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  1. I think they missed out on Courtney (Bring it on Broadway and current Patriots cheerleader ). It really made me mad when they said she didn’t have an “HD friendly face” yet they loved this one ..... Oh well, At least Courtney is cheering for a good team that will likely give a Super Bowl appearance . So I guess she made out ok after all.
  2. I’m guessing he did to but I know she has a pretty wealthy family and grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth
  3. More like she has a rich daddy to live off of. Which in her case is the truth...
  4. I hate to say it but will anyway, Amy’s just not photogenic ... those close up camera shots were especially not flattering and she isn’t aging well even though she’s still fairly young. It also rubbed me the wrong way when she acted like she was solely chosen for point but It’s “cute” that Maddie gets a turn too. Maddie is awesome and all but looked really paunchy in this episode.
  5. I always thought she’d make a better model than cheerleader. Good for her. I think so too . She reminded me of Kendall Jenner. I’m sad though that Brianna decided to do the lip fillers and whatever else she did to her face. She didn’t need it . The girl was as close to facial perfection as one could get.
  6. I’ve never listened to the podcast but not surprising . I always thought it was ironic he was the one schooling the cheerleaders on social media etiquette yet some comments he makes on his own social media are sleazy. “If I don’t know you in real life, you are not my fb friend” apparently he doesn’t apply that rule to cat calling at women on Instagram 🤷‍♀️
  7. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one that feels that way. I’m just not a fan.
  8. Just watched Courtney Cooks panel interview on Pluto from season 8... wow ! Girlfriend was tweaked the freak out 😳. I would recognize that anywhere with my job. Sad. I hope she got treatment and is doing well now.
  9. His Instagram has toned down a lot recently and I wonder if someone said something to him about it. I know there was one woman calling him out on doing her dirty last year on it. He posted Lots of pics of partying and drinking on boats with bikini clad women and a few cheerleaders in the past (Schram was one I believe) He thinks he’s Dan Blizerian lol. Ask around DFW, it’s no big secret.
  10. He’s skeevy in real life . Always trying to get the ladies in the sack and brags about it . No respect for women at all.
  11. I remember her, after watching this I want to be her friend lol
  12. Exactly! And she hasn’t done anything but pop out a few kids since and shoves that little girl in everything DCC . Pictures, appearances, games there she is....But whatever floats your boat.
  13. She is still a beauty no doubt, I was just surprised is all because I thought she was still actively dancing or teaching dance.
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