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  1. I think the main character of Coco is a boy so I think maybe POC prince?
  2. I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt and say this wasn't because of the money. I think they were so done with the twins and this was the straw that broke the camel's back. Her winning for a design that she cheated on. They were probably hoping that they would soon be eliminated because of their lack of creativity.
  3. This has nothing to do with them speaking another language and you seem to be missing the point. They are speaking in another language with the express purpose of saying nasty things about someone else behind their back instead of just being an adult and speaking to them to their face. What Michael and Margarita did was rude and immature. They have spoken in Spanish to each other before and I never cared, it was this instant that made me and other people mad because it was simply rude and nasty. Also, I don't know what "idea" you speak of, I've never heard about that.
  4. Before Tim told Claire to change her top because it looked similar to something he felt she did, I did agree with Margarita that it looked like her dress from last week. After Claire changed it, I felt that Margarita had no argument and should have let it go. If she had a problem with Claire, she should have said something to her face politely. Was Claire's outfit innovative or new? No. It didn't look fresh but it fit her client wonderfully and I can see how she won. It was the most on-the-go outfit. My personal winner was Kentaro though. As for Michael storming off, I can see that the designers are tired of the twins basically having no creative talent and copying things that they see from others and getting praised for it by the judges. But I don't think he should have stormed off like that. He should have dealt with it another way.
  5. I'm saying do not jump up conclusions about someone you do not know anything about. It is pretty unusual for Europeans to know more than two languages. She never needed Trump for anything. She didn't even chase him, he chased her because she didn't want to be another woman he called. I think you are letting your obvious dislike for Trump make you have conclusions about his wife. Don't define a woman based on who she is married to.
  6. Yeah I was saying why can't she be first lady material when Melania is a model. By the way Melania is no dummy, she has a successful accessories business and speaks five languages.
  7. Actually a lot of gay people I know struggle to find and keep relationships. There are exceptions to the rule and we see it on the show. Many straight couples have worked out on the show.
  8. How? She was a victim here and acted accordingly. She was lied to for three years, had her identity stolen on Facebook and lied to by someone who claimed people in their family died EVERY WEEK. Then lied to about the catfish's friends committing suicide. That's sick. I ask you if this person was not gay and still did the things that they did, would you jump to their defense? Thank you!
  9. Actually it wasn't Tanya Harding who hit her it was Tanya's ex husband. And those moments where Nancy's "true personality" came out were taken completely out of context.
  10. Oh okay! I saw that myself just now.
  11. It wasn't Crawford but another actress.
  12. You know, it's sad that Norma will never get to see that baby. I think it would fix all the crazy stuff between her and Dylan. Grandkids have a magic to them. She would have to open up her world to other people and Norman could no longer be the center of it.
  13. I was very surprised by Vanna. I thought she would eventually go back or something. That guy she was involved with is a jerk. How do you tell someone to have an abortion so nonchalantly? Especially if the person did not express that desire. If he was scared that is not how you act. I feel she will be okay, she has her sister and Kolleen seems like she really wants to help.
  14. Tonight's episode focuses on the stories of some of the escapee's lives after their escape. We see Aunt Kathy, Eskel, Lizzy and her defiant daughter Julie and sisters Vanna and Ariel. One of whom has a shocking secret.
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