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  1. Plaidmoon

    America's Got These Past Contestants

    Who's claiming you have to win on AGT to become a headlining act in Vegas?
  2. Plaidmoon

    AGT The Champions: All Episode Discussion

    Susan Boyle isn't an international act? I will agree that Cristina Ramos wasn't as good on AGT as she was on her Spain's Got Talent audition. She seemed to have less time on AGT than she did on Spain's Got Talent and choosing a long song like Bohemian Rhapsody meant she really had to chop it up to make it fit. She probably would have been better off duplicating her Spain's Got Talent audition. Most people haven't seen it. Perhaps "superfans" have.
  3. Plaidmoon

    AGT The Champions: All Episode Discussion

    Grace was filming a movie for Disney last fall and most likely was just unable to participate.
  4. Plaidmoon

    AGT The Champions: Media & Speculation

    Grace was filming a movie for Disney last fall and most likely wasn't available.
  5. Plaidmoon

    S13.E04: Auditions 4

    Grace Vanderwaal has released 2 CDs that have broken into the top 25 in sales, she had a sold out concert tour last winter and is currently touring as the opening act for the Imagine Dragons Evolve tour. She's won a rising star award from Billboard and best new artist from Radio Disney. She also has the starring role in a movie for Disney that films this fall. I look forward to seeing what a meaningful career looks like. I do agree that young kids in showbiz often have issues, but Grace (and her family) seem aware of the pitfalls and I believe Grace will cope with it better than others.
  6. Plaidmoon

    S13.E04: Auditions 4

    That's the thing that always gets me about AGT. They make a big deal about the million dollar prize. Yes, it is a million dollars, but over 40 years, it's $25,000 per year. You could make that much working at McDonald's or a grocery store. It's not really a life changing prize. Headlining at the Hard Rock Cafe for a couple of nights doesn't put your career over the top either.
  7. I just saw Iron Chef Showdown tonight for the first time. It was OK, though with the showdown at the beginning, the rest of the show felt rushed to me. I'm assuming Mark Dascados is away filming a movie or something. I hope Alton's increased role is temporary. It got to be Alton overload by the judging time. I didn't know Stephanie Izard was an Iron Chef. She was good, if a bit cocky. She certainly won't be the weakest Iron Chef. I agree with meowmommy. I liked Susan Feniger and Jonathan Waxman as judges, though a good drinking game would be to have a drink every time Susan says "The dish needs more acidity." I think she said that for every dish except the ice cream.
  8. Plaidmoon

    S29: Spoilers (No Elimination Info)

    Over at RFF, we had a couple of sightings similar to yours around November 23rd at Melbourne Town Hall and at the airport in Sydney (with a few pictures). We never did figure out which TAR version it was. TAR 29 filming was done months before this.
  9. Plaidmoon

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    Sad news for Ice Road Truckers fans. Darrell Ward died yesterday in a small plane crash near Missoula, MT. My condolences to Darrell's family and friends. http://missoulian.com/news/state-and-regional/ice-road-truckers-star-darrell-ward-killed-in-rock-creek/article_174b5eb2-7651-5b07-9d91-f04d285948a3.html