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  1. So I disagree Ashley is trash. I think she's one of the best defined characters on the show. But I know, I know... St. Jack of Foghorn Leghorn...
  2. but a) Sharon was in her town bike phase and b) chemistry is chemistry and Case and Muhney were amazeballs.
  3. All I could think today was Doug Davidson must have just loved taping that scene. And not just because he doesn't have to clip as many coupons as the week before.
  4. Like on the Rosales, I'm like, get over it. Rey is sexy, Mia's hilarious, Lola's fun to hate and Arturo... well, three outta four. You want more Newman family screen time?
  5. It's awful for all the reasons cited, but it's classic soap writing. 90% of what goes on in these things defies the real world.
  6. Imagine the dose needed to keep cranky fun sponge Lola from rejecting that liver.
  7. Poor Nikki didn't have a date for most of the in joint pity party. Though frankly before the boys showed up she and Victoria were so bitchy to Sharon I was kinda rooting for capital punishment.
  8. Say what you will about Phyllis, I have thought more than once in the last while thank God it's GT because can you imagine Staphphord with this material?
  9. Hartley was good but to me the part was Muhney's, whatever kind of jerk he may have been. I think we're better off with Adam dead if they can't bring back Muhney and they obviously can't. What new can they give him to do? I fear we're just back to an endless round of Nikki and Victor splitting and remarrying, Victor eating Jack, Victor and Adam at war before Adam dies. Can't wait. ETA of course everyone's favourite, the annual takeover of Jabot which is to takeovers what Elizabeth Taylor was to marriage - always up for another
  10. Pretty soon the whole Newman family will have a piece of everybody in town inside them. And not in a good way. 😛
  11. The director gave one direction: HAM.IT.UP. They chewed so much scenery today they ate the craft table. The wicked bitch sisters at the end were hilarious. You're treacherous, Mom! No, you're treacherous, Sum! LOVE YOU 4eEVER! Also, great line from Michael next week: I have never had a client lie to me as much as you two! Is he wearing a wig? I know he's had his roots done.
  12. Who was worse? Brittany sounding like a drunk lawyer or skippity doo dah Michael camping it up for the jury? I say hang them all.
  13. I'd give you all the damn Rosales over any of the Newmans save Nikki and some days Victoria. (I don't see Sharin' as a Newman.) Well, I am willing to sacrifice Lola. Kyle appears to have studied at Canestipation School of Acting when he waxes poetic about Grumpy Smurf.
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