15. Ah, thanks. I don't "do" podcasts :)