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  1. I've been 'looking forward' to this 'fashion show' for like two seasons now as it is my most favorite thing to hate on in the latter seasons. It's also the one I would routinely take pictures and videos of on my ancient cell phones of the early aughts, to scream about later. Tara and Sarah: you did not disappoint with the gifs, and I thank you for your service. Those FUCKING mandals 🤢🤢🤢
  2. I know we all know this, I know we don't care, but: now there is not even one single Walsh-adjacent person living at 953 Hillcrest Drive. The Malones were 'practically family,' at least. So now it's Steve and Noah? At least one of whom should still have some money except the writers clearly forgot these were the rich kids of Beverly Hills? WHY DO THE WALSHES KEEP PAYING THIS MORTGAGE/WHO IS PAYING RENT/BUILD A NEW FUCKING SET YOU CHEAPSKATES. (edited to finish because I hit enter too fast in my rage)
  3. OMG yes! Making him at least the third ATWT alum to appear (Phantom of CU/Dusty and FBI Dude/Holden). Man I miss that show. I lived with my grams junior and senior years of high school and we taped it every day and watched over dinner. Just so I'm not entirely off-topic: I was guilty of pants as big as David's during this era, but I was a raver. He's just a choad.
  4. Woof, that is some Dr. Seuss level shit. Looks like a doll my little sister had whose hair grew from a hole in her head when you cranked her arm. Every day I'm more thankful for having curly hair that couldn't have done this if I tried.
  5. I will always fondly remember him as a later season addition to Walker, Texas Ranger (don't @ me) along with Nia Peeples when they were clearly trying to appeal to the yoots.
  6. *tips hat* It came from a place of pure Minnesota passive-aggressive lefse-fueled rage. Skol! I love the random end-of-show challenges but I for one would love to hear a commemorative return to MBaDtK for Dylan's return.
  7. THIS, and why dafuq was Bill T so surprised about Parker Lewis scamming Val when he was apparently doing money crimes at the same time? Legit like fewer than five episodes separated his arrest and Parker Lewis' scheming. Fuck's sake. (eta: I know that was like 148 episodes ago but I'm still annoyed.)
  8. Gonna finally throw my 9+ seasons' worth of rage into this one comment: MINNEAPOLIS IS NOT HICKSVILLE. So many throwaway references to 'cowboys riding herd' and Mpls being a dust bowl where no one has ever eaten at a gotdamn chain restaurant or seen a celebrity. (PS our Planet Hollywood opened December '93 and we were eventually cursed with a Hard Rock Cafe as well.) We have the 2nd most theatres per capita in the country and every kind of sports team. It's a proper metropolitan area of over 3 million people. In addition, I realize this was the days before Google but every single refere
  9. One million LOLs. Everything about that tableau has always cracked me up. David's outfit could clothe the other three with fabric to spare, and why is Ol' Short Stack Brandon wearing a leather get-up in what I assume is still supposed to be late spring/early summer, and why do I care I don't care omg Brandon please just leave already.
  10. Two things that have always bugged the shit out of me in this episode: -Wouldn't Kelly and Brandon have already made arrangements for the return of the rented furniture and other party accoutrements WHEN THEY SIGNED THE RENTAL AGREEMENTS? This is not a thing you figure out the day after your stupid (non-)wedding. -David calling Kelly 'sexy,' I guess this is one of the weeks where she's not his sister?
  11. I believe the hippy sex-positive parent story is later retconned by Janet herself as having been trying to look cool for Steve, but I'm sure as shit not gonna watch ahead to confirm/deny.
  12. I hate that I know this, but: the Beat doesn't get a website until what's her nuts redhead from Melrose's stint as Steve and then David's shady gf. There is sexing on the newsroom's livestream. It is all terrible. I need to go take a shower now.
  13. THANK YOU, this inconsistency bothers me to no end (as well as the ease with which people seem to move in and out of places without signing leases, but that's probably expecting way too much from these writers). I can't wait for Brandon to be gone, ugh.
  14. 'Can't' 'wait' for Steve-o's super fringey suede jacket at the airport. Beeearf.
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