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  1. ITA. I have a skincare routine, and if I don’t follow it for even a few days, I break out. If I had planned out how much of everything I would need to come hang out in the BB house for three months, I would be very hesitant to share. I know it sounds crazy, but to me it’s not drastically different from asking someone to share some of their medication. Especially for the women who are older and probably have hardcore moisturizers they need to use every day or more than once every day to keep their skin healthy. Precious cinnamon roll is what, 25? She doesn’t need the same kind of moisturizer Janelle does or that Dani does, and frankly, I’m more annoyed at her for asking and putting someone in the uncomfortable position of having to say no than I am at anyone for declining to share. I was listening to one of Kaitlyn’s podcasts yesterday and she made a joke about getting an Us weekly article for spreading rumors about a reality show personality (unrelated to BB). It just hit me a minute ago that she was making fun of Bad Nicole’s comment that Us writes articles about things people tweet about her. Bad Nicole seems like she’s very polarizing among former houseguests, maybe moreso than anyone else who wasn’t objectively racist/terrible.
  2. Yay, tea time! Interesting...though I sort of wonder if that’s fully true. I’m a bit ashamed to say this, but I saw the season of Ex on the Beach Corey was on, and he was a self-centered meathead with a personality like a block of wood, but not a mean self-centered meathead with a personality like a block of wood. He came with the intention of trying to get his ex back (BB OTT winner Morgan) and when that didn’t work out he basically cuddled with Jozea and laid low for the rest of the show even though he had other options of women who wanted to “date” him. Also, I know Meech was saying that Nicole was basically chasing Corey and that they joked about her stalking him. Grain of salt, because Meech HATES Nicole, but I bet there are two sides to this story. IIRC, the Hayden thing ended because he wanted her to move to...Chicago? I don’t remember where he was from. At any rate, he wanted her to move somewhere that wasn’t Ubly so they could actually be together, and she wasn’t willing to do it, so they ended things. The Victor/Nat thing I definitely remember from BB18. It was very short lived, but I do think he’s the one who officially decided it was a no go. I don’t remember her being that upset about it though, maybe just more confused since he was the one pursuing her initially. She bounced back with James pretty quickly. They then went on to be “Vendettas” on a season of the challenge. But by all accounts, while Victor certainly continued to pursue Nicole after the show, he hooked up with a LOT of women between the show ending and finally landing Nicole a year later. I have a feeling comforting Nicole is a lot more irritating when there’s no sex in it for you. While I have no idea what Sam’s reasoning is for not talking to anyone, because she was BSC, as of the end of that show she was totally holding a grudge against Tyler for liking Angela more than her and I wouldn’t be surprised if it still bothers her given how attached she was to all the men in that house and how resentful she was of all the evil seductress women who turned their heads. I wonder if she made good on her promise two years later and quit smoking last month when Fessy and Haleigh broke up.
  3. Did he manage to say it without a relieved smile slipping onto his face?
  4. That’s such a shame about Brett. I really enjoyed him on 20. I remember watching that argument on TAR when it originally aired and being surprised that protective boyfriend Victor barely reacted when Nicole started crying, only sort of perfunctorily putting a loose arm around her when he was done arguing his point. At the time I took it to mean that maybe he wasn’t quite as crazy about her as he said. Now I realize it’s just because she cries All. The. Time.
  5. Although I do not personally understand it, in practice this seems to be true. Josh is very popular amongst both former houseguests and Challenge cast members. And Paul and Nicole are pretty tight, right? So I could see this definitely adding to the evidence base that Nicole is the one who reported this to production. I’m so glad that Tyler wants to congratulate himself on not being tied to his phone. Except his JOB is to be on his phone, so he might want to rethink that.
  6. I might be remembering incorrectly, but weren’t some of the houseguests (I actually want to say Kevin) at some post tipped off that she was lying because she did have a drink and BB didn’t say anything about it? And they knew that legally they wouldn’t let her drink if she wasn’t actually 21? I mean, Kevin said day one that she was lying about her age but I feel like that confirmed it, unless I totally just made that up in my head. That also makes me think of the world’s most awkward proposal in Pandora’s box from Natalie’s boyfriend, when he proposed and she basically said, “oh hey cool, yeah, okay,” and then her housemates couldn’t even summon up excitement because they were so bewildered. Did she end up actually marrying that guy? I think he was also the only one to respond to Lane’s story about the “rodeo game” people play with women by questioning whether it was rape. Ugh, Lane. His only redeeming quality was how madly in love he was with Britney. I think her showmance that season also came off as sort of sweet and genuine, whereas by showmance number two people were like, “Oh I see; this is just what she does.” Does anyone have ay scoop on what actually went down between her and Corey? She really hates him now. I mean, other than him being Corey, which presumably is who he was the entire time she was cuddling up to him as well. I’m also interested to know what happened between her and Janelle, because I don’t remember them having a bad relationship on TAR.
  7. Apparently not, according to all involved. The spoiler teams were wrong about that one. I can’t imagine how devastating it must be to be told your partner is cheating when you have no way of contacting that person. However, a) her partner was NELSON so...come on now, and b) there was definitely a more effective way to talk to him about the rumor than just dramatically sobbing “no” into the phone. On his birthday. I did enjoy the unintentional comedy of Nelson saying he thought she’d be wearing special lingerie for his birthday and solemnly following his expectation up with “that is not what happened.” No kidding, Nelly. That’s our Nany. I personally thought the way she said, “Well, I had feelings for Kaycee and Kaycee knew that” had some bite to it. I wonder if Kaycee’s tour of denial made Nany feel invalidated.
  8. He probably makes so much more money posing for pictures on Instagram than he would from any other job though, other than perhaps corporate attorney or hedge fund manager, which I’m going to guess he lacks qualifications for. All of these people make crazy money as influencers; it would almost be financially irresponsible to attempt doing something else while the cash is still flowing. If you can get a good following on Instagram, that’s your job for the foreseeable future without question, I think. One of the many things that annoyed me about Nicole was how she constantly complained about having to take pictures of herself and share her life. Like, live off your half a million Instagram followers and make money, but don’t also COMPLAIN about it. Just to bring the topic back around to the many ways Nicole is ridiculous.
  9. I’ve seen this before, when two people with very inflated opinions of themselves link up. It’s like their narcissism extends from each person individually to form a narcissistic bubble around both of them, and they just feed into each other’s egos because the are both the bestest. Couples like this can be very closely bonded to each other, but tend to have a harder time forming genuine connections outside their relationship because their awareness of how others perceive them is flawed and their egocentrism is high. I think she probably also feels particularly threatened by Nicole A because of her fan favorite status. Nicole is very clearly still hurt that her win isn’t thought of by many as a “good” win. And to whomever mentioned this—Victor is away a lot for work, but yes, I think he “takes care” of Nicole and that is the dynamic of relationship that is fulfilling for both of them. One of the reasons I got so frustrated listening to their podcast was how constantly condescending he was to her, not in a mean way, but treating her like she knows nothing and he knows everything and he has to teach her, a dynamic she fully plays into, when in reality she was a medical professional before she quit to be an influencer, so as annoying as she is, she’s not an idiot and probably knows better than he does about a lot of things. Also, just a quick note on ASD, as I do a lot of clinical diagnosis—a lot of people have qualities consistent with ASD, or any disorder, for that matter. We talk about the Autism spectrum, but really any diagnosis is a spectrum, from people who have very few consistent qualities to people who have many consistent qualities but at a low degree of severity, to people who have many consistent qualities at a high degree if severity that impacts life functioning. The most important part of diagnosis isn’t necessarily what qualities you have but the degree to which those qualities impact your day to day functioning. I have had so many friends tell me casually that they believe themselves to be on the spectrum. I guess you can make a case that EVERYONE is on the spectrum, and that’s really the only way any of them would be correct from a clinical point of view. There are lots of people, particularly very intelligent people, who struggle with social skills and have difficulty interacting with others, and especially people who are not as intelligent as they are. There are lots of people who are “quirky.” But most of those people can still navigate social situations well enough that it doesn’t significantly impact their day to day functioning in the lives they’ve set up for themselves, which is what should prevent them from actually meeting criteria for a clinical diagnosis. Obviously if you armchair diagnose yourself you’re going to be missing some nuance in that threshold.
  10. They also both seem incredibly aware that their value comes from being a couple—all of their financial success, from their jewelry company, sponsorships, cookbook selling etc is driven by this rabid Tangela fanbase they have. And there’s just something off-putting about people who are clearly showing off how in love they are because they’ve found a way to monetize that love. Not saying they don’t love each other deeply (or as deeply as two such non deep people can), but it never strikes me as authentic because they’re so AWARE of it, if that makes sense. And I am a total sucker for reality tv couples. So the fact that I can’t bring myself to like Tangela, or Swayleigh, or Nic/Vic (and I really tried with Nic/Vic) really says something. Tyler is actually going to talk me OUT of buying this cookbook. I was honestly going to, because I thought I could stand to do more plant based cooking, but the more he mentions it, the more annoyed I get.
  11. I’m not impressed with Porsche’s response. “Not sure how this got communicated incorrectly but I would never disrespect Dani by flirting with her boyfriend,” is a lot more convincing than “I never wanted your man.” The latter, of course, implies both that he’s not worthy of Porsche’s attention and that if she did want him she could have him. Honestly that makes me more convinced that it was probably true. Yes, it was so hard for him that he clearly made a move to stay off of reality television, out of the public eye, and behave with a sense of decorum—oh, wait.
  12. Cody and Nicole have played together before though, right? I feel like that would be a pretty bold move, to nom the only person you’ve actually been on a season with before. I’m just so relieved that it did turn out to be Cody and not Paulie, though. I don’t want Paulie to ever get anything he wants again, ever, because it might suggest to him that his life is going well and he should keep doing what he’s doing. I can’t imagine Bayleigh doing well here. She just doesn’t know how to get off her throne for long enough to politic effectively. If she makes it far it’ll be because others are dragging her along as a non-threat. I definitely think it would be jarring to have had a pregame conversation with a close friend (Tyler with Kaycee and Christmas with Josh) and expect them to be there and then they’re not. For Tyler’s sake, I hope he had a plan B. Christmas might actually be better off. I wonder how Victor is tolerating all the negative buzz surrounding Nicole. That’s got to be hard for him, being as “Look at us, the model of the perfect American sweetheart couple” as he is. Slightly off topic, but while I am in no way shape or form a vegan or vegetarian, I follow Angela’s cooking insta account and a lot of her recipes do look really delicious. But it’s going to annoy me very quickly if Tyler talks about it constantly.
  13. I totally agree about Nicole. I feel like women who play and win with an immaculate social game really get undercredited. Would a man who picked up a showmance that furthered him in the game get the same flak? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I also find her extremely irritating at times and actually disliked her MORE after listening to her podcast instead of feeling I knew her better or could relate to her more. And her constant whining on TAR made me want to toss her into the Thames. But I can’t help but feel that a lot of the dismissal of her gameplay has an undercurrent of sexism. Honestly, if he did get “released” because he tested positive, doesn’t production have some culpability in just sending him on his merry way? It seems to me like anyone who tested for it should have had to remain in quarantine until being cleared by a doctor, and a week and a half seems like a VERY fast turnaround for that. I’m really not happy about Christmas. I thought she was intensely problematic her first go around with her spikes of rage and hatefulness. I know I’ve bemoaned the lack of Kaitlyn, but seriously, Christmas over Kaitlyn (Kaitlyn’s social media strongly implied she wasn’t asked, not that she declined)? And I know CBS pretends OTT didn’t happen but are we really saying Christmas is a better choice than Morgan, who was part of a successful female alliance, lives locally, has been dating the golden boy of the Challenge for two years, and has never hit someone on purpose with her car? Or give Alex a second shot! Or if we want someone problematic, how about Elena? Ugh, Christmas. What a randomly frustrating choice.
  14. It definitely could be a friend, but Hayden has always been a hard core right winger conspiracy theorist. I remember liking him so much on Survivor and then being appalled by his social media. I could easily believe that Josh tested positive and still doesn’t believe he has Covid and thinks he is being unfairly excluded. That would strike me as very Josh. That said, if he does have it and isn’t symptomatic, he is very, very fortunate and should feel grateful. Same for Kaycee.
  15. Do we know anything about why Hayden Moss was allegedly in and then dropped? I know he’s a favorite of CBS casting (and Kassting). Wondering if they just decided he wasn’t worth the headache that will be the social media storm surrounding his “political views” about Covid.
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