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  1. Please, Simon threaten Mickeys existence by threatening to send her to jail. It's kill or be killed. People stuck on his damn orientation, and I don't care in this case because he threatened her with her freedom end of story, she fought back. Who told that fool to follow them upstairs? Who told him to point another person's gun at them, which he stole out of her bag. Whatever, it's his damn fault that he's been sentenced to now live life in the closet. Bye Simon, just bye.
  2. Asher is a cheater, he was messing around with some girl we never saw when he was with Bonnie . She confronted him about it. She wanted to know why he started to stand her up and that's when they discussed some girl he was messing with.
  3. And that's the issue here. Not that the black girl Is morally compromised as someone else posted, Asher murdered an innocent woman in cold blood, they all cheat, they all cover up murders, you name it. The issue is that Mickey not be judged any harsher than the rest who have done about the same or worse. Stop looking for her to do the right thing Or be some voice of reason. I'm ok with that evil gleam she gets in her eyes, it's scary and you hardly ever see a black female character playing that angle. They're the friend, sexless, and annoyingly morally superior and that's BS. Poor S
  4. I didn't forget it, I mentioned her trashing Oprah at the beginning of my post and failing to play the Hollywood game of going to promote the movie Precious. Gabourey Sidibe had less than Monique in terms of her own money and resources, and nothing to wear as Gabbie has mentioned in her autobiography which is awesome by the way, and she took her ass wherever TPTB asked her to go and guess what? She stays employed, Lee looks out for her. You gotta play the game. Monique, is crazy, because at that point she wasn't shit in Hollywood in terms of being mainstream and she was first a comedian, that'
  5. Yeah, Wanda does have crossover appeal, coincidentally she use to write for Chris Rock's weekly show on HBO back in the day. I've seen her audiences and the one's I've seen look majority white. But the question is how big are the arena's shes performing in? How much money is she pulling in for her shows. If she's not pulling in the big bucks for her current work, then Netflix can justify paying her less. But given her work behind the scenes in the industry, lower than 500k seem way out of line, that's too low.
  6. Before Mo'Nique went off on Oprah, before she decided not to play the Hollywood game of movie promoting for Precious, she was well known at least in the black community as one of the four queens of comedy. That's how I know her, she's a queen of comedy. So in the world of black comedy and black female comedians, she was it. The difference between Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock and even Kevin Hart is that those men have sort of crossover into the white folk territory when it comes to their audiences, particularly Chappelle and Rock and they have very diverse audiences and have most definitely had
  7. I know it's a style; I know it's suppose to look like that. I didn't imply in my post that I didn't know it was a style. My post was about folks bitching about her hair not looking "royally"done. I have no idea if they know about this style. But I also stated that it looks like mostly the haters bitching and for those evil folks, nothing Meghan does will ever be good enough. I'm loving their misery though, they are so very pressed. Now, why should she pay? That was my overall point. If the palace starts bitching like the haters about her not having "royally" styled hair buns then t
  8. Yes, and I see folks on boards who are the haters for the most part, so nothing Meghan does or will ever do will get rid of that kind of hate they have for her, but they keep commenting on her messy bun for example. Now I'm going to guess that because she is not officially a royal, they haven't shelled out any money for the kind of assistant who would be at her beck and call to do her hair and make up. Because I don't believe Meghan knows how to do her hair, because she hasn't had to for at least a decade. She had hair and make up done for her on the set of the tv show Suits for years now wher
  9. This was adorable and him saying release her she's mine, good lord. It was cute and hot at the same time. But then I felt a bit of caution, because while he was being funny, he does strike as someone who could get a little bit possessive and controlling. I mean the situation of just being in that family lends itself to being controlled. But Meghan and Harry are not only cute, they ooze hotness. They're just hot. He leaned over and was whispering something in her ear at their latest outing and she has this coy smile on her face, it looked so hot. They cannot keep their hands off each othe
  10. I'm here for this, good actors in it and I'm happy for Jerrika Hinton after Shondaland royally fucked her over. Oh the diversity, now I just have to check out that the representation is on point, because that's the real key. Because you can stick as many faces of color as you want on my screen, but if their characters are over in some corner somewhere with two damn lines and no center story ever, or if the story they have is the usual stereotypical one then you're not representing and you're not fooling this viewer.
  11. I know it's not possible, but I feel like I want them to just run away somewhere and get married, because of all the hate. People's weddings and births should be happy occasions, a bride should be happy, and if you can't be happy for her/the couple then just go away. I'd bet big bucks that, that is exactly what Harry would want if he could do it, for sure.I'm glad she closed down her social media sites, although, she had to, they aren't allowed to have their own private social media pages.
  12. This too, because I just added to my previous post, that Harry knows a thing or two about having substance abuse problems and getting in a bar fight when I was talking about Meghan's brother, who for the most part, has been far, far less evil and hateful towards her. He just seems truly very weak to me because I think he genuinely has substance abuse problems, but he has yet to call his sister selfish or anything else. And this last comment, was out of line, but I didn't think he was hate/ blaming his sister for his drunken fight with the fiance' I thought he was saying he couldn't take the sp
  13. Yeah, she is a bit scary IMO, she seems obsessed. Like if she could strangle Meghan in her sleep, she would. And she had the nerve say that their brother was the crazy one, nope, he seems to basically be suffering from substance abuse problems, he seems very weak but no where near as vindictive and hateful toward Meghan as Samantha has proven to be. Speaking of substance abuse issues, Harry knows a thing or two about being in this state, and getting in bar fights as well so...But I digress, that seems to be the only one who comes off as utterly hateful, and downright deranged. "God save the
  14. Oh lord, why doesn't she just fade away. Or why doesn't she focus on the children she supposedly lost custody of. I know they're grown but still, she could be doing that instead of harassing her baby sister. I mean how in the hell does a mother lose custody of all three of her children, it's got to have been bad for that to happen as courts at least in this country tend to favor mothers. I mean not even shared custody but full custody was awarded to someone other than her. STFU Samantha, the ship back to your sister's good graces has long sealed, you are toxic, and blood or no blood you have
  15. Me neither, what I want is more Michaela Pratt to NOT be written as the white female character's friend and to NOT be written as the stereotypical strong black woman who cleans shit up but no one NEVER EVER seems to be there for her, for anything. Because she's strong remember? She obviously doesn't need any to support and care for her. What I want is for PN to stop trying to pit Michaela against Anna and then hyping that shit up on twitter as some kind of housewives catfight, this is what you do with the only two black female characters on your show? It gets serious side eye from me. Still w
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