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  1. Sad to say, I'm still slightly skeptical about this. I saw an article about this over the weekend and my first reaction was more like "hhmm, i wonder if this is all pretend in order for them to get on another reality show". So, on one hand, I can be skeptical about the truth but on the other hand, Evan does seem the type that he could cheat and the way social media works, you get a smidge of fame and it's a lot easier for random people to send private messages back and forth....
  2. So I kind of agree with this. I know this is "trash tv" but I still enjoy it. I also wonder if I ever went on a show like this, if i'm watching clips, am i smart enough to say to myself "you know these things are edited as hell and designed to make me think or feel a certain way when in reality I have no clue what the actual context of the clip is". I'm guessing if someone did that, they would stop taping and instruct the person that they needed a better reaction. I have a friend who claims he had a relative go on Wheel of Fortune and they got a bankrupt spin and they were nonchalant about
  3. Thanks @Booger666 and @sd dude, Reality Steve interviewed both Samantha and Dom and Samantha did say that she slept with David after the show had concluded. Dom's interview contained some whoppers though. First he says that the way the storyline was edited between him and Kate made it seem like Kate was totally not interested when it sounds like the exact opposite was true (at least according to him). He then went on to say that him and Kate did sleep together at the final date and didn't use protection and that Kate was basically tightening her grip on him when he was telling her he was ab
  4. Finally got around to watching the finale and the reunion and then found some time to post here, so here are my thoughts: In general, the only real surprise was that somehow Kate did a 1,000 steps back and is trying to work things out with David? So, all of her "growth" and words at the final bonfire meant nothing. She needed to fly back home, pack up her stuff and move out ASAP or throw all of his stuff out a window and onto the street/curb. You knew the Toneate relationship wasn't going to last but i laughed at how Toneata said that David was trying to use her to become an actor. I
  5. Ashley H is either 24 or 25. So yeah, still young and has a lot to learn. As for her backside, it just depends on your personal taste. It's not my cup of tea but obviously there are people out there that prefer it. A little surprised that Rick opted to leave the island with Ashley. Clearly Ashley didn't want to be rejected and that's why she didn't want to go first. Because had Rick said that he wanted to leave alone, Ashley would have claimed that she was thinking that exactly as well. Knowing no spoilers about them, I have trouble seeing them lasting. Maybe they can still be fr
  6. Going to say no, Rick did not sleep with Medinah. We saw the one scene where they were in his bed and Medinah went full under the covers but Rick's head and arms stayed out and above. Medinah was on Reality Steve podcast and claimed that she was a total open book about everything (including her sex life stuff) but when flat out asked what she did, she basically refused to answer. So, I'd guess maybe she felt Rick up a but or something but I doubt it really went any further than that. Rick seems too focused on actually trying to better himself to do something like that. Plus, he was always
  7. @Skyfall, yeah, we definitely missed some eliminations or they chose to not show us. If you did the math, the numbers didn't add up. Thought there were 12 singles to start and the guys i think only eliminated 2 people and the girls 3. With 6 people left on each side for the final date selection, the numbers don't add up. Not sure why they skipped it this season. @nlkm9, completely agree that Ashley H should really work on herself before getting into another relationship. But that's not her. Once you finally stopped crying, it seemed like she was the type of girl who you show her a l
  8. The way she talks on the podcast, she would make you believe that she is by saying how she is a completely different person but who knows. She's living with one of the female singles from her season and that person is good friends with Morgan, so if Kaci can be comfortable with that, then maybe she is over Evan. But I can get the opinion that she could come off as annoying and trying too hard. Think that is more of her bubbly personality which can rub people the wrong way.
  9. Definitely another interesting week. With regards to Reality Steve, someone on this board turned me onto him and last season I definitely didn't mind him. I enjoyed (and still enjoy) him interviewing the cast and have Kaci on to do recaps. My only issue with him this season is that he saw all the episodes ahead of when they aired and so he already knew how things were going to play out for the entire season. Plus, listening to him interview guests before the episode aired, just seemed stupid. Granted last season, TI aired on Tuesdays and this year it's Thursdays, but if it's his podca
  10. Totally agree with what @Irritable wrote. David is just a liar at this point. I think he viewed this entire experience as a giant "hall pass" and obviously that's not what this show is technically about (think there is a different show for that). And big kudos to Kate for just taking this all in stride and basically acknowledging that David has completely changed or shown his true colors and hopefully she dumps him for good. I mean, she definitely threw a good shot at him in her video message to him. And yeah, something is off with Toneata in my opinion as well. I do also wonder, in the
  11. To answer the threesome questions in this thread, yes, everyone in the guy's villa knows about David's threesome. Toneata definitely knows and her response was something like "i'm just going to sit back and see how David plays this going forward". So, it looked like she was a little disgusted by it but wanted to see how David continued to act. However, David basically apologized to Toneata about it and she instantly accepted it. Also, Casie has to know that Payton was involved in the threesome as well. Kate & David- Can someone please slap David hard. He tries to come off that he
  12. I think Deac kind of admitted to Ben that he's just looking to hookup with Ashley at this point.
  13. Finally got around to having some time to watch the last episode. Some random thoughts: (also major props to the person on his board that came up with Ashley G-Spot and Ashley Hysterical as that's the easiest way to remember which one is which). Rick & Ashley G- Are we to assume that Medinah might have gone downtown on Rick? At least the way they showed it, it looked like her face was headed down in that direction and Rick's arms/hands were stretched out the entire time. Not that I blame Rick for allowing it to happen (hell, he was sleeping in his bed and Medinah came in, technical
  14. Yeah, I agree that maybe he didn't have "sex" but he was naked in the shower with one of the girls and they were "washing" (looked more like caressing to me) each other and I'm sure (saracasm here) that David's male part was non reactive that entire time.....Regardless, someone like Kate is not going to accept this type of behavior and I really don't see how she can stay with him if she had trust issues to start with. Also, David said this before he listed out his 4 points, "Wish I could’ve given everyone the full version of events to set the record straight on what happened, but unfort
  15. So David took to social media to say the following: "1) I did not have sex with Peyton or Sam that night. 2) I did not do anything more with Peyton that night than kiss her. 3) I did not kiss or hookup with Sam that night. 4) None of these statements condone what I did do that night – which is go against everything I told Kate I wanted to go to TI to do. It’s really hard to see this play out months later and see the pain Kate went through. I take full responsibility and regret it all and hope you will get to see that in future episodes.” " So he's claiming a little innocence here. B
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