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  1. NYCNJbear06

    Season 7 Discussion

    These people are so vile. They claim to be friends and “family”, but you don’t treat friends and family like this, this is how you treat people you hate. I genuinely felt bad for GG as Reza and MJ admitted that they intentionally invited Shalom’s ex to the party because they knew it would hurt GG. That is just plain evil. GG had a point when she said (paraphrasing) “so when we said we were good last year that was a lie?” and Reza said yes. WTF. See that’s the point where I would have smacked the shit out of him. You don’t intentionally hurt someone you care about. MJ is an unhappy woman because if you are truly happy and content with your life you wouldn’t be so focused on vendettas and getting revenge. I feel the most sympathy for her poor husband Tommy. She is going to divorce him after the baby is born. I don’t think she truly loves him. Given her thoughts on children born out of wedlock I feel she wanted a child more than a husband and biological clock considered she married Tommy. I bet dollars to donuts that they will be married max 3 years. Long enough to get one or two kids and then turn on Tommy and play the pity party victim single mother path. Reza’s perhaps one of the worse realty show people of all time. He is so immature and has the mentality and maturity of an 11-year-old. He only got married for a story line. These people don’t have a healthy view of marriage. It pissed me off when he said the 500K retirement money was his for HIS retirement. Ummm no mothafucker when you get married that becomes you and your spouses. To not even have the respect for your husband to have a conversation about the investment is disrespectful. Especially when you are “talking” about adopting. No, that might not have been the money earmarked for the adoption, but that retirement money is the nest egg for your family and baby’s security and to be so selfish shows how his not ready to be a father. And he doesn’t even want to be a father. He dabbles in these gay rights off passage; marriage and adoption, for story lines. Run Adam Run! I couldn’t imagine being in a relationship let alone a marriage where I have no security and belief in my partner. MJ’s slick comment on how he doesn’t have as much money and how she bypassed him to be in her wedding party shows what she thinks about him and the fact that Reza didn’t stand up for you speaks volumes. Surprise surprise Reza has thrown out the divorce word. Mark my words Adam Reza’s behavior will not get any better and he is going to back you in a corner so that YOU ask for the divorce, so he can play the victim. ALSO, the perpetual pet peeve Reza and his calling women bitches. NO JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE GAY MAN DOES NOT MAKE IT RIGHT TO REFER TO WOMEN AS BITCHES. He must not have any black friends because the women I know and those in my family would not let him get away with calling them out their name. He gonna say that to the wrong woman one day.
  2. NYCNJbear06

    S10.E20: Reunion Part 1

    This reunion is shaping up to be the shitshow that reunions have been known for. LUV IT If I were Sonja I would have smacked the shit out of Ramona for putting her hands on me to cover my mouth. WHO DA HELL are u to lay hands on me to silence me in that way. So rude and disrespectful. I’m surprised no one called her out on that. Side note – can we not use the narcissism tag anymore? ALL YOU BITCHES ARE NARCISSISTIC and that goes across the board of all the housewives franchise. It is narcissistic to feel that your life is so fabulous and wonderful that you feel you should be on TV. ALL ARE GUILTY OF IT! Dorinda, Dorinda, Dorinda Jesus take the wheel and the bottle! One thing I hate about not having a good moderator (Lookin at you Andy…) is that there are lil nuggets revealed that need to be focused on. The crux of the Nutcracker argument is that Dorinda felt that Beth didn’t thank her ENOUGH ON CAMERA. Not that B didn’t thank her because we saw on film that she did its that D felt she should have thanked her more on camera. For these women they feel if it doesn’t happen on camera it didn’t happen. Dorinda does have a drinking problem. I wouldn’t go so far to say that she is an alcoholic because (IMO) that is a label only one can give themselves. It is a declaration of self-realization that one has a problem and a label can’t be placed on you by someone else. That being said, yes Dorinda you have a drinking problem. There are multiple scenes where you are drunk slurring your words but more specifically by admission when you are drunk you say and do things that you regret the next day tearfully. If you can’t see that it is a problem that your drinking is making you act out of character (in your mind) and not accurately reflecting your “true self” then that is a drinking problem. The things you said to Luann, as someone you say is a true friend, was cruel and below the belt. Also, if you are only giving an apology because you want the other person to apologize as well that you aren’t giving a genuine apology and shouldn’t give it. Ramona is UNHINGED and its sad to see. “Moderator” Andy (insert eyeroll) should have asked “Ramona, why is it so important to you to have Beth’s approval?” I think Ramona is jealous of B’s Skinny Girl success and that is why she keeps bringing up personal things to knock her down a peg. B in her defense gives ZERO Fucks about anyone especially Ramona and that grates on Ramona. If you are comfortable and confident in your own success, then who cares what anyone else says? B’s point is that she doesn’t consider R “successful” because she has all of these businesses that failed and she jumps around a lot. To B’s credit she has stuck with Skinny Girl and expanded and diversified its brand. Next episode looks like it will focus on the Carole and Beth divorce. One thing I hope they focus on will be the discrepancy in stories that Beth and Carole state about the text. That was when B said she was hurt by Carole’s response after she texted her (paraphrasing) that the strain on their friendship was bothering her and that she misses her and Carole coldly responded, “This is too much”. At the dinner Carole told a different story of what happened where she admitted that yes B said that but she also unloaded a lot of other stuff over text and that her “this is too much” response pertained to ALL of the texts and because she had just landed after a flight it was too much to go into over text and they should speak when she got back in town which was the dinner that they were at. Hopefully someone will call B on her redefining history to suit her own needs.
  3. NYCNJbear06

    Season 6 Talk

    Reza, no your play was not funny and clearly a juvenile retaliation for GG getting an“acting” gig. And, yes to whoever up thread asked if this was the same play that Sonja RHNYC was in. Reza accept that you are neither creative nor funny (stand up bomb). Also please stop using the term bitch so cavalierly. UGH. Ultimately just realize you are not as clever as you think you are. Shervin, um WTF did I just watch? Why all the back and forth? This is just so stupid I won’t even waste the keystrokes anymore. Boy BYE! MJ needs to get some therapy. Even though I can’t stand her with the intensity of 1,000 suns it’s painful to watch her further downward spiral. The blubbering mess she became lifting her father on the pedestal to compare all the men in her life was sad and even more reason for her to seek professional help and that she is no way ready for a serious relationship and baby. Tommy should beware and run because knowing how passive aggressive MJ is she would always compare him to idolized view of her dad which he will never live up to and a constant thing to needle him on and given that Vida will constantly put him down that will be a lot to deal with along with an infant. RUN TOMMY RUN. Tommy’s point was a valid one IMO he was just questioning whether they BOTH were ready to start a family and how outside of the lip service of simply saying it that if they were really ready they would be making changes in their lives to prepare. He focused on what MJ was doing because let’s face it, she would be the one carrying the child and one could argue that her health would impact the baby more. He also tried to explain to MJ that he takes being a father seriously because his parent’s died and he knew 1st hand what it was like to have a parent there one day and then gone the next. Which is why getting both of their heath in check was important. Also I am glad he brought up MJ’s delusional thought process that she is going to get pregnant right away. It’s not that simple. Both valid, mature points. The fact that MJ couldn’t or wouldn’t see that is telling. Watching GG and her soon to be ex was sad given we know how it plays out.
  4. When I saw Martin Short was a guest I switched the channel. Reading the comments it looks like he wasn't obnoxious this time around. Gotta check it out on demand.
  5. NYCNJbear06

    Black Ink Crew

    Word, word and triple word on all you saying Neurochick. It boggles my mind how these people get through life. Such low standards and short sightedness. It’s like they don’t have a thought or a plan beyond the next party. Van and the girl he is stringing along - Sweetie after 8 years and he aint put a ring on it, then he isn’t. Before he gave you that tired Rice-A-Roni conciliation prize key to his apartment he told you point blank what he thought of you. He said “My daughter misses you and I am lonely in the apt without you” (paraphrasing). That’s it. That’s what he thinks of you – a female influence and hairdresser for his daughter and a sheet warmer for him. Did he say I want you around because I love you, my life is better with you and I need to respect what you bring to my life Nooooo. Charmaine, Kat and ole girl who suddenly became a stylist overnight – they are what my grandma used to call “Good Time Girls” because that is all men think of you as a girl to have a good time with nothing else don’t take you seriously and don’t respect you. Charmaine imaneedya to not twerk at the drop of a hat and wear some underwear that covers your hind parts (another of grandma’s phrases) For all them – Respect yourself and respect your space. How is Lily gonna move in with Cobra and then give a key to your bf of all of 2 seconds. Gurl, it aint your place at least discuss it with her. And how you gonna plop your ass on the counter and make out/hook up with your “bf” ewww with a capital EWWWW. Don and Ashley – Lordy lordy. I say a prayer for their children because with parents like them…. their marriage is so in trouble. Don is at least trying to be level headed and realistic but that Ashley SMH. How can you have a rational conversation with someone who thinks that 1500 for a stroller is doable and makes sense? Those VH1 checks are gonna end don’t blow it now on stupid stuff.
  6. NYCNJbear06

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    I cringed and agreed when they launched into the “Why now Bernie, really?” conversation because yes, WHY NOW! I think this just pulls the curtain slightly back from the “myth” that Bernie is not the typical self-centered politician out for their personal agenda ahead of what’s best for the country. He is. Yes, the debate is necessary and a good thing but the timing is way off. If you think that the new healthcare proposal would hurt average Americans and is the horrible plan that it is let it die on its own. Instead of pushing single payer focus on the negatives of the republican plan and how it’s not in the best interest of average Americans. The republicans without any assistance will battle within itself to get the party support it needs to pass. The only thing you are doing is giving them a partisan target to rally behind and come together. I’m afraid if this plan passes it will be because yet again a third party candidate inserted itself in the process and disrupted things.
  7. NYCNJbear06

    S16.E06: Models Off Duty

    Kudos Kentaro! Job well done. I like the fact that the “jeans” weren’t actually jeans but were a type of legwarmer. Brilliant! I hope he is able to trademark that because I can see that being a huge seller. Although I didn’t like Kenya’s outfit a lot I can still see why it was not on the bottom. Like Nina says it was very editorial. The green threw me off (not a great shade of green IMO) but because it (probably inadvertently) looked so dated that is why it stood out. Part of the challenge, as I understood it, was to design an outfit that when placed on social media would get attention or make you pause. I think Kenya’s did that in a good way. The Dalmatian print is a versatile piece. A quirky print that would work well with a pencil skirt or slacks.
  8. NYCNJbear06

    S14.E14: Top 4 Perform

    I think I am actually insulted that TPTB are going to try and feed me a load of crap that they didn’t know of the romance between Lex and Taylor. C’mon really?!?!? You can’t tell me that before the season aired and the top 10 announced that there wasn’t some intern that researched all the potential contestants to make sure there were no scandalous skeletons in somebody’s closet. Especially since I think it has been stated on this board that it was documented on social media. I was tad underwhelmed by this season. There weren’t that many performances that I would go back and watch again. I am fine with any of the top 4 winning (less so KiKi) and this is the first time I didn’t have a favorite.
  9. NYCNJbear06

    Season 6 Talk

    MJ is jealousy personified. I understand (and even have compassion) for what she is going through with her dad. It’s heartbreaking and devastating. Given what she has shared about her relationship with her dad and how mean her mother is I can understand the impact this will have on her. Everything that is going on with Asa and her pregnancy stems from MJ’s jealousy. I think she is hurt, upset, angry that Asa is pregnant. The IVF is just an easy excuse to explain her anger with Asa instead of the truth and it being as simple as she is green with envy . I think if any close female friend would announce they are pregnant she would act the same passive aggressive jealous way. Asa continues to dig herself into a hole of self-absorption. She could acknowledge that although she, personally, is not the cause of MJ’s jealousy she can at least recognize how her happiness can affect MJ, the IVF etc. What I don’t understand is why MJ and GG feel this all-consuming need to tell Shervin’s girlfriend that there are cheating rumors? What business is it of yours? It’s not like you are close friends with her in fact you barely know her and can probably count on one hoof hand how many times you have met. And to do it when you are a guest in Shervin’s home, WTF!?!?!? They both have enough skeletons in their own closets that they need to stay out of his. His is already full.
  10. NYCNJbear06

    S16.E05: Descending Into Good And Evil

    I was fine with the top three and the auf-ed designer. Loved Kenya’s and glad that she did so well and hope that it will do wonders for her confidence. Nice that the judges praised her comeback. Felt it was justified. I like Brandon’s aesthetic but think it translates very young which is why the judges are lapping it up with a spoon. I just don’t see any woman above the age of 30 wearing the winning outfit unless she has a killer body. I would be interested to see what he would do if he went to fashion week and had to design an entire collection. I wonder if it would be as one note as I think it would be?
  11. NYCNJbear06

    Watch What Happens Live

    Sorta enjoyed Reese and Candice last night. Reese was great, energetic involved, looked like she was having fun. Candice on the other hand seemed awkward and I flipped back and forth from thinking does she want to be there. It was weird. I love Candice - Murphy Brown is a pillar of my childhood, and she had some interesting stories to tell - Trump being a douchey date LOL go figure LOL Maybe she just needs to warm up to people. Her one word answers were a tad frustrating.
  12. NYCNJbear06

    S07.E02: Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

    If this is going to be a season of Ally screaming and whimpering every episode I’ll either be checking out or muting her. I am not sure but I think the psychiatrist ethically had to inform someone about Ally getting a gun and keeping it from her partner. I know doctor patient confidentiality but I think they are professionally bound to report it if they suspect their patient is either a harm to themselves or others. Given Ally’s mental history I think that qualifies for at least telling the wife. I hope Pedro is just wounded and not dead. Horror story clichés that irk me. When Ally went to the restaurant for the alarm first, as she is scared of everything why is she going alone without the police? Second, the door was unlocked, that’s a hint that something shady could be in the restaurant, don’t go in. Third, when you go in lock the freakin door behind you and turn on the damn lights. Bathtub scene – I just can’t.
  13. NYCNJbear06

    S14.E13: Top 6 Perform

    Also another pet peeve, I’m tired of the forced “hip hop” interludes in the group dances to accommodate Cyrus. Less so Fikshun and Comfort. Fikshun and Comfort have a more well-rounded skill base and can fit in well to a contemporary performance. Cyrus is one note and while he is phenomenal in his own genre he is incredibly lacking in others. I get the feeling that the choreographers insert these interludes to fit him. If the criteria for an All-star is to be top in their genre but also able to perform above par in others Cyrus falls way short and shouldn’t be an All-star IMO.
  14. NYCNJbear06

    S14.E13: Top 6 Perform

    It’s so funny that when I saw Doriana in the audience I immediately said OH NO that disco B is back somebody is gonna die LOL I find her choreography maybe 2 minutes longer than necessary and the dancers never seem to be enjoying themselves. It’s so strength based with all the lifts that only the muscular dancers seem to be able to keep up with it. She should maybe only do group routines. I really felt for Lex because he looked like he was in some serious pain up there. Nigel has had a hard on for Ki Ki and I think it is because KiKi is that masculine male dancer that he likes. In recent years Nigel has cut back a lil on berating the male dancers not being masculine enough. With KiKi he has his unicorn of a masculine dancer that he can push forward. Maybe he is also looking for another male ballroom allstar down the line and with his pimping him out to DWTS in a year or two he can come back as an allstar. Not that I think he deserves to be. Whereas I think what did Kaylee in (even though the female competition has been tight) was that she was not feminine enough. There is no softness with her. She is all strength which makes for a good dancer but does not fill Nigel’s requirement for the female dancers to get him aroused in order to go all the way. Shallow comment coming up warning (LOL) she really needs to rethink her makeup and hair color choices – the intentional paleness of her foundation, matt lip and blue hair all come together in an unflattering way. It’s a shame because she is a powerful dancer. Was not impressed with Mark K’s choreo last night. It seemed like a mash up of moves that I have previously seen in a Ga Ga performance. On a shallow note I like how he has aged. Also was it just me or did anyone else get a creepy vibe from Lex’s mentor as we he was speaking his praises? I got a “they had sex” vibe.
  15. NYCNJbear06

    Season 6 Talk

    Neurochick, you have a good point. Let's just say there is enough scum to go around for everyone LOL