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  1. kimbrchick

    S38:E14 I See the Million Dollars

    I totally agree. With 30 Helens. See what I did there? Seriously I agree. I too was surprised to see the lack of pages of comments here. It was ok to see Chris win but not super satisfying. In another season watching a Rick Devins win would be kind of annoying since most of it seemed to be idol play. But he was actually visible in the game, playing. I think they should stop hiding idols earlier in the game. Once a certain tribal hits, if an idol is played, that’s it.
  2. kimbrchick


    Consider me enlightened regarding Casey. I felt at first that it came out of nowhere because I didn't pick up on what others did. Of course it's completely normal for feelings to develop out of the blue and it's great that gay relationships are being represented. I exaggerated and I don't really feel like there are soooo many shows where this happens. Now I'm questioning why I even thought that? I'm learning.
  3. kimbrchick

    Veronica Mars Revival

    Wooot! Time for a re-watch!
  4. kimbrchick


    I just finished season two last night. I came on here after the first episode but noticed there was only this one post for the whole season. I avoid spoilers so here I am after finishing the last episode. I know she did wrong but I feel Elsa was treated extra badly by her family. Even the kids said hateful things and as a parent I can't see myself being OK with being talked to that way. Maybe she feels she deserves it. Maybe she does deserve it and I'm not understanding because I've never been in that situation. Also, she seems different this season, like more spacey. Casey and Sam are awesome as siblings. She obviously would do anything for Sam and I love how she encourages him with his art. The "tighter or looser" line when he was freaking out was so sweet. I love that Paige stood up for Sam. They must be outcasts of a sort if Sam isn't fully embraced by the other kids. I don't know, we only see Sam's perspective and he does pretty well as far as having a few friends and even being in a relationship for a while. Are most of the students mean and cruel while only a few are truly accepting or is it the work of one insecure, horrible person wrote that crap? I think I'm thinking too much about it. Regarding Casey and Izzie. I was happy when Izzie started being less mean girl and more genuine. I kept thinking there was going to be a twist and she was going to be playing Casey somehow after she opened up to her. I'm glad that didn't happen. I liked that it didn't take too long for Izzie to come back to Casey and say screw whatshisface. I rolled my eyes when they went to kiss though. I feel like a lot of close relationships between two girls on TV and movies either go that route or tease it and I just don't need this one to. Why the extra drama?
  5. kimbrchick

    S02.E06: The Smile At The End Of The Dock

    I totally agree with the others saying that this would totally have been included in the tapes. She had nothing to lose and was outing all those that had hurt her. It was very sad to see that they had chemistry and were really cute in that music video type montage and that it turned out the way it did. He looked remorseful at the trial. I think it's funny that Clay says "If I was in town last summer, that could have been me". What he doesn't consider is that Zach actually made a move and asked Hannah out and spent time talking to her. My husband likes to point out that Clay's inability to talk to her (and others not talking) has caused so many of these tragedies. What this show should teach us all is to open up and TALK and share.
  6. kimbrchick

    Love (2016)

    Yes. I hate when parents (usually moms) or older relatives put young couples on the spot with major life decisions. Ugh, I cringed. They haven't even been dating that long. I kind of have a problem with Mickey going on and on about Gus not being honest when she slept with her ex-boyfriend* and is keeping it from Gus. She can decide to not tell him, that's fine, but don't be so judgemental when you find out something about Gus that you didn't know because he didn't tell you. *My husband thought they were broken up or on a break or something when that happened. He was away for that move gig but they were still together right? I might be remembering that wrong.
  7. kimbrchick

    Love (2016)

    Nope. I'm not a horror movie person either but for some reason Halloween has a special place in my heart. His character on this episode of Love was pretty funny though.
  8. kimbrchick

    Everything Sucks

    I graduated HS in 1996 so this was so familiar to my experience. Especially the music! It's always the music that brings you back. I loved and still love Tori Amos so that whole episode was amazing. I can't really say anything that hasn't been said here already. Cute show.
  9. kimbrchick

    S01.E08: Clean Up

    After I saw your post I thought about it noticed Christa Carlyle's last name sounds like Car-Lie-ul. It's a stretch but thought it was funny.
  10. kimbrchick

    Original Flavor Season Talk: Dinner at Rodbell's

    I just finished watching the whole series on Amazon after a few weeks of binge watching. The only episode I fell asleep during was Roseambo. I remember it from when it originally aired and once was enough. This show started during my early teenage years and was a big part of my formative years. I really enjoyed this rewatch and reading what you all are saying on here. Even after watching it again, the reveal at the end of how the characters were different in reality really got to me. It's so interesting how Roseanne changed them when she wrote them and I can't see them as anything different. For instance, am I right in thinking that everything we saw was fiction based on Roseanne's life, written by the character Roseanne but that she didn't start writing it until Dan died? I'm easily confused so sorry if it's dumb of me to ask. I also didn't remember David being such a jerk sometimes. He acts like he's this good guy and so much better than his brother but he's just as flawed if not more. I hate how they made Mark the constant butt of the joke and changed his character to be a moron. The episode that also really sticks out to me is when Darlene and Becky go to the salon with Roseanne because they gave her the certificate for Mother's Day. Then she finds out that it was all just a suck up plan so they could get what they want. Roseanne Barr really nailed the hurt and emotion of it. I'll wrap up by saying one of the funniest scenes that I remembered from the original watch and loved seeing again was when everyone kept putting the rotten milk back in the fridge and at the end of the episode it almost kills Dan and he still puts it back in the fridge. LOL.
  11. kimbrchick

    S35.E13: Million Dollar Night

    Wow. I was suspicious when Ben went to turn in for the night after a hard day of idol hunting and happened to pick the very spot the idol was hidden at. Then, the random twist that was totally just a way for Ben to have another chance in the game. My husband, who is usually indifferent to this type of thing, declared that Survivor has jumped the shark and will not be tuning in next season. I mean we most likely will watch but that was some shenanigans for sure. I can see by many comments here that we aren’t alone in that reaction.
  12. kimbrchick

    S35.E13: The Survivor Devil

    It was weird that Ben was so secretive about getting the idol without anyone noticing. Then he just plays it right when they get to tribal anyway. I guess he wanted to make a show of it. Like others here, I'm so irritated with those that whine about Ben looking for and finding an idol when they were just sitting around. Nothing is stopping you from either looking for yourself or making it harder for him to find it. Chrissy continues to bug me. I wish they would go back to final two instead of three.
  13. kimbrchick

    S35.E12: Not Going to Roll Over and Die

    I wish Jeff had made that snarky comment about Chrissy instead of Mike. "Come on out Chrissy's husband, we all want to meet the dude that decided to marry her". (Or something like that) Lauren nooooo! I guess I hope Ashley or Devon wins. I guess. Or perhaps Ryan. I was confused about Lauren's idol because I thought for sure she needed another piece for it to work. I mean it was just a rope and shell? If that was it and she had a complete idol then she really did make a stupid move. It was stupid the moment she yelled that she had found it. Shove it down your pants like most people do.
  14. kimbrchick

    S35.E10: Two for the Price of One

    The way I see it is that Devon, Ashley, and Ben got lucky that Lauren picked them. I see them in a good position now but it's really not a product of something they did and they shouldn't get too cocky. I'm really rooting for Lauren. She's doing great in challenges and is making power plays so I hope she isn't blindsided. I'd love to see her win the whole thing. I'm so ready for Crissy to be gone. She just annoys me and it bugs me that she was on the heroes tribe. I forgot to add that the funniest line was from Ryan when he said he's doing so bad he can't even win a veggie wrap. Also, that peanut butter and chocolate basket looked like heaven.
  15. kimbrchick

    S03.E15: Part 15

    What happened to the podcast? I was enjoying it. I totally cried during Margaret and Hawk's last conversation and then when he told everyone. Jeffries is a huge machine thing! So weird. I love it. Soot men creep me out.