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  1. IMO Kelli and Judy are every bit as immature as they consider Jenna/Holly. Someone in Kelli's position should've handled the convo with Keyra more tactfully. The way they talk about the girls when said girl is right within earshot makes me cringe... how in the world did Kelli get so far without learning tact? Rewind, if you please, to the season with a TCC named Chandler.. during the cameo photo shoots they didn't like her smile and were quite rude about it. There was nothing wrong with the young lady's genuine natural smile. Season 9 or 10? Oy. And Judy's critiques.... if you're going to have to continuously call someone out for being awkward WHY DON'T YOU GET UP OFF YOUR ASS AND SHOW THEM WHAT THEY ARE DOING WRONG. I saw her twitter post about wearing the wrong shoes to work... UM, don't you know where you work and what you do?
  2. I would think Jinelle or Lacey would get pro bowl first. And isn't this Kashara's 3yrd year?
  3. It doesn't look like any of them are wearing tights for game days.. no color differences between their tummy and their legs... I rather think her spray tan ran a little.... During training camp you could see the differences between their legs and their stomachs.. they wore tights then but in their uniforms they don't seem to. I could be wrong. I am not an expert. Just a lurker!
  4. I don't know why they would be... DCC AS or current DCC, the crowd can't tell the difference. They just see DCC. However, let it be said that I would sacrifice my first born to look like Jenn K on any day... tight shorts or not.
  5. Vet Jenn Amburn (Jenn K). And yeah, the shorts look a wee bit tight. Like she wasn't expecting to have to wear them again so soon.....
  6. Just a thought... maybe Holly will do DWTS and then come back as a mentor...... Kidding, just kidding!
  7. Thank you, Madam Obvious! LOL. Gina is talented and reasonably attractive physically but geez, that personality! She strikes me as the type who makes friends only when it's advantageous to her, with those who would be considered advantageous to know (like vets versus other rookies).
  8. I think I missed something here....RAPIST? Would you mind enlightening me please? I am definitely new to this board.....
  9. Why so bitter sweetheart? She was a fantastic dancer and quite frankly this years squad can't really absorb the loss. Not that she shouldn't have been cut, it was the right thing to do but your attitude suggests you have one heck of beef with her. Gina's story sounded fake... her "east coast/west coast squad" line sounded so awkward and made up at the last minute. Tasha and Stephanie making Show Group is an example of just how slim the pickings are this year.... the Oxnard footage shows them making mistakes and being out of time with the rest of the group multiple times. I thought the whole point was to have the "best of the best" and all I can think of is "not really" when I see them. Not bad but certainly not among the best.
  10. You know what I don't miss.. the incredibly awkward introductions to the most oddly chosen special guests... I love Kacey Musgraves but Kelli's intro was awful. And Kellie Pickler????? Ugh. Just focus on the TCC's thank you. CMT must've put them up to it. Love you Kitty but please comb your hair. I think she qualifies for a makeover more than any of the girls did.
  11. Good point. Good catch. I wonder how much "blah blah blah" comes out of their mouths without them even really thinking about it. You would think their choices for judges would be more relevant. Kitty would be a good judge as she is a technical coach and not blinded by a pretty face/good body. So would some of the choreographers they use.
  12. I have never understood how Tasha made the team in the first place. She has always been weak. And now she is show group material? This can hardly be the best set of TCC's ever if she is strong enough to make the top 16. What's next, 50 yard Kelsey becoming group leader????
  13. THANK YOU!! Exactly! Although I don't think I will ever forget Neil McCoy's comment "you won't be able to change her face" yikes! Can someone tell me Jay's affiliation to DCC? I never could figure out why he was there, not that I minded him. I wish they would do more behind the scenes stuff like the etiquette class, that was interesting. Obviously Belk is now a sponsor so we will have to see more fashion show stuff.
  14. At least Kelli and the seamstress ( Lisa, I think?) didn't rack check the girls and make them state their bra size or if they're "real" or not. Brianna needs to go. Just go. She will not be ready in time for game season. I think now that she has been exposed to DCC style she can come back next year and do way better. This is way to much work for a summer job.
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