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  1. zoltana

    S07.E12: Modern Families

    Agreed. That blouse and pants Dimitri made was horrendous. It made the mom look SO big. She looked so uncomfortable. The boys sweater pullover was sad. That triangle design on the front was not even tacked down. There was one camera angle where the point at the bottom was starting to curl away. Irina just bugs me. I got a feeling watching that they're going to give her the win and it irritated me. Some of her clothes are very nice, but her attitude sours me.
  2. zoltana

    S08.E12: You Give Love A Bad Name

    This. When I was in her situation my body language changed and that included tensing your jaw. The arms held close to the body with the downcast eyes (except to look up and check the mood and glance right back down), speaking softly and mumbly. Doing anything to not set the other person off even though there's no chance of that because they're going to get set off no matter what because they have a problem. The way he talks to her is abusive. He keeps emotionally beating her and she keeps apologizing. It needs to end. He needs help and she's going to need therapy to work on getting a shred of confidence.
  3. zoltana

    S08.E11: My Little Secret

    I think you may have a winner here! If there's someone else that he's conflicted over then he sure as hell doesn't want it getting out that he's having sex with Kate because that might ruin his chances with the other person. How can he convince "the other person" that it meant nothing and was disgusting if he kept doing "it"? I'm excited to see how this turns out. Now I wouldn't be surprised if they choose divorce and then a month from that we hear that he's back together with someone from his past.
  4. zoltana

    S07.E11: Nina Says Don't Cry Over Spilt Silk

    I actually liked Bidell's for the most part. I didn't care for the hips, but the fabric moved like a wave the way the air would lift a layer and then it would lie back down sort of like a crowd wave. It was really cool.
  5. zoltana

    S23.E11: Week 10: The Final Rose

    100%! He gets to avoid the camera by jumping over a fence. I think if I was Hanna my response to anything he says by way of explanation would be "No. I don't want your explanations." Get up, remove mike and go to a room and close the door til they leave. You jipped me out of Portugal plus you messed with my emotions. Buh-Bye. As soon as I get back to the real world and I'm out of this choreographed life I'll realize that I wasn't really in love, I was infatuated and caught up in the fantasy, let's go to the bar and get some wings and beer.
  6. zoltana

    S06.E10: Where's Buddy Sleeping?

    Well, she did have that 50 point harness to truss her, I mean hold her up. Oh geez, the look on the guides face as he had to stand down below her to coach her up the little ravine and he was met with the rear view.
  7. zoltana

    S06.E10: Where's Buddy Sleeping?

    I'm starting to think she and production sit around thinking of what's the wildest most whit-scream inducing things we can do that will have your "friends" cringing with embarrassment but we'll promote it to them with dollar signs?' *whit scream* $, *whit scream* $$
  8. zoltana

    S08.E10: D Day Comes Early

    I think you may be right. Maybe coming out would harm his business? When they were laying on the bed and he was trying to convince Kate that he was sorry and he didn't want a divorce I kept noticing how he kept looking off to the side. He couldn't even look her in the eyes. Kate needs a confidence building course and Luke needs to go away and leave her in peace.
  9. zoltana

    S08.E10: D Day Comes Early

    Will will never be into Jasmine. I think anything he says otherwise has been for the camera. I'm guessing from the moment she walked down the aisle it was a big no for him. He's just making the best of it until they get to the end.
  10. zoltana

    Getting good ink: Ink Master in the Press

    The last thing I saw a couple of weeks ago is that they have the applications open for artists and canvases. Maybe this fall or next spring?
  11. zoltana

    S23.E10: The Women Tell All

    Can you imagine if they loosen up the alcohol rules???
  12. zoltana

    S23.E10: The Women Tell All

    I'm literally cracking up at this image! 🤣
  13. zoltana

    S23.E09: Week 9

    Her dad sabotaged that 100%. I think she probably would have just gone along and had an overnight with no hanky panky, but after dad's talk about how when he met mom he "just knew", there was no way she was going forward. He is setting her up for lot's of break ups. Yes you should marry someone that "you know" is the one, but don't imply to your child that you should know right away. Some relationships build to a deep love. Some you just know. He and mom might've had that connection, but that's not necessarily how his daughters are going to experience love. Geez dad. You're a smart man, but let your girls have some room to grow in their own way. Cassie's going to end up getting married to someone she has amazing physical chemistry with and swear she "just knew", but then after some time passes she won't know how to just chill and enjoy each other from day to day.
  14. zoltana

    The Bachelorette in the Media

    Say it isn't so! https://www.realitytvworld.com/news/hannah-brown-reportedly-be-next-the-bachelorette-star-25474.php
  15. zoltana

    S38.E02: One of Us Is Going to Win

    I am right there with you! The camera panned across him and I was like whoa! Pause. Well Hello there darlin'. He sells solar panels. I think I may need to be savin' on my electric bill.