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  1. Did she really say she was a natural blonde ? Her dark black roots in her many many pics during quarantine say otherwise
  2. I agree 💯on that. Never cared much for her . She seems so incredibly vapid and narcissistic on Instagram I had to unfollow.
  3. I agree, I never liked her look at all. She wasn’t as Kelli would say “HD friendly” and I after that podcast she did seem really entitled and spoiled . Good riddance poor little rich girl.
  4. Maybe I’m cranky but Sydney’s post about missing getting her hair and nails and lashes done irked me. Vapid much? People are dying ! She sure seems to love herself And lived a very spoiled and sheltered life ...
  5. I always thought so too. She looked kinda... shall I say rode hard ?
  6. What’s with Jenna Lene’s Instagram posts lately sticking her much thicker backside out ? Several recently she has Kelli would say “exaggerate” her derrière lol
  7. Yes I can see it . Especially here . She has aged 15 years recently. I don’t know why women do this to themselves.
  8. Watching the audition episodes of season 12. Just my observations since I'm bored right now and opinionated ……. Holly's wardrobe malfunction- I understand this was a traumatic experience and all but it rubbed me the wrong way when she ran off stage and her teammates (Simone was one of them) ran over to hug her and console her, she pushed them and walked away but she was all over Kitty Carter and her comforting bosom . I never thought she was a team player type of girl and all about herself , which Kelli prides herself on recognizing yet has failed with both Holly and Chelsea. When Holly made training camp after, " tonight we go celebrate Ahhh!" yeah I bet you did lol Lacey from the Rams - I love her and she has such a bright face! I really wished they picked her or she would come back . Heather H - Man, Charlotte had it out for her and there was no coming back from that. Same with Raylee and Megan Michelle from past seasons. The only one to survive Charlotte's evil eye was Ann Lux from what I can remember. Jenna- At first I loved her, she was the cutest little thing her rookie season. Somewhere down the road she got a big head . Seeing her on social media , its apparent it hasn't deflated any. Kalyssa- " I can be sweet, sassy and throw in a little bit of sexy … but not too much" ummm yeah right .. Girl is sex on a stick. Scott the weatherman- for him not being associated really with the dance world his observations are spot on. He is too cute but I think perhaps might not be interested in dipping into the lady pond.
  9. This!!! When she said that is rolled my eyes because I remember Charlotte had it out for Ann, Kelli had it out for Ika for not smiling , then Judy “Taylor you look pissed off” , Kristen “ Smile , your flirting with the floor” being a smiley girl is a requirement is it not ? Unless you are Cassie.....
  10. I always wondered how she got a pass for those things . She was well known for being quite the party animal too. They turned a blind eye to Whitney I .
  11. Ehh she doesn’t get a pass with me. She seemed entitled and like a spoiled brat that thought she was better than the others. I never was a fan of her look from the start .
  12. Me either! Of all the girls the judges have said didn’t have the DCC look or even as Kelli stated about Bring it on Courtney “doesn’t have an HD Face” yet she thinks Trish Trevino did ? Woof!
  13. I totally agree . I have thought that from the start about her . Watching her makes you feel dirty
  14. I’m the opposite . I think dogs are gross and annoying and can’t understand why people go ga-ga for them. Just keep them away from me lol
  15. I think they missed out on Courtney (Bring it on Broadway and current Patriots cheerleader ). It really made me mad when they said she didn’t have an “HD friendly face” yet they loved this one ..... Oh well, At least Courtney is cheering for a good team that will likely give a Super Bowl appearance . So I guess she made out ok after all.
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