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  1. I think it was just for Rob and Chyna’s show. It was sold shortly after their show ended.
  2. Since he has Dream 50% of the time and Chyna has her the other 50% and they each have to cover expenses when they have her, plus split medical and school, it seems to me that he does support his daughter. Chyna is paying no more nor less than he is. Now, whether it’s his or his Mom's money, who knows, but Dream is being taken care of.
  3. Lettie


    The 1st birthday party Rob had for Dream (one of the last times he was seen in pictures) was very low key: a cake, some balloons and a car. Maybe he prefers spending time with her this way. Even Dream's second b-day party seemed pretty low key compared to the other kids. Rob himself never seemed to have a big birthday party like his sisters and seems to not attend A LOT of events, not sure if it’s by choice or something else. I’m biased though because I find these parties to be vulgar, narcissistic, and inauthentic and living that type of lifestyle would make me feel so empty. It’s like an instagram ready production, and I find that depressing. I’m not sure if these productions are a way to “make memories” or to make money or to get attention or to promote their show, and I don’t think he’s involved in that anymore. He can be spending time with his daughter without participating in the “show” that seems to be the Kardashian's lives. Or maybe, he’s just really screwed up *shrugs*.
  4. I don’t think Rob has the means to pay 20,000 a month in child support, and I’m in the camp that what two year old even needs 20,000 a month. Chyna claims herself she makes more money then Rob and they have joint custody. If you read the texts carefully, they bash Rob as well, alluding to him making their brand look bad. I do believe however that she was with him just for the show, come-up and attention. I don’t know how Rob is now; he is basically been off social media/out of the public eye for two years now. Everything you hear about him is third party. I can’t root for Chyna though; she has shown me what she is currently- throwing strollers, knocking phones out of peoples’ hands, screaming at paparazzi that she probably called herself, promoting skin whitening cream in Africa, passive-aggressive social media taunts, appearing drunk/high, dating 18 years olds, etc... Another thing (again, according to Chyna, who I had to believe knew this before she got with Rob) has a mental illness, which seems to be swept under the rug, unlike Kanye. Anyway, just my two cents.
  5. According to Chyna's lawyer, his time with Dream is always supervised by at least one nanny; he seemed to want to make the point that Rob is never alone with Dream.
  6. This was a temporary restraining order and there was no reason for Rob to go to court. These are usually always granted as to err on the side of caution. Because they are celebrities, there were press conferences and grand gestures that made it seem like a bigger deal than it is, but a temporary restraining order is usually the first step (and hopefully the last) and does not usually involve all the theatrics.
  7. I agree with what you're saying, but she has trashed him publically as well (calling out his personal medical info, i.e., bipolar), calling him fat, says she going to beat him like she did Tyga, is supposedly caught on tape hitting him. And after all this she thinks it's a good idead to send him a snap of her making out with another man to someone she says is mentally ill and unstable- why? What was her motive? At this point in time, I really just don't see her as the only victim. You're right they need to do what is best for Dream and if they can't, then the courts need to decide for them.
  8. Rob may have disastrous relationships, but I do believe that he loves and cares for his daughter. Dream was with him as of yesterday based on snaps. You can't just make up your own narrative because you want to choose a side. Anyway, it's with the courts now; they'll be the judge. Personally, I don't think Chyna or Rob are without blame in this whole mess. Ultimately, they will have to do what is best for their child.
  9. I don't think there is a problem; the original picture is old. I think he is just trying to advertise fashionnova.
  10. So Dream is better having no contact with her father or supervised? Unless, you know something, I don't see how the baby would be better off having no contact with her father. The whole narrative that I find disturbing about Rob (and I say narrative because there is no way of knowing what is really true) is how in the same breath that people suggest that he is mentally ill, they also chastise him for not making healthy choices which, yeah, duh. Chyna, on the other hand, knew (again if any of this is even true) his issues; she would have to be living under a rock not to know, so yes, I would hold her more culpable. Anyway, it does give insight into others' ideas of compassion and mental illness.
  11. Lettie

    Tyga: Burning Not So Bright

    Again, Rob was at King's first birthday party. He was in one of the snaps and it was mentioned on one of the sites. Just because he wasn't plastered on social media, doesn't mean he wasn't there. In one of the last snaps Rob did, he stated that he hated the camera in his face (and, yes, it is ironic and hypocritical, but perhaps has some truth to it).
  12. Nobody knows if was there or not. Do you really think social media is LIFE? If it's not on social media, it didn't happen? The real question is why is any of this on social media? Why two over the top parties plastered across the internet for all to see. The fact is that Rob did manage to stay off the radar for two years- no paps, no daily instagrams, so why is it so strange that he manages that now as well.
  13. Lettie

    Rob & Chyna

    Are we talking about the same Kris and sisters because they have no grounds to be mortified over anything.
  14. Lettie

    Rob & Chyna

    Not everyone is cut out for reality tv. He probably should have never done it in the first place.