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  1. I think he's too busy nicking Twinkies & trafic lights lol
  2. I also have a hamster named Harry his nickname is Hannibal as he likes to have a bite. *I dont have any pics of him but will try get some*
  3. I swear Sky will outlive the planet lol. The pic above was from me picking her up from the vet after surgery *we were waiting on a taxi and she was stoned out her tree* She had a prolapsed uterus & the vet was certain she wasnt going to make it through the op. now apart from slight loss of hearing and wonky eye sight she can still jump a 4ft fence *a few years she jumped a 8 ft fence* She is part kangaroo. Yes he is named after Spencer Reid lol. Definetly not got the brains though. Love him to bit but he has no idea he is a cat He went through a cute but
  4. Seriously this boy needs a solo movie.
  5. Spencer. Hes will be 2 this summer. Sky. she is 15.
  6. Beiber. One Direction. Miley Cyrus Nicki Minaj Britney Spears *annoying t Rihanna. Ariana Grande Drake Beyonce Chris Brown. Meghan Trainor Robin Thicke Kanye West Mariah Carey.
  7. Seriously though. Martin could be in a TV show or movie with no lines at all *the rest of the actors have lines*. Martin just makes facial expressions and still has the best lines.
  8. Everyone should have a friend like Molly Hooper in their life.
  9. I'd love to see just how Sherlock discovered Mrs Hudson's exotic dancing on youtube and just how did he react. Did he sit there with a confused look thinking why or did he go go *throws laptop out window, MRS HUDSON * Silly thoughts like this amuse me
  10. appal əˈpɔːl/ verb greatly dismay or horrify. ......................... I thinks we may be right.
  11. No one knows patience like a BBC Sherlock fan.
  12. As much as I would love to smack Sally right in the face I'm also curious as to why she hates Sherlock so much. Or why he annoys her so much *apart from being Sherlock that is*
  13. Never misses. I dunno just thought I'd add to this lol.
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