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  1. 13 hours ago, chick binewski said:

    At certain points I would find myself doubting that the husband did it bc of what Madison left out of the doc. Ali started traveling right after her mother's death and Madison finished his college education 

    I understood that after her Mom died, Ali stayed in Madison to complete high school. News articles say she was a Sophomore at the time of her Mom’s murder (and a quick search has her listed on the honor roll in 2011) Seems Conway took her in and made sure she had counseling. 

    With college funds depleted and no parenting from her father, Ali chose to travel after graduation. 

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  2. Reading through comments (grief presentation) many¬†people are counting on her for help.¬†I think a disclaimer (‚Äúnot a professional‚ÄĚ) is needed.

    As for the photo - someone thinks she looks like Stormy Daniels! lol I think it’s from her college yearbook!

    *The photo is from an Elle Magazine article from 2013*

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  3. Sara should’ve stayed with Hoda  - the show/ network supports extended maternity leaves! (both Hoda and Jenna were out this summer)

    Sara had her son on June 26th and returned to work July 25th! 

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  4. We really need to have a timeline of Meghan's life to refer to when she says Democrats have ruined her childhood (and that she was a Republican when watching The View in college. Elizabeth Hasselbeck was a role model for her!)

    Born October 23, 1984

    Bill and Monica full revelation Fall, 1998 (age 14)

    Graduated from College 2007

    Changed from Independent to Republican 2008 (gift to Dad)


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  5. 1 hour ago, Cementhead said:

    I did not watch but was literally just this minute looking at pics of her at the Daily Mail website saying they were pics of her on her way to The View.  ??

    Taped a segment for later in the week?

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