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  1. Anna's a great character and the actor playing her just nailed the part. I could easily see her carrying a leading role in a different series playing basically what she played as Anna here. Street-savvy, smart, sentimental, with a vulnerable spot. Given a better role, could likely pull off a romantic lead as well. On this show, as an ex-con C.I. there's only so far they can take her character. So either she gets whacked, or sent into witness protection. But instead (Upstead?) we get Upton thrown in our face. What a damned shame. I'd rather the roles were reversed with Anna being the Intelligen
  2. I liked this one. A lot. CF has always been a bit sentimental and not as in-your-face as P.D., nor as insipidly stupid as Med, and tonight they got the formula right for what the show is. And for once I'm glad they're going into a 4-week hiatus without a cliffhanger, which is frankly what I expected. As for the escalator incident, this almost certainly would have been Rescue's show. The very nature of the Squad is technical rescues, and you can bet they train for this kind of thing. But with that said, Engine and Truck crews also have fairly extensive rescue training since not every house
  3. I'm willing to suspend my disbelief, but not have it hanged by the neck until it's dead. CF at least plays fast and loose with reality. S19 is a train wreck that I gave up on two years ago.
  4. I just wonder why they added the Laconia story at all if they aren't going to do anything with it. So either a movie or two to finish off the books, or a new series at some point? Fingers crossed. Earlier this week I put in two Dolby Atmos speakers in the ceiling, and added a second subwoofer to the mix, along with bass shakers in the seats. The show on Amazon is in 4k/HDR and I watched it on a new OLED screen. Honestly, short of it being presented on a cinema screen, this is the best quality I've ever reproduced in my home theater.
  5. I doubt many of us today would want to actually watch people wearing masks. We watch for the story. Also, this show will be syndicated in reruns for decades when masks will (hopefully) be "something your grandfather had to wear." Think how long "Emergency!" reruns have lasted.
  6. As I've said many times on this forum, Tracy Spiradakos is just not well suited to the craft of dramatic acting, and her character's portrayal that we see on Wednesdays is a direct result of that. Put a talented actor with more than one emotion and Upton could be an interesting character, and maybe even likable--or detestable if written as a baddie. That she is almost certainly a decent human being doesn't affect my criticisms of her talents in her profession. Or perhaps I'm all wet, and if she eventually gets cast as a character in a film or a different show we might see her talents emerging.
  7. Yes, I also find it to be a stretch. Now granted I'm reasonably familiar with U.S. and Canadian law, but this seems like an incredible stretch. Likewise them coming in and seizing property without a warrant (the Doctor's phone comes to mind), and also suspects being interviewed without a barrister present--who would tell them to make no statements under any circumstance. I also find it a stretch to think they'd even be handed a custodial sentence for unlawful burying given their collective actions going forth. Ruined reputation and a very substantial fine, plus community service or probat
  8. Yeah, that was a bit messed up, but it didn't really bother me that much. It was indeed a new episode. I don't really have too much disdain for the woman or her late husband. They chose a particularly bad path in life and were skirting the edge of the law, but it's still a terrible thing that happened to him, and indirectly to her. Dope is a cruel mistress. She's a lost cause, I'm afraid, although one can hope that somehow, sometime, she'll break out of the gangster/dope lifestyle. Probably a stint in prison will be the catalyst, since she's likely headed down that road. Forty years, and
  9. This was exceptionally bad during the civil unrest last summer. Riot control was using the Citywide 2 band, as well as SOD and you could hear the incessant jamming by miscreants. It takes a little bit of knowledge of land mobile radio operations but nothing a 14 year old couldn't figure out in 15 minutes. Most urban departments have gone to trunked systems that cannot be jammed, and for the vast majority of those, police communications have been encrypted at the same time. I have a massive problem with patrol frequencies being encrypted, but that's a story for another day.
  10. Can't speak for data comms, but most of the real-world NYPD's radio communications, for the moment, are ancient analog-FM repeater technology and immune from computer hacks. Sadly they are extremely vulnerable to over-the-air jamming, which is a somewhat regular occurrence using $30 radios you can get online. In a few years the NYPD radio system will be hardened and unmonitorable (AES-256 encrypted P-25 digital trunking system in the 700 MHz band). The 9-1-1 system is also impervious. But yes, I'm sure data system hacks are a different matter.
  11. Just binged all 20 episodes this week. It got increasingly boring as S2 went on, and I stopped caring about the family. But like the sucker I am, I'll probably keep going until the story ends--which hopefully it will with S3. This just isn't a story that needs to go on for 6 or 7 years. I'll say one thing, it looks really good in 4k and Dolby Vision HDR.
  12. Just as an aside, the third entry on that list, Harbor-UCLA, was the fictional "Rampart General Hospital" on Emergency! in the 1970s! Good to know it's still a public hospital.
  13. From strictly a story-telling perspective the right way to end it is Voight leaving, either vertically in cuffs, or horizontally. And if alive, then no last-minute comeback/acquittal/off-on-a-technicality/etc. Horizontally (perhaps by his own hand) would work also. But from a television perspective, however, I don't know if that would fly. Mind you, we just had one high profile "permanent" departure from Fire and several from Med. But I think the show needs Voight to keep the overall mood as it is. It's already gone too far in the direction of Chicago High School and Police Department in
  14. I disagree. He carries a badge and a service weapon. His character has to be without question. He got soused in public and IIRC destroyed private property (threw a beer bottle at a television if memory serves). While demotion is a bit harsh if he's an otherwise-good detective, you need to send a clear message. I think the guy voluntarily checking himself in to rehab plus loss of the year's vacation days and modified duty for a while would probably have been more just.
  15. I've got a feeling that the murder trial was there to set up Erin's run for D.A. later this season. But yeah, she was out-lawyered in this one. Why wouldn't Erin have gotten a co-counsel from her office to get her on the stand to explain the decision to investigate and charge the mother? If Erin really wanted to bury her boss she should have come out with "you are my superior, and the elected District Attorney for the people of New York County and you're either lying here on the stand or you lied to me in my office. And did you or did you not order me to drop the investigation into a homicide
  16. With the One Chicago franchise, it happens so often that it just makes sense to go with the flow and see the character as just another copper or firefighter. Before Station 19 become a steaming unwatchable mess, that's how I had to approach characters that were obviously crossovers from Gray's Anatomy or whatever that show's called.
  17. This is difficult on a show like CF. You have to have a respected/loved (or at least feared) authority figure, and you just can't do it in a FD-themed show. Most houses don't have a Battalion or Division chief stationed in them and they run just fine, with each shift having an officer on each piece of apparatus. But how does that fit into a narrative of a prime-time show? You have the LTs, but for the sake of storytelling there needs to be a Boden-esque character In Charge Of Everything. One thing with Fire, for the most part it's generally a light drama, being in the 9pm timeslot. It's n
  18. Deadline is reporting that S33 will premiere on January 5th 2022, and that it's currently in post-production with all travel complete.
  19. I'd be fine with this whole thing if it actually resulted in one or more of the major players actually going down. I love Voight despite (even because of?) his flaws, but he's well beyond his sell-by date. How many times can you rehash the same plot before the audience checks out? Now should be the time to him pay the piper for real, and either he goes out in cuffs or eats his gun as the feds bust down the door. Dramatically it would work, but...then what? Nobody currently on the show, except possibly LaRoyce Hawkins, has the talent and gravitas to pull off being chief of Intelligence, bu
  20. Gallo should have been suspended the instant they got back to quarters. Full stop. Pelham wouldn't have needed to go to Boden since he's his immediate superior. Take the rig out of service, call the crew dispatcher and get a replacement truckee in ASAP, but Gallo goes home immediately. But that said, Pelham failed officer-101 on the alarm call by not doing a 360° sizeup himself. That's his job when he's the officer. Investigate the building and check for signs of fire externally, and if nothing's showing then authorize a cautious entry. What if there'd been the faintest whiff of smoke on
  21. This show hasn't had so much as a casual one-night-stand with real police work for years. Find out everything to know about the person you're looking for. Dump her phone, check for known aliases, trace financials. If you don't get any hits on anything after a specific date that's a clue that either she's met with foul play or has otherwise changed her identity. When was the last time her phone pinged off a tower, and where was that tower located (cell records are good within a few feet in many places now)? Who was she calling, or better still, texting? Pull a phone and you get *all* text messa
  22. When it comes to screen time I'll take Anna 10 times out of 10 over Felony Barbie. I really like the character, but there's just not much they can do with her on the show beyond as a C.I. She's got a record and has done time so no way she ever gets into any type of law enforcement; as a C.I. she's only useful until she isn't, so my guess is she either ends up dead next week, or at best, into some kind of witness protection arrangement or she goes back to being a DEA asset and is never heard from again. Which is too bad, because she brings a bit gravitas that I found refreshing. I've said
  23. I didn't dislike this episode. It was OK for the most part, but the church bomber looked like he put on 100 pounds and 15 years since last week's fleeting glimpse of him fleeing the crime scene. I'm guessing this story will be continued. And yes, a pallet-load of ammonium nitrate would have done more than gut a car. Being a lawn care nut, though, I would imagine that most of the fertilizer he'd have been able to get would have been less-volatile ammonium sulfate, but I get the plot point. And the crispy-critter behind the wheel was grossly undersized for the actor (IRL the remains would h
  24. Bet they won't do that again, wherever they work next, that is. Tech mumbo-jumbo to follow--skip if you don't care: 9-1-1 incoming lines and switches are hardened by the telco. They can't be affected by malware, although a strategically-placed backhoe can cause utter mayhem until it's repaired. Dispatchers are trained up the wazoo on what happens if (when!) CAD goes down, and in many older parts of the country that happens more often than you'd think. But again, it's a great big nothingburger since everybody qualified on the floor knows what to do when it happens. Likewise, radio sys
  25. I think this episode wins the weekly Samuel F.B. Morse award for telegraphing a plot so perfectly. Let's see, we've got a beloved veteran cop on the verge of retirement who we've never ever heard of before (and never will again)...how else could this story go. Invariably either the way Ortiz wanted it to end, the way it did end. Or door number three, he turns out to be clean in the end and ends up getting shot and killed by a Bad Guy (who in turn is put down by Our Heroes).
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