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  1. Cory is her son... i would to see this new boyfriend out of state.. they both have evidence.. mo has danielle's constant fbi stunts and criminal record and kying about finances to the point of no electricity and cell phones cutting off.. danielle has the women and trips when married and convos so im not sure but i think its gonna turn into a divorce and thats it
  2. Well actually pedro ate the foot.. mither pefro did that because if the prenup.. but not getting out of the campo was complete disrespect.. the grandmother was there how discusting is that if i was pedro i would loose all respect for chantel family and what happens to the marriage now
  3. Maybe you are right then alla said she in love now...
  4. Thinking back maybe anfisa never said she loved jorge but i think at the reunion.. but everything that she does it prooves somewhat she is obssessed or something, if not she would go back home and leave his broke ass.... Pedro needs to wake up and the disrespect if chantel family is because of chantel and now she is planning a bachelorette party .. as pedro said .. she has no control
  5. Anfisa was straight up but she asli said she loves him and said she wouldbe a housewife apart from modeling lingerie and apperently she is doing porn now.. but she doesnt even know hos to boil water.. maybe she drained the guy all the trips the purses watches jewellery hes done alot too eventhough hes not a millionaire cant wait to see pedro's family with chantel's family..
  6. Jorge= pathological liar.. he promised her alot cannot deliver but wants the booty anfisa=Bitch .. doesnt love him never did..although she doesnt deserve any money in post num but not be liable for his debts.. chantel= she needs to get off her high horse.. river never liked pedro.. chantel i think she speaks and her teeth are grinded together.. weird!!! pedro= im happy he got a backbone and told river hes a snake and hes venom lol alexei= feel sorry for him he has alot on his plate with loren her torrets her imaturity etc... loren= immature and u can tell spoiled... russ= i still think hes gay pao= wanted to get away from hick town and wants to party and all on credit.. mo= i think hes a manipulator but didnt have no business apologizing to the family.. did they apologize to him for dani not having money for electricity danielle.. i think she has a form of torrets maybe i was look at her face and she does these jerky moves with her mouth and she just wants him back shes not normal and who is her new squeeze from ... from afghanistan?
  7. Verojama

    S06.E27: Truth Be Told

    Matt is so creepy.. now i believe he flirted with farrah too...who is tiffany? Matt and amber shouldnt be together she needs to leave him... ryan shouldnt have custody or shared of bentley.. what if bentley was in the car? tyler and cait i dont know ..they are cute and weird .. all of a sudden they are farmers... farrah is just a bitch but simon and deb they are always coming back for more.. its not the money why then?
  8. I was actually team jorge knowing hes a bird brain but now i hate both!! Anfisa is so annoying she needs to go back to russia.. Danielle is just trying to stand up to mo but if he told her i want you back she would run to give him gas...and move him j to her futur trailer... Russ and Pao are so different im not sure if this will work.. in my opinion russ looks more gay then mo.. i have to say i love pedro
  9. Ya thats why mo said she lives off the government...
  10. Danielle turned stalker i agree on that... she wants romance after mo told her no more just friends... i cant for the life of me feel sorry for her she is cray cray!!!! What happenned to gabe? where did mo meet greica wtf!! This guy picks up fast!! He is probably really good charmer wtf!! loren just exagerates.. alexei was already stressed and she is putting oil in the fire!!! devar is shocking me i never thought he would scam melvi mean she flew to jamaica over 20x.. thats just sad!! What about her son? Wow!!! noon just wants to go back to thailand forever thats one person the green card she can give 2 shits about!!!
  11. Verojama

    S04.E08: This Is What You Came For

    I agree with nicole that it will probably be the last time she sees azan.. they will not make it... i actually feel for pedro... what prenup she doesnt have anything?? I just want anfisa to go back to russia.. i liked the preview jorge flf anfisa's legs to be spred lol
  12. Verojama

    S04.E08: This Is What You Came For

    Alla and matt...
  13. I never thought devar would do that, im surprised he would get his green card and disappear with their money wtf?
  14. Verojama

    S04.E07: Time to Tell the Truth

    Probably on credit...
  15. Verojama

    S04.E08: This Is What You Came For

    Morrocco is very liberal from my experience... azan's family might be super traditional due to his family being is such a small village maybe not to modernized so women do stay take care of the household cooking cleaning kids.. while the men go work and bring home money...