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  1. subina167

    Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    Anyone know why Joshua Jackson won't be returning for the final season? Wonder how they'll ditch Cole.
  2. subina167

    S06.E03: Bad Boys

    Glad to see it's not just me. I can't stand Ruzek! I miss Erin too.
  3. subina167

    S04.E10 Episode 10

    So Cole tells Cherry he was coming back for Alison. What made him think that Alison was still in love with him and even wanted him back? She didn't.
  4. subina167

    S04.E08: Episode 08

    I just now read an article that states Ruth Wilson complained months ago about not getting equal pay as the guys, specifically Dominic West. She wanted out. Can't say I blame her.
  5. subina167

    S04.E03 Episode 3 2018.07.01

    I don't think Vik ever seriously thought about having a baby until he got the bad news. And I also don't think that the quickie in the kitchen was about love or lust. Vik is a mama's boy. He's now bent on leaving a part of him to Dragon Lady without any regard for Helen. I've seen this happen in real life. Noah and Janelle and the teacher/savior bit? Oh please. Kill the storyline.
  6. subina167

    S04.E03 Episode 3 2018.07.01

    Up until tonight, I liked Vik. I feel terribly bad for him but asking Helen to have a baby is simply unfair. He will never know that baby. Being saddled with an infant, she will not be able to move on. Don't like this storyline.
  7. subina167

    S04.E02 Episode 2 2018.06.24

    Ok thnx. Then if it is the same place, show writers take note: it's approximately a 3 hour drive each way! Don't be silly!
  8. subina167

    S04.E02 Episode 2 2018.06.24

    I just read an article that says not all the venues such as homes, restaurants are in Montauk. But did you ever find out where Alison's job is? Last season she began work at the place in Northern NJ. I brought up the point that this is completely unrealistic geographically. If you're driving from Montauk to Northern NJ, , especially during morning/evening rush hour, you're talking about a 3 hour drive each way!
  9. subina167

    S04.E01: Episode 1 2018.06.17

    Things I don't get-- at the end of last season, Noah was completely lost, jobless and homeless. How then, did he get the money to move across the country, get a swanky Topanga apartment, the furnishings, a car and most of all a teaching position when he was a convicted felon? Do you think this is a bit unrealistic? Liked East Coast better-more gritty and realistic. (Okay I am an East Coaster) BUT have visited the stunning West Coast several times and have been a guest at a Malibu home on a cliff overlooking the Pacific. It's a big YIKES! In the beginning, I liked Helen but not anymore. She is now very much like Darlene (Sara Gilbert) on the short lived new Rosanne--totally sarcastic and negative 24/7. ENOUGH! I want to see this show through but not sure if I'll have the patience. What say the rest of you?
  10. subina167

    S04.E01: Episode 1 2018.06.17

    Cancer causes rapid weight loss and a convicted felon can't teach, at least not in my world. Show is getting crazier and crazier.
  11. subina167

    S04.E01: Episode 1 2018.06.17

    Good question! These writers have a lot kf work to do.
  12. subina167

    S04.E01: Episode 1 2018.06.17

    When/why did they move to Cali? I watched the SHO advertised S4 E1 but didn't see things that you have. When was Noah at a school being a savior? When did Vic fall? Where is Allison? What I saw was Helen getting crazy over the fact that the kid might be gay. Ugh! I used to like Helen. Now I can't stomach her. She reminds me of Darlene (Sara Gilbert) on the short lived Rosanne--constantly sarcastic and negative to everyone and about everything. I'm a Brooklyn girl so I don't like the move to LA. Grittier on the East Coast. Question: the last we saw of Noah, he was jobless and homeless. Where and how did he get the money to move to LA? It seems I've missed or forgot quite a bit. Please be kind and re-wind for me. I need to be brought up to date. Thanks very much.
  13. I have an uncomfortable feeling about Carin. A normal person wouldn't just show up, at the exact place no less, with the kids knowing Jav and Letty needed "alone time". My feeling is that she knows something. And boy, can someone be that annoying? Let's have more Ann Dowd! Loved her in The Leftovers too.
  14. subina167

    Small Talk: I Hope This Show Really Sucks

    I neither post nor comment much but I do read what everyone has to say. It's now 25 minutes to show time and I'm saying, "I have too much to do." That's very telling because in the first 3 seasons, 25 minutes before showtime meant I had to finish my phone calls, make lunch for tomorrow, prepare my required TV snacks and make my evening cocktail. However, right now, I do not feel compelled to do any of those things. And this minute, I made the decision that for me, The Strain is over and done. I loved it when Fet, Eph, Professor and Dutch were a team. Now, everyone and everything is all over the place. The show is boring and just plain stupid. I now pledge my allegiance to Netflix where excellent TV thrives. So even though you don't know me from a hole in the wall, I just wanted to say goodbye and hope you enjoy the remaining season (s) of The Strain.
  15. subina167

    Chicago Justice

    I have been following him since Homicide: Life on the Streets. I was OK with his moving to Justice from PD because I assumed I'd like Justice. I was wrong and was bored to death. Obviously I don't stand alone as it has been canceled. Will /can Jon Seda go back to PD? He was my fave on PD.