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  1. Kelli asked Mandi back after that? Yeah I will take things that never happened for $200 Alex
  2. Maybe the eyebrows is what is bugging me about Hannah’s face . I always thought she had a hard look to her that wasn’t always flattering
  3. Not surprising. She seems incredibly vain . She’s gorgeous yeah but replaceable
  4. https://www.instagram.com/p/CIlLIWJBLay/?igshid=15tehg244svf9 Wow this is awful lol I cringed . My middle school dance team did sharper moves and were far more in sync than this
  5. Exactly. She can’t move on. The only thing she has done is become a stage mom to her daughter and pushing her to be a DCC. She has nothing else going on !
  6. I agree on Kat but to me that title goes to Trisha Trevino and Alli Traylor for 2nd and 3rd
  7. Maybe so but it’s a joke that she wants to portray she is caring when she won’t allow more than 4 black cheerleaders in recent seasons and cuts hard working , great ambassadors for petty reasons. June or now , she’s full of it
  8. Do you really Kelli? And she can point out a fake ? Mmmm hmmm
  9. Exactly. They cut Brennan who exudes class and grace but keep this trash mouth? Unreal ... I guess looking as Kelli said “like a mix of Beyoncé and Vanessa Williams “ makes it ok to bend the rules. Nope!
  10. I hope this gets out and the bad publicity and backlash crush them . That is low and even though they have done some very low cuts and hypocritical things before this takes the cake.
  11. If Brennan truly got cut for what they are saying I’m so done with this show . Never was a big fan of Hannah but I don’t know why on earth they would cut her because weight clearly wasn’t her issue and she was a powerhouse dancer .
  12. Megan Becker and I agree she Was a total airhead and I’m curious to know how if at all she passed college A&P . Girl was dumb as a box of rocks and had no idea how to interact with people
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