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  1. That's the problem for me, also. It's well skated, but it's not particularly captivating, and "encounter with alien" isn't a strong enough narrative to suggest a storyline. There isn't a sense of the program building or the stakes getting higher as you hit the last minute. When I think of the two previous winning free dances, D/W's Scheherazade and V/M's Moulin Rouge, this looks like C/B got lost in the Free Dance program warehouse. Not that they ever had a chance of winning; I just don't understand why, in an Olympic year, you wouldn't just take everything you have and throw down. I love that
  2. I'm happy for Vincent. I'm worried that Nathan's Olympics anxiety is now extending to the entire Olympics season. I hope someone is helping him get his head together. Vincent looked really confident and prepared, and it made a huge difference. If Knierim and Frazier can get those side by side jumps happening, they have beautiful programs. Those falls really interrupt the flow, and when they can land the jumps, the programs really float. They can't compete with those top teams, but they could make a difference for the US in the team event if they could skate cleanly. I love Chock and
  3. Most "veteran" cast members like Ashley and Amanda get a big check just for showing up and then some bonuses kicked in the longer they stay. If they hadn't offered Amanda the right amount to show up, I don't think she would have left her baby. Rookies get paid based on how long they stay, unless it's a "big name" rookie like Bear was a few years ago. A lot of the UK people have well over 1 million followers on instagram, which they can use as bargaining leverage. Ashley is emotional, but she's bright and cares about people and the world and is not afraid to stand up for what she believ
  4. Morgan hasn't filmed a reality show in three years and has been clear that it's by choice. She has said that MTV reality shows gave her a lot of anxiety and that she really struggled with it after participating. Spoiler accounts have confirmed that she has been asked and has declined. If you follow her (I love her workouts), you know that she loved and supported him, she thought they were going to get married, he cheated, she found out, she left and was heartbroken, and she is now seeing by his behavior in handling their breakup that she was wrong about who he is as a person which I'm sure is
  5. They're both far too unintelligent to even try to politic, let alone against Amanda. And Ashley may be nuts, but she's much smarter than they are (as are most people in general). I kept wondering how many takes they needed to get Nelson to explain clearly in his interviews what was happening. He always hesitates slightly before saying names like Bettina, and you just know they left three takes of him calling her "Sabrina" on the cutting room floor. I'm struggling with this season overall. It just isn't holding my interest very well. Too many people I don't care about, I think, though most
  6. It seems obvious in hindsight, but she seems like such a sweetheart and was so supportive of him, helped him manage his work stuff and brand deals, and had a great sense of humor about his nonsense. You could almost believe that at 40 he was ready to grow up and secure the woman he had way outplayed his coverage on for the future. And then you remember that it's him and that he believes there is an endless supply of women who would want to take whatever his huge forehead is willing to give them. Good for her for leaving and calling him out (her sister is as well). She's the first girlfrie
  7. I rescind every semi-nice thing I have said about this cheating narcissist for the past couple of seasons. I thought he had matured. I was clearly wrong. (Also, if we're counting, it was nearly 3 years together, not 2. They've been dating since 2018.) Morgan deserves better, and I have no doubt she'll find it. I love the way she worked in a clear allusion to his behavior without straight-up calling it out.
  8. Jillibean

    Tennis Thread

    He should have. The problem is some of those people were purposely trying to mess up Med's serve and probably would have quieted down just to scream right as he tossed the ball. This is why I would always prefer to see a match on one of the other courts rather than Ashe. The real tennis fans go elsewhere earlier in the tournament; all the "I'm at the Open for clout people" go to Ashe. Thanks for telling us 17 times what a great and classy guy Novak is, McEnroe bros. Totally. What a guy. He didn't try to burn down the stadium when he lost or anything.
  9. Jillibean

    Tennis Thread

    This might be my favorite thing I have ever seen.
  10. Jillibean

    Tennis Thread

    Well, I once watched Isner throw a hissy fit to the chair ump that his challenging of line calls wasn't going the way he wanted (i.e. he wasn't winning his challenges) and that the computer must be broken.
  11. Jillibean

    Tennis Thread

    I was at the Open yesterday and had the pleasure of seeing the first two Armstrong matches live. Fernandez/Kerber was such a thrilling match, but I'm not at all convinced Leylah has the form needed to win the whole thing, at least not without a lot of help. Her shot making is phenomenal, but her serve was a mess and she made a ton of errors. Angie's energy was very different, to the point where people sitting near me commented that she looked like she didn't care if she won or lost the point. She didn't play badly, but she also didn't look inspired to me. I think another player would have had
  12. I know that the way Kaycee and Nany came about wasn't exactly kosher, but I can't help it--I like them together. The guy who picked Nany because he wants to hook up with her deserves whatever he gets. Ashley's ego can't tolerate that someone might not select her. Unless she gets a stacked cast, I don't see how Ashley ever wins again. She's vulnerable in eliminations, she's a headcase, and she's a target. I didn't listen to the podcast but I did watch the after show and see a Live with Michele, Ashley and Amanda, and the consensus seems to be that The List was real--it was a l
  13. Jordan seemed genuinely thrilled when she was out there cheering on her teammates. If she can fake that for the cameras, maybe her calling was acting and not gymnastics. Grace is much harder to read, but she had to know she was unlikely to make event finals coming into all this given the composition of the team. Yeah, this--not to mention MiKayla's own social media usage. She seems very close to Simone, but she's clearly not as close with the girls she was passively making comments about. Her closeness with Simone could also be a source of tension for Jordan since that's Jordan's self-
  14. Not only did they embargo the replay, but when I went that morning to try to watch it, the website popped up an alert to inform me that Simone had won the bronze on the event. Thanks ever so much, NBC Olympics website. If I had known they weren't going to post the replay immediately after the event, as they had for every other event thus far, I wouldn't have gone online at all. I'm very happy for Simone, though. I've been very emotional these Olympics. I loved the footage of Suni watching Simone's routine, and of course Jordan. As others have mentioned, there seems to be a genuine love a
  15. Regardless of how genuine I think Greg was or wasn't, he told her some extremely emotional things in an extremely emotional way, and she responded with barely any changes in facial affect, a pause, and, "I love looking at you." She loves LOOKING at him? In my opinion she took something emotional from him (again, genuine or not) and turned it into something surface-level or physical. Imagine pouring your heart out to someone and getting a response basically telling you that you're good-looking. That and the fact that he was talking about the death of his father and her response was a strange al
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