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  1. I don’t disagree that the truth needs to come out, but not in that way. In the very least, it makes sense that the “adults” need to sit down and figure out a plan. I get why D thinks she’s blindsided - first she plans an abortion, backs out and tells everyone she’s pregnant (Eddie freaks because he didn’t think she was sleeping with Jon), she then tells Eddie the truth. At this point, E and K are separated and K is seeing a coworker. E and D decide to tell everyone that it’s Jon’s baby. Fast forward and E and K start reconciling, E tells K about the true parentage of the baby. That and the birth of Charlie changes everything. Now instead of having the mature discussion, they start talking to the friend group taking “sides” and yelling at each other. If I were D and was concerned about appropriate timing to tell my other two kids, I would want to figure out how to do that with the most gentleness possible. The kids lost their dad to suicide and they are happy that there is this new piece of him living in Charlie. That and Danny coming to terms with his sexuality and then Sophie possibly attracted to her “half-bro”? I mean dang!! These adults are horrible people.
  2. Geez so many issues would be solved if these idiots would sit down for a mature conversation. But I don’t know...it sort of feels like Katherine is focusing all of her anger on Delilah in an effort to make things work with Eddie (when clearly she was betrayed by both). Everyone keeps telling her she’s “a saint” or she’s “amazing” but I feel like that is a facade that will end up exploding. I mean, they aren’t even in counseling! Instead they have major life decision discussions at Theo’s birthday party and after Rome’s mom’s funeral. And her pulling the “I saved your house and don’t mess with me” sounded like an unnecessary threat that will probably backfire. What’s the end goal here? I’m all for honesty with your kids, but this really doesn’t need to be done right this instant.
  3. That is what is so frustrating @HighlandWarriorGrl, what can be done that has not already been done? Newspaper exposes, documentaries, books, this show...and still no change (well, nothing that I’m aware of). Co$ is a criminal enterprise IMO. I know this is probably going to be wildly unpopular, but I feel like Kim Kardashian had the right idea going directly to Trump on her issue of bringing wrongful conviction to the forefront. Do you think that would actually do something here with CO$?? He seems to love a Cause Celeb. Probably far fetched and Leah would vomit in the same room as him...but I feel like something major would have to be done at this point to get the IRS to revoke their tax exempt status.
  4. That's exactly where I thought they were going to go too! Especially after Ray said that he was walking death or similar. Was that the actual reason?? I didn't actually catch it TBH
  5. This confused me too. I mean, it looked like a sicko murder, but not serial killer BAU worthy murder. And, who didn't guess it was the son like immediately?? Although props to them for using the newest and most controversial type of law enforcement tool: ancestry DNA websites.
  6. Oh, I don't disagree that he was out of control at the time (the fact that Gary had to get him out of the bar when she was in labor is proof enough of that). I guess my point is: what is her alternative? I mean, if she wasn't the only working parent, does that mean she wants a different career, etc.? She's not the only woman to be a sole breadwinner (again, not an excuse for him to cheat). It's not clear to me. I didn't mean to imply that she criticized him for being a SAHD - my point was more focused on her - what would she have him do otherwise? I assume when they met and married that he was in a band. What does she want? Maybe that is what she is figuring out.
  7. Maybe if he toured all the time? I don't know much about the music industry, but I feel like bands would have to tour to make money, since all of the record sale profits would probably go to the label that signed them.
  8. I get the Working Mother Guilt Complex, but I don't really understand the Katherine love. She is like every other working parent that has a stay-at-home partner - the one parent that feels as though she is missing out on everything, while the other one gets to go to all of the school plays, brings kids to doctors appointments and play dates, does all the household stuff, helps with homework, and is often the parent that the kids run to even though you, the working parent, haven't seen them all day. Yeah, he gives guitar lessons, but that isn't the same as two full-time working parents. Would she rather a nanny step in for Eddie and help with Theo? At least there is one parent to take part in all of Theo's activities instead of no one showing up to his school plays. She's an attorney - when you sign up for that and work for a law firm, you know you are required to have a certain amount of billable hours. She's acting like he forced into that career and she has always wanted to do something else. I don't blame her for kicking him out over the affair, but I just don't have any sympathy for her regarding her throwing her career at Eddie as if she had no control over it. Would she rather the opposite? Where she gets to stay at home and he works and never sees Theo? I totally agree with this. I was a bit disappointed (although he was so adorable about it) with Rome's reaction, because it does appear that they were doing the whole "secret desire for kids" thing with him when they found the positive test.
  9. Agree with everyone above regarding the dark/dire tone of the show. For some reason this show reminds me of that Patricia Arquette CSI Cyber show (not a good memory) in which they are all standing around a bullpen and solving the case together with super computer stuff and whatever (Thank God for algorithms!). Also, for once I would love if one of these shows took more than just an hour to solve the problem-of-the-week. What about taking a few episodes and really dive into the issues surrounding the case? ISIS recruiting young teen girls - that subject matter could have been really interesting to explore - especially since you know this could have been an operation with more than just the NYC field office and across states. What about a storyline that involves a few FBI offices across states (and not in the tropey "we are going to fight over jurisdiction" way). Make this standout in some capacity because my love for Elton/Lupo will only carry me so far.... Not looking forward to next week when it appears that they are already going to trot out the "cast member in peril" storyline. I already get my fill of that on Criminal Minds.
  10. I sort of took this differently. When a coworker of mine committed suicide earlier this year, her family and friends quizzed us coworkers on whether we noticed anything different about her in the months leading up to her suicide because we spend close to 10 hours a day at work with each other (we didn't. we thought she was the same person she had been for the 8 years we had known her). Similar to how Jon looked, at least superficially, happy, my coworker was also smart, pretty, had three great kids, and was good at her job. We had no idea she was in that much pain. I took Gary's question to the assistant as expressing frustration as in: "you spend every day working with him and even know his phone code and you didn't notice anything?!?! How is that possible?!?" Or perhaps I'm projecting what me and my coworkers felt when asked by my colleague's family and friends at her funeral on how we could spend that much time with her M-F and not notice anything was wrong.... That said, I felt that this pilot was INTENSE. I felt like I didn't breathe for much of it. I am SO SORRY @Texasmom1970.
  11. I agree with all of your post. She gets Mulder out of retirement, but then spends a nauseating amount of time telling him why she can't be involved in the case or help him out. And the only reason they had her get all angsty with the boy was so that she could Google "stem cell research" and then inadvertently print an article out about Russian dog surgeries? What?! And, how in the hell did Dacyshyn get a bunch of people to go along with his macabre kidnapping/surgery/murder scheme? Since this year marks the 25 anniversary of the series, BBCA has been airing the previous seasons, including the movies. I just caught this one again (I think I've now seen it three times, including when it first came out) this past weekend. Unlike some of my rewatching of older episodes that I previously didn't like but now can appreciate, IWTB did not get better with time. I do get that they wanted to do something other than the Myth Arc, and that the strike situation left the script a bit rough around the edges, but this wasn't even a real MOTW or compelling, it was a sick kidnapper/serial killer mutilating people to heal/fix his husband. I would have settled for a Killer Tree or something. But, he was more like Pfaster (in Irresistible) than any of the typical MsOTW.
  12. I agree 1000%. It was so jarring between the terrible reenactments and the interviews with the daughter. I couldn't make it through the whole thing.
  13. Very good points. I do agree that it is more of the latter than the former - because he clearly does respect her the most. And, I like the thought that so much of their relationship evolved off-screen.
  14. After rewatching Existence last night, you all's points on Mulder's feelings about fatherhood (father to William but didn't raise him, he himself raised as Bill's son, and reveal that he is bio son to CSM) are really interesting now that I'm looking at My Struggle IV though that lens. These are of particular note for me: And: And: In Existence, I read Mulder's expressions upon meeting his newborn son as pure joy. In that last scene, as you all may recall, he and Scully go through all processes of elimination on what people (Frances Fisher, Rohrer, Krycek) have told them about the baby (alien? hybrid? super human? miracle? pregnancy via chip??) and why the super soldiers didn't take him away after he was born. They determine for themselves that William is THEIR son. With that determination, Mulder leans in for the kiss. It's a lovely moment. And, although he does go to Lamaze classes with her (for which she thanks him!), I thought he did downplay his role as the father during Scully's entire pregnancy, including describing the baby as "hers" and leaving it up to her to decide whether she was going to tell others who the father is - even with Skinner's direct question to him, and downplaying it throughout. In the seasons/movies afterward, and not surprisingly, William is an undercurrent for them in their relationship, and therefore it is just so disappointing that MSIV ended the way it did for both Mulder and Scully with regard to William - I share your feelings @eleanorofaquitaine with my dislike of the ultimate reveal, when yet another thing is taken away from him, for not plot purpose I can figure out months later. On a lighter note: ME TOO!!! My fear and behavior on planes is unfortunately legend in my family. I would also settle for a smidge of Mulder's chill!!!!
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