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  1. Landlord

    Total Divas

    Kayfabe above all? I imagine they are still friends in real life, but it's undocumented in order to push that enemy storyline. (If you watch the monday program, few months back, Alexa has a "hidden camera" where she egged on Nia to Mickie, saying pretty harsh things, and Nia started a mission to beat the crap out of Alexa)
  2. Corny looks like she's about to sock a punch at Nicole's face, that balled up fists looks mighty angry!
  3. LOL I have major contrast! Husband and I have been married 13 years, have all of our children together. We have had this running joke forever that we are looking for "the new mommy" or "the new daddy". It made for interesting situations, whenever a JW or solicitor would come and knock at our door, and a little head would pop from behind me to ask "are you the new mommy/daddy?"
  4. Why else would his comment on her announcement read (I paraphrase) "God put a baby inside of you for a reason". We all know he doesn,t have such a high opinion of Roos.
  5. December: My babies will have brittle bone, I'm confused. April: I won't have babies for a long time. Loooong time. July: Surprise! We're having a baby to stay relevant!
  6. Thank You! Your submission has been received.
  7. That's IT! MAURY POVICH FOR TELL ALL HOST!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. ON a 1950's busted up tractor. And if she doesn't have brothers, you can make sure she knows how to fix it, too. (Speculations, here.)
  9. You are so much more smarter than me... Where were you all of my life?
  10. I cut lawns for a living, I don't need to put it on my resume. So here's the deal. I go to NYC, host the tell all, I give you all my phone number, and you live-text me ALL the questions, and I will ask them, without interrupting anyone. I will take one for the team, and we will have ALL the answers. I will also pay for a DNA test from my own pocket. I just need someone to pay for the postage.
  11. Someone behind the camera wanted for George to "sit up", but was standing off to the side on George and Anfisa'a side. Pao saw it and was trying to get George's attention, and Anfisa promptly showed her and told her hot go f**k off.
  12. Next season on marriage boot camp! Maybe that,s a surprise for the 2nd part of the tell all? I personally thought of the ex-bf who had Pao on the back of his bike on Columbia.
  13. None of the dresses I saw showed to nicole during the quick preview look like they would contain all of Nicole. "Can we hang up the call with Juan?" asked Pao. She friggin knew where he was going. And Juan was not having it. But don't make her chose between her hoosband and her best friend... Hopefully, adopted into a loving, caring and drama free family that feed her greens and let her out of the house and into the yard. And brush her hair. Or to the least pulls it back into a scrunchie. Yes. Because Kirlyam photographed beautifully and did so fully dressed. He was a missionarry in her village. They met again years later and it was luuurv.