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  1. Please, Simon threaten Mickeys existence by threatening to send her to jail. It's kill or be killed. People stuck on his damn orientation, and I don't care in this case because he threatened her with her freedom end of story, she fought back. Who told that fool to follow them upstairs? Who told him to point another person's gun at them, which he stole out of her bag. Whatever, it's his damn fault that he's been sentenced to now live life in the closet. Bye Simon, just bye.
  2. Asher is a cheater, he was messing around with some girl we never saw when he was with Bonnie . She confronted him about it. She wanted to know why he started to stand her up and that's when they discussed some girl he was messing with.
  3. And that's the issue here. Not that the black girl Is morally compromised as someone else posted, Asher murdered an innocent woman in cold blood, they all cheat, they all cover up murders, you name it. The issue is that Mickey not be judged any harsher than the rest who have done about the same or worse. Stop looking for her to do the right thing Or be some voice of reason. I'm ok with that evil gleam she gets in her eyes, it's scary and you hardly ever see a black female character playing that angle. They're the friend, sexless, and annoyingly morally superior and that's BS. Poor S
  4. I didn't forget it, I mentioned her trashing Oprah at the beginning of my post and failing to play the Hollywood game of going to promote the movie Precious. Gabourey Sidibe had less than Monique in terms of her own money and resources, and nothing to wear as Gabbie has mentioned in her autobiography which is awesome by the way, and she took her ass wherever TPTB asked her to go and guess what? She stays employed, Lee looks out for her. You gotta play the game. Monique, is crazy, because at that point she wasn't shit in Hollywood in terms of being mainstream and she was first a comedian, that'
  5. Yeah, Wanda does have crossover appeal, coincidentally she use to write for Chris Rock's weekly show on HBO back in the day. I've seen her audiences and the one's I've seen look majority white. But the question is how big are the arena's shes performing in? How much money is she pulling in for her shows. If she's not pulling in the big bucks for her current work, then Netflix can justify paying her less. But given her work behind the scenes in the industry, lower than 500k seem way out of line, that's too low.
  6. Before Mo'Nique went off on Oprah, before she decided not to play the Hollywood game of movie promoting for Precious, she was well known at least in the black community as one of the four queens of comedy. That's how I know her, she's a queen of comedy. So in the world of black comedy and black female comedians, she was it. The difference between Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock and even Kevin Hart is that those men have sort of crossover into the white folk territory when it comes to their audiences, particularly Chappelle and Rock and they have very diverse audiences and have most definitely had
  7. I'm here for this, good actors in it and I'm happy for Jerrika Hinton after Shondaland royally fucked her over. Oh the diversity, now I just have to check out that the representation is on point, because that's the real key. Because you can stick as many faces of color as you want on my screen, but if their characters are over in some corner somewhere with two damn lines and no center story ever, or if the story they have is the usual stereotypical one then you're not representing and you're not fooling this viewer.
  8. Me neither, what I want is more Michaela Pratt to NOT be written as the white female character's friend and to NOT be written as the stereotypical strong black woman who cleans shit up but no one NEVER EVER seems to be there for her, for anything. Because she's strong remember? She obviously doesn't need any to support and care for her. What I want is for PN to stop trying to pit Michaela against Anna and then hyping that shit up on twitter as some kind of housewives catfight, this is what you do with the only two black female characters on your show? It gets serious side eye from me. Still w
  9. Yeah, but at the end of the day this didn't rank anywhere on the number scale as a concern for me. It was the idenitity/background of the actual appointees, that's what mattered as far as I'm concerned. I don't care about her making a distinction between last minute decision and last minute announcement, not with this dipshit administration. If the implication is that she's trying to exaggerate or not be specific enough in an effort to hype things up as worse than they are then....LOL, I'm betting on she knows she doesn't have to do that, not for her loyal audience. There are enough facts, tha
  10. Wendy is a nasty, nasty human being, she's mean, disgusting. Always filling up and crying, usually during an apology for putting one if not both of those huge feet in her mouth, evil bitch. She's full of whole lot of shit. I love it when her jealousy and hate for other women she discusses in her hot topics segment shines through, she can't even hide it. I'm like yeah, just marinate in all that jealousy, you evil twit. She's pathetic, making bank, but pathetic nonetheless. As for her bank, if anything I've heard about that husband is true, he's probably holding her hostage in that marriage, for
  11. Right, this is my thought exactly. I mean there's a period between we are dating different people and um, I'm really starting to be into only you so I'd like be exclusive and therefore, take this the next step which is a monogamous relationship. However, as we try to begin an exclusive, monogamous relationship we're not going to move in together right away. Then you start talking about moving in together if things continue to progress well. Or you can start talking about skipping right marriage if you're not about that, meaning, you need that ring and piece of paper before you officially
  12. Congrats to Aja on being one of the new faces of Loreal. And the make-up person or person(s) handling Aja's face on this show take note....just take note damnit, LOL. Call Loreal, something, cause you don't know what the hell you're doing half the time. How in the hell can you screw up the make up on a face like this? I know I saw a black woman doing Aja's make-up, WTF is she doing? Is she fucking it up on purpose, cause she's jealous? Oh, and call whoever the hell is doing just about every black actress's weave in the industry, and you can start with Gabrielle Union, hair is always awe
  13. Poor Asher my ass, he could have sat it out if he wanted to. Well I do feel for him and will as long as he doesn't blame the woman he's supposed to love for any of it. Besides, all they were asking him for, was to not rat them out. Michaela told his ass that she was trying to protect him, but he had to know and had to be a part of it, that's on him. No one was forcing him to play an active part in their plan. Connor didn't either, the same was requested of him, to just keep his mouth shut. As a matter a fact, they hesitated when he said he wanted to be Oliver's plus one. So none of those lun
  14. Well, my perspective is like RA, because she had already told him about the guy at the party when she first broke the news to him that he's not or might not be Blue's father. So I'm with RA, I wanted her to this time, get the point woman. I don't want to hear about the guy again either, you already said you were high at a party and hooked up with him, let's cut to chase and tell me right now, why you lied? Why is it that I along with RA can see at least two times in their history where she was sober enough to come clean instead of waiting to a point where RA, their son, his family all felt a
  15. Sorry, but I don't feel outraged on behalf of Darla at all. I wish her well and don't want her to disappear from her son's life, but... no, no, don't lie about paternity, women do that shit all the time and it is royally fucked up. This was a horrible thing to do to a father and his family l , horrible. RA's reaction was totally justified and so was the rest of the family's. And no Ava, Blue's complextion wasn't enough for his "true" paternity to be staring me in the face because genectics is a tricky thing, it's not about mixing paint in a damn can to get this particular shade or that partu
  16. No they are not. The crime was not an act of violence first off, and that fool grabbed a woman's bag, took her gun out and proceeded to point it at her and the rest of them. If any of them are guilty it's Laurel because that's her damn gun, not Michaela's, not Asher's and not Oliver's. And Laurel isn't guilty either, even though I can't stand her ass, no way, especially with him going for her purse and taking that gun out. Although, I think she said the gun wasn't licensed so...that's a problem. In terms of Asher getting arrested, maybe some of the people at the party remember him gettin
  17. I'm just tired of Laurel, and annoyed that she is elevated to a central focus that does not seem like it will end. I'm annoyed that Anna can find a way to give a shit about Connor, Laurel, Wes, but doesn't give the same level of shit about Mickey and Asher, and Asher out of all if them is ready in a hot minute to beat someone's ass for Anna. And before it even goes there they've all said some shit to and about Anna, so Mickey does not stand alone in that area. Yet all Anna cared about was securing Laurel, she didn't ask shit about anyone else. Oh lord this show is on a very short leash. I am
  18. PN, I'm not interested in the least bit in seeing Mickey become Anna, not one damn bit. Next, this is some dumb shit, NOT one of them, NOT a damn one of them is responsible for Simons's death. So why the fuck is Asher in jail? So this shit show cut scenes. Let me guess, so there'd be more time for the Laurel show, yep. I rolled my eyes when the show ended with that baby crying, please. The entire time I wanted to go back to Asher and Michaela, who PN just has sit there while they hall her man off to jail. But she's whiping shitty face Laurel with a tissue. This fucking fixatio
  19. OK, now onto Remy, he doesn't trust Charley. Why? Based on that convo. it's because he claims he truly doesn't know her, OK, because other than that, Charley has done absolutely nothing to him nor anyone else for him to flat out say he doesn't trust her. Bye Remy, and like a broken record, Ava, please keep him away from Nova. I have no desire whatsoever to see Nova screw up the relationship she's built so far with her one and only sister for Remy, nope, no thank you.
  20. LOL, look at Aunt Esther, I use to love her, loved her facial expressions, Remy you "sucker." But seriously, they just cannot with Remy and Nova, they can't. Why on earth do we need to go there? There's just no reason that I can see.
  21. Oh lord don't get me started. Is Ava serious with this? Really? No DNA test? It matters, blood matters even if it's just for medical reasons. It sure as hell is NOT the only thing that matters, but it matters. And boy oh boy, is Blue the most precious child. Oh Darla, why couldn't you just come out with what you were thinking back then. Wait did she? I don't think she did. Did she fully explain what exactly she was afraid of. She remembers what was in her mind at the time. What was it that she was scared of exactly in that exact moment when she told RA she was pregnant, but couldn't com
  22. I always think it means for the most part any man who can't walk around feeling like Ralph Kramden from the Honeymooners. Any man who can't take his"rightful entitled" place in his home and in society as they did back in the 50's. If they don't feel the way men felt back then, and of course it's because of we women, then they pull out that term. But I could be wrong, that's just my personal interpretation which is a big reason why we have the president we have right now in office, it was a man thing and quite a number of women who don't mind living in the 50's who put him there as well and not
  23. Maybe that was the message, but somehow I doubt it, that here is the black woman again, going to bat for her community and the black male farmer and still they don't have her back. It's the same old story, is why they didn't go to see for themselves. But I don't know with Ava, I'm not sure that was the point, but it should have been because that was my take away. Oh, and they better not be going anywhere with Remy and Nova, don't like that nonsense at all. Sisters need to stay clear of each others SO's and/or ex's, hell even some guy you know your sister has a thing for and she's told yo
  24. As much as I've criticized his reaction to all this, solely because nobody in this group can be judge using normal criteria, so Michaela lying to keep him safe, well.... But I've also posted that I get his insecurity after what she said about Teagan being the one good thing in her life. Then it just dawned on me, or I just remembered that she never fully said she loved him until this season. Remember, last season he poured his heart out and she ran into the bathroom and I get why she reacted that way, totally, based on her background. But it doesn't lessen the sting to his heart nor his i
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