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  1. One scene at the end that really surprised me was Pornstache with the little girl. It's a screwed up world when Pornstache ended up being a better parent than any of the child's biological family.
  2. I was never a fan of Doggett, but this broke my heart. She really worked hard. She thought she failed the exam for sure. Cindy's mess needed straightened out a long time ago. She should have took responsibility from the start. Now, maybe the three of them can start over.
  3. McCollough clearly needs psychiatric help. She pissed me off to no end. First, by blackmailing Alex and then by interfering in Alex and Pipers relationship. I don't usually enjoy a story about abortion, but kudos to Fig by showing more of her softer side and putting herself out there to help.
  4. I Nicky's case, I think it was one thing to suspect what was going on with Red...but another thing entirely to hear it. She saw Red as her mother. It really was heartbreaking. I think that Fischer's accusations were blown out of proportion. She made it sound like he was absolutely disgusting. He never grabbed her or outright propositioned her. He flirted for sure. I just think the entire storyline with this was poorly written.
  5. I completely agree with all you said here. I'm team "Figuto". These two really fit.
  6. Really Fischer? You were fired for being too nice with the inmates. They wanted emotionally numb demons. Did Caputo grab your behind or breasts? Did he say "hey baby give me some of that thing?" Nope! All he did was be nice and did innocent flirting. It was inappropriate yes. It wasn't full blown harassment! Get over it and find another job! Daya has turned into someone unrecognizable. She has went so far down that she will never come back. It's sad that she's making Aleida look good.
  7. I will never understand how Maritza was able to attend school and gain an ID without ever showing her birth certificate which would have shown that she was not born in the US. That said, her entire ordeal with ICE was heartbreaking. Piper and Cal are one of the great sibling relationships. Unlike others, Cal never shunned Piper for having went to prison. He treated her the same. Their "day off" was hilarious and I enjoy them together. I saw Aleida going back to prison a mile away. Her attitude and her big mouth would eventually get her in trouble again. She was always talking about not having money but I never saw in any part of her backstory that she ever attempted to work. It was always having a man and wanting big dollars by any means necessary. McDonald's would have been a better alternative than prostitution and dealing drugs. But that just wasn't good enough for her.
  8. Between Taystee and Lorna I was in tears. I know all too well what emotional state that Taystee had to be in for her to try to hang herself. I was hoping that Lorna's baby would make it but little Sterling joined many other preemies who fought as hard as they could. She will never get over this 😞
  9. Figuto fan here. I'm loving these two 🙂 When Badison left I actually said "Bye Felicia".
  10. Nicky: Im a bean flicking Mother Theresa. It's all about giving.
  11. While I would have had no problem with Taystee being found guilty of inciting the riot, I have a big issue with her being found guilty of the death of Piscatella. We all know who really killed him. For that matter, Daya shouldn't be convicted of the murder of Humps. Kukudio actually admitted to it to Suzanne down in medical. Daya shot him....that's true. But after Sophia and the Dr done surgery he was recovering. On the list of injustices is Blanca and the ICE situation. How was she not taken in by ICE before now? She had been in Litchfield for quite a while and then Max. They wait until she is released? Diablo waiting for her with flowers broke my heart. As for Lorna's baby, I'm worried. I had a baby at 7 months.....there could be complications. I hope Vinny and her sister can step up and care for the baby if it lives. I'm not gonna get started on Badison. Previous posters have pretty much summed up the way that I feel. I didn't care for Carol or Barb. I'm glad they are dead. Red went off the rails. I really find it hard to believe that she chose to attack Frieda over seeing her grandchildren. That makes zero sense. She could have plotted her revenge after visitation. As for Piper and Alex. I did enjoy the wedding officiated by Rabbi Nichols....lol.
  12. Where to begin..... First, I just have to address the Rooster situation. I'm putting the "real life" situation with the actor aside to focus on the character. There is NO way that a loser like Nick would have got the best of Rooster. He is too smart for that. There is also NO way that Rooster would leave without leaving a clue for someone such as Colt or Beau to find. Or did he? With the exit scene of Rooster, Nick tossed him 1 bag and told him to leave. Now we are shown a hotel room with some of Rooster's stuff and the explanation of the bike accident was that the road was too wet, he was going too fast, and his motorcycle was loaded down. That doesn't make sense. Second, Beau and Joanne. I'm probably in a small group with this, but I like Joanne. She doesn't whine when something goes on, she tells Beau what she thinks. For that reason, I truly believe that he respects her. I am glad to see their relationship progressing the way that it has. Third, Colt and Abby. As per the usual, her royal highness got offended. She wasn't working....Colt was. She was staying home with the baby. She starts whining because she's having trouble with the baby being fussy and complains for Colt to handle it. He handled it. Then she decides to go for another teaching job. All the while this was going on, Colt was having to deal with Rooster's death and trying to get his ranch up and running. Naturally, he didn't want to worry her about it. So, he lied. Do I think it was wrong of him to lie? Absolutely. But I do understand why he did it. Unfortunately for Colt, his gamble with the herd didn't pay off. Let's no forget that her truck or Colt's Bronco was unacceptable to drive their baby in according to Abby. She just had to have a more "family oriented" vehicle such as a minivan. This was her desire when she was not even working and Colt had not even "supposedly" sold the herd. Where was her so-called, adult, financial responsibility then? Did she honestly think that a new rancher could just produce money for a new vehicle? After the truth about the herd is revealed, as always, it becomes about her. Colt lied to her....blah blah. Their finances, their daughter's future, or Colts self confidence did not matter. It was all about the fact that he lied. Abby takes Beau's advice about thinking about what's best for the baby and again makes it about her. Then SHE decides they need to separate. SHE takes THEIR child away from Colt to go to her parent's house. I have never liked Abby and this entire situation is why. Fourth, Mary. I have been shaking my head incessantly on this one. I could see her feel guilty about the situation with Nick and Rooster. What I don't understand is the writer's decision to take a strong, independent woman like Mary and turn her into a pill popping, trouble making, liar. Its pretty bad when I had to actually feel sorry for and agree with Maggie of all people. My last rant is the character of Dax Sheppard. I had not ever heard of him until this show. While I'm grateful that the writers did not bring this man on to replace the character of Rooster, I do see the hints, at times, that they are trying to make his character similar. I see no point to this character at all. I did like the idea of the show dealing with the subject of PTSD. This character is, in my opinion, written as a bratty, ungrateful, neusance just trying to fill a void. Putting him with Mary was just a slap in the face to viewers who were fans of Rooster's character and his relationship with Mary.
  13. I'm gonna get rocks thrown at me for this, but here goes.... I'm not seeing at all that Iris has been side-lined for anyone. In fact, other than Barry, she has been/is a central character. Iris has always been Barry's main focus. We have seen... Iris and Barry's friendship played out complete with numerous flashbacks. Not to mention the development of their romantic relationship. Iris and Joe's relationship Iris and Eddy's relationship Iris and her mother's relationship Iris and Wally's relationship....even in Flashpoint Iris getting mad when she discovered that Barry was the Flash and Joe knew about it. But it was OK for her to keep Wally's existence a secret from Joe for weeks. Iris's jealous reactions when Barry dated Linda and Patty. Basically all of season 3 dedicated to Iris and her impending death by Savitar. Not to mention the team risking their lives to save her and HR actually dying for her. S4 Ep1 features Iris as the team leader acting about as cold as Killer Frost to those around her. Doing her "tough as nails" routine all the while turning her and Barry's picture over and sleeping on the couch. If it wasn't for the dynamic of Nora now turning up, I would be perfectly happy if Iris went back to CCPN and was hardly seen for a while. I see no issue with giving other team members stories. I am invested in Caitlin/Killer Frost. Since she was written as having powers, I see no problem in exploring them or her background/family dynamic. Caitlin isnt even allowed to have a steady love interest. They have either died, turned out to be evil, or written as leaving the country. We were even given family issues with Cisco and his brother. We saw his relationship with Gypsy. But again, it seems as if Cisco is another that isn't allowed to have a love interest. Instead we are consistently treated to the love saga of Barry/Iris. That seems to be the main one allowed with the exception of Joe/Cecile.
  14. I've watched this many times. It still gets me every time. Such a beautiful but tragic story.
  15. I gotta admit that I'm enjoying seeing Abby in turmoil right now. I don't believe that JJ would still view Gabi as a good person if he knew what she was doing to his sainted sister. Oh Victor....I do believe that reporter Jenn is on to you. Loving Jenn in reporter mode.
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