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  1. It sounds like a UK version of vocal fry. She's baking some great things.
  2. Those were disgusting! They were like hanging petri dishes. I want to know where that was so I NEVER go there.
  3. Agreed. When she was talking to her mom the morning after she started whining but it seemed her mother cut that off and started reprimanding her. It would seem her mother knows her routine and wasn't having it. That implies she's been this way for a while and although it's sad her dad passed, I don't think it's a big contributor to her bad behavior. She should be fired. If she's got all this luxury at home then why is she lowering herself to be around these commoners? After all she's a beauty queen 😂
  4. I'm with you! This is just too uncomfortable and she's putting up with way to much crap. They're either actors or production is waving big bucks around.
  5. Exactly! It came across like he was using his "religion" as a smoke screen. 'You must be imagining all these negative thoughts you're having about me because I'm a man of God' I'm sure it's not the first time someone has used their religion as a gaslighting tool, but it's the first time I've seen it. It's disgusting. I haven't even watched anything in a few days and I'm still aggravated by him.
  6. Just my own venting, but I can't stand Chris. That whole defense of saying everyone was being fake when he has to be one of the fakest human beings ever on this show. I can't tell if he just feels so privileged and superior that he thinks he's the end all be all for any woman, or if he's so insecure and scared that he just acts like a complete $h!7 as a defense mechanism. My guess would be that he thinks he's superior and that women are there to do his bidding. I keep going back to his father's creepy behavior and how Chris seems the same way. He's already got Paige acting like his mother
  7. Yes! That talk about when a man works all day giving he wants to come home and receive. Uh yeah dad we get it! You want your boy getting laid on the regular. Such creepy vibes from the men in that family.
  8. Hahaha! I thought of that when I posted. That's my mom in the 50's. I don't think Henry was her type, lol. I was thinking of how quiet he is. Maybe a librarian?
  9. After watching the flashback to the wedding I got the impression that Christina has never liked Henry. Throughout the wedding and reception she looked like either something smelled bad or she'd tasted something really bitter. The only real emotion was when Henry's female friends wanted to talk to her and she didn't seem to like that at all. I can't decide if she's really insecure and is so opinionated and rude as a defense or if she really just thinks that highly of herself. I get the impression that in the right crowd Henry is probably a lot of fun. Some sweet, nerdy girl who thinks the
  10. I'm just not feeling this season. They all seem so over being there. I wish the whole season could happen in one long live 3 hour show and get it over with.
  11. You know they're leaving that in for our benefit. She can't cry, it was the editing!, when they've got her being snarky to them. I'm actually on the Henry side. I feel like I understand his personality pretty well. My SO is not a talker. Doesn't matter if it's home or out (which isn't often because he doesn't like to be out). When he does he has a hard time looking people in the eye. For myself, I have an inner monologue going all the time, but I'm pretty quiet outwardly until I get to know others. Once I know someone and I'm comfortable then I can talk your ear off. My observati
  12. His response left me feeling like he wanted to make sure the door to the other woman would still be open if things on the show didn't work out.
  13. I'm only a couple of pages into reading everyone's thoughts, but I was wondering if anyone has thoughts on whether or not Henry is on the Autism spectrum. In the preview for next weeks show when they're sitting at the table talking he is visibly twitching in his face and body.
  14. Yes! Through the whole thing my heart just kept melting at how sweet everyone was.
  15. Did you catch that when he showed the matchmaker the closet he said, "this is where the magic happens"? Made me think he has a locked closet for special rendezvous'.
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