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  1. I am convinced that Heather Sinclair was the child of Charlie from Charlie's Angels.....heard of but never seen. As for the Spinner/Jimmy situation, here is my take: As soon as Spinner became involved with Satan, I mean Jay, we knew that something bad would happen. The bullying of Rick went entirely too far even though I understand why they were doing it. He did get off scott free from almost killing Terri. That said, it was still occurring on school property and nothing was done to stop it. Raditch did nothing when Rick came to him. Not long before the shooting Jimmy and Rick were on positive speaking terms. They were getting along. At the shooting, imagine Jimmy's surprise when Rick confronted him. He was being accused of engineering the prank and had absolutely no clue why. Then Rick shot him. After the shooting, it would be logical to assume that Jimmy wondered why Rick turned on him. Only two people knew why Rick shot Jimmy..... Spinner and Jay. During Jimmy's time in the hospital, Spinner couldn't even bring himself to go see him due to guilt. He knew that both he and Jay were responsible for the events that led up to the shooting. Unlike Jay, Spinner had a conscience, (although at times a very slow acting one) and he knew that telling the truth was the right thing to do. It was Spinner taking responsibility for the role he played in all of it plus giving Jimmy the answer of why Rick turned on him. It was a great moment of maturity and development of Spinner's character. The fallout was realistic and expected. A great job by all actors involved. As for Liberty and JT. Liberty knew what she was up against with JT. He was a clowning, girl obsessed, pubescent boy. She knew he didn't have any real interest in her in years prior. She just couldn't help herself (I've been there) but to keep hoping that one day he would come around to her. It's true that he was rude to her at times. That said, she could be too with her perfectionism. It becomes more apparent leading up to their break-up. They should have ended up together. They were opposites that attracted and balanced each other. Unfortunately, we never got to find out what could have been.
  2. That's the thing that threw me with Stephanie. Nobody called her names. Particularly back then her look was frowned upon at that age. To see the kids treat her normally blew my mind. Erica and Heather. They were identical but so different in many ways. The mono. The abortion. The Wheels Crush. They had their own stories.
  3. I 100% agree. Spike should have told her the truth. Finding out this way had to be bad. That said, Emma had absolutely no right to blame Spike for putting Shane in the facility. Emma's treatment of Snake was completely uncalled for as well. Emma was very disrespectful to the adults in her life.
  4. I totally agree with all you said about Craig, Manny, and Ashley. It really bothered me when Craig referred to Joey as "some guy" in that comment. He was Craig's stepfather. He took him in and gave him a stable and safe home. He was more than just some guy. Although I am pro-life, I respected Manny's choice. She intelligently thought about her options and made her decision. Craig was clearly showing signs of his illness even at this point. He was all over the place and not thinking rationally. And then there is Ashley's cafeteria stunt. I don't think that I ever wanted to jack slap someone so hard as I did at that moment. It's not like Craig and Manny were sitting around and thought, "Hey. Let's totally crush Ashley and have unprotected sex resulting in pregnancy that will turn our lives upside down. That will be fun." She had absolutely no right to announce that to the whole school. That should have been Craig and Manny's decision. That was just one of the reasons that I hated the character of Ashley.
  5. Hello fellow "oldie"....lol. I thought they were wild too. The stories and characters just draw you in don't they? Just think. We were watching when Emma was created. That girl was starting drama from the womb....lol.
  6. I see your point for sure. I’m just old school I guess...lol. I felt the same way about how Stephanie dressed in Degrassi Jr High. I was convinced that there wasn’t dress codes in Canadian schools. It may be possible that Manny being a girl of color played a part but in Jr High Stephanie wasn’t. It just threw me for a loop that 14 year old girls were dressing the way that the Degrassi girls were and in school no less. As far as the sex goes, Manny wasn’t the only one for sure. She was just pitted against the majority that wasn’t having sex. When you throw in the fact that Craig was still with Ashley, it really made it worse. Manny went to school with girls like Ellie, Ashley, and Darcy etc who didn’t dress as racy. It was going to be a uphill battle for her. I too was glad when she gave Darcy the smack down. Darcy dressed questionably for a virginal Christian girl. She had no room to talk.
  7. Craig: I adored him even when he was cheating on Ashley. He was just all over the place. His home life was a mess. His mother died. His father was an abusive psycho who kept him from his little half sister Angie. Even before his bipolar diagnosis, he was showing symptoms. The only stability he had in his life was Joey. This was one case where a stepfather was better than the birth father for sure. But with love and support from Joey and his friends, he was able to have a life, deal with his illness, and pursue a career in music. Sean: Another example of a troubled home life. He had alot of anger issues. His older brother tried to take care of him for a while. Sean tried making it on his own....until the shooting. When you have a disciple of Satan named Jay around, trouble is always close. And let's not forget Peter's jealousy and the tragedy that followed. Sean would have been better off never coming back to Degrassi. As much as I liked Sean and Emma together, she ended up being one of the worse things that could have happened to him. Jay: The Devil, Poison, and Disgusting Womanizing Drug Dealer. Pick a name....any name. He had no respect for his friends. He gave Emma gonorrhea, he was the mastermind behind blaming Jimmy for the prank that caused the shooting, he let Spinner carry the blame for it, he enticed JT into stealing pills and selling them and the list goes on. He is my most hated male character right behind Rick.
  8. Joey/Kaitlyn: I shipped this couple back in the day and did during this series as well. I was over the moon when they were reunited. I was horrified when they were separated, in part, by Kevin Smith of all people. This was atrocious writing to say the least. Snake/Spike: I think they are absolutely adorable. It was a nice throwback when Spike mentioned that she loved him since she was 16. I couldn't have imagined a better husband for her or father for Emma. They have Jack together after being married. What happens? Snake is written as a cheater! That was totally unbelievable!
  9. Manny: This girl is the original hot mess. I liked her just fine before her big transformation. After, her problems were of her own making. She got tired of people calling her a slutt. Here are a few reasons why they did: Prancing through the school halls with her thong showing Flirting with countless boys Having sex with Craig knowing that he was still dating Ashley Not using protection during sex with Craig Continuously dressing in an inappropriate way Otherwise the only other thing that bothered me was her always accusing someone of being jealous of her when they would call her out on something. All of that aside, I believe that she had a good heart and wanted to be different. She just made poor choices.
  10. As a fan of the 80s Degrassi, I had to watch TNG. I really got addicted and I'm in my 40s! The stories got me hooked big time! Emma: Where to begin? She definitely pushes the limit with her parents....and with everyone. She went from a do-gooder kid that couldn’t keep a secret to a teen who contracted an STD and developed a eating disorder who is judgemental. Her disrespectful attitude toward Snake bothered me to no end when he and Spike first got together and then married. She needed a reality check. That leads me to Shane/Spike. I realize that Spike was only 14 when she had Emma, but she was over the top with how she handled that entire situation. Most 14 year old pregnant girls would be grateful that the father wanted to be involved at all. Spike did nothing but push Shane away. She complained constantly about him. If he tried to be involved he was wrong. If he backed off he was wrong. He gave her money for child support without a court order. She even knew that his parents were the ones that didn't want him involved. This all led up to him taking the drugs that caused his accident and resulting brain damage. Did Spike tell Emma any of this? Nope! Instead she told Emma that Shane didn't want anything to do with her. What happened? Emma found out about Shane and his condition on her own. In an effort to make posts as short as possible, I'll make a post about each character/storylines.
  11. One scene at the end that really surprised me was Pornstache with the little girl. It's a screwed up world when Pornstache ended up being a better parent than any of the child's biological family.
  12. I was never a fan of Doggett, but this broke my heart. She really worked hard. She thought she failed the exam for sure. Cindy's mess needed straightened out a long time ago. She should have took responsibility from the start. Now, maybe the three of them can start over.
  13. McCollough clearly needs psychiatric help. She pissed me off to no end. First, by blackmailing Alex and then by interfering in Alex and Pipers relationship. I don't usually enjoy a story about abortion, but kudos to Fig by showing more of her softer side and putting herself out there to help.
  14. I Nicky's case, I think it was one thing to suspect what was going on with Red...but another thing entirely to hear it. She saw Red as her mother. It really was heartbreaking. I think that Fischer's accusations were blown out of proportion. She made it sound like he was absolutely disgusting. He never grabbed her or outright propositioned her. He flirted for sure. I just think the entire storyline with this was poorly written.
  15. I completely agree with all you said here. I'm team "Figuto". These two really fit.
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