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  1. The red new chairs in the Phoenix Uptown aren't comfortable; I've been in those before at other restaurants. I was confused by the reno of the Jaxon Edwin; when Gordon got there, he was confused by the function of the first floor, and though they switched out the types of games, the area essentially stayed the same. I totally understand not wanting to put in a kitchen or anything of a ton of value down there, but I was thinking there'd be some sort of bar area or something similar. But I enjoyed the episode. It was nice to focus more on the feel-good than yelling. Loved the two guys getting excited when Gordon said "Iron Man," and then Cal Ripken showed up.
  2. I agree that Tati just has a very dry sense of humor. I think, like us, she rolls her eyes at the producer-directed conversations ("Tati, did you go to prom?"), though she always winds up going along with them. The conversation with Clinton about kids will probably go down as an all-time favorite moment for me.
  3. It bothered me on this show because so many times Zoey would get up, have a scene with Mo, go to her parents' house, and THEN go to work. And then have coffee/breakfast with Max/Simon. It was just a LOT for the mornings, assuming these people didn't live and work within a 1-mile radius.
  4. I don't think Zoey didn't like him romantically, it's more that she didn't think it was the right time for them, between her dealing with all the stuff with her father and (at that time) Zoey being Max's supervisor. But that roadblock was gone and he showed a different side to himself--it was a turn-on. That said, I don't think she's made up her mind/heart between Max and Simon. She likes both of them. I didn't feel like the lines were distributed randomly. Despite the song being a series of nonsequitors, they fit the characters perfectly. Like so many others, it just took the first few notes of this to get my crying. Perfect, perfect choice.
  5. Totally agree. I discovered I was rooting for Arin or Tati more than Sohrob; possibly the combination of him being in the bottom so many weeks and then not really doing anything with the kindergarten theme after not letting Tati get it. His decorations were also a bit lackluster--the details on the flower were amazing, but his lettering isn't great and the music notes didn't impress. Tati's design was amazing; too bad the cakes weren't done. Ah well. Bummed to not have another baking championship next; I don't think I'll be watching the Martha Stewart thing.
  6. Agreed. Stop trying to make Hunter happen, Guy/Food Network! On topic, I was impressed with Val's dessert--making a cookie that large and seemingly delicate isn't easy. I also think seahorse was the most challenging design. But I like all the remaining bakers, so it's all good.
  7. Also, was pleased to see Marlo from The Wire as Martin's prison buddy. Since they haven't named the character, I'm just going to assume it IS Marlo, who naturally is running Rikers, but has apparently mellowed enough in age to tell Martin about him imminent death before actually making it happen.
  8. That's what I'm going with. The last time we saw them together was that meeting in the restaurant, and his behavior toward her in this episode was...very creepy. (I'm also hoping we met Leonard in those two episodes, because that guy was random.)
  9. Yes! LOVED the exchange between Tati and Clinton about being parents, with their realization that it's the Mother's Day episode--"We love kids!" Especially since it came right after Clinton's reaction to the pepper tequila.
  10. I guess it depends on the policies at Sprqpoint (or however it's spelled) and whether Ava marked him as being eligible for rehire. If Joan figures out that Max knows about her and Leif, she might try, out of guilt. It's not like Max recruited Leif.
  11. I think he has calmed down a bit. He still has his moments, but he's not as ramped up as he was in previous episodes. Everyone seemed to be in great spirits in this episode. This season's contestants seem like a looser, more fun group than any I remember in the past--while still doing really great desserts. I was bummed to see Val go tonight; I had thought it would be Tati until the judges decided that Val's dessert was just a big sandwich cookie. The cookie itself looked more challenging than that to me, but what do I know? Either way, Sohrob picked the right time to step up; I was surprised it was him, not Arin, who got the win.
  12. I wonder if Max is going to go after Joan--he does know about Joan and Leif. It probably wouldn't be hard to spin this into getting her fired. Which would suck, because it was a great episode for her. I loved the "Do you remember Google Pencil?" "A little?" "Exactly." exchange. Reaching out to Ava was a good plan, and seeing her hunker down to code with the rest of the group was great to see.
  13. We saw Malcolm go into Eddie's hospital room, but not what happened in there. Then there's a scene of Malcolm at home, when his team (plus SWAT, or similar) bust in to arrest him to the murder of Eddie, saying that his DNA was found on the body. Malcolm declares that he's innocent. Regarding Malcolm and Eve, I think he did like her, but I think he's also upset that he couldn't protect her.
  14. This show is almost a throwback to the competitions they had on the Food Network way back when, that were really just about decoration--the "cakes" were mostly Rice Krispie treats with fondant, etc., layered over them. Even now there are those team shows where they create a scene, but also have a "tasting element."
  15. I loved when Sandra called Jerry and Garrett was like, "He could've said anything and we wouldn't know!" Oh, Sandra.
  16. I can't remember whether it was DDD or GGG (or both), but I read an article that mentioned that Food Network has a LOT in the can, so it'll be a while before they run out of new content.
  17. I also was bothered by the custody considerations. As for the degree, I can handwave it, since she has been in the company for 17 years. But she'll probably be encouraged to get a bachelor's, I imagine. I can't blame Jonah for not immediately jumping on the supportive train--he was blindsided by the interview, and found out that she wanted to take it pretty much immediately. Amy clearly doesn't think their relationship is at a point that this would be a discussion between partners. I don't necessarily blame her, but if I were Jonah, I'd also be hurt by that.
  18. Loved the actors' reactions to Jack repeating after Miggy--that seemed almost like the actors reacting, not the characters. Poppy is making a mistake, I think. But the show is heading toward Will/Angie, so naturally they have to break up Poppy/Douglas.
  19. Yeah, I saw that and had a similar reaction.
  20. Was watching an episode of this and Guy had his son Hunter come out and be a judge for the last round. I like Guy well enough, but I really wish he'd stop trying to make Hunter happen. It seems that the kid is legitimately interested in food and I guess becoming a chef, but I'd be annoyed if I went on GGG and the final round had Hunter as a judge. I also don't really like to see him on DDD, though I don't mind the "At home" clips with Guy and Hunter commenting on old episodes.
  21. At this point, it's anyone's game...except Sohrob. How many times has he been in the bottom two now? And man, I don't think I've seen a judging round like that preheat. Everyone was getting torn to shreds!
  22. I'm assuming that it's in a historic building and thus doesn't have to be ADA compliant; not all places do. Perhaps Four is also restricted? Joan had an access badge to get onto Six, so it makes sense Ava could get onto Four. Doesn't explain how Max got back, but /hand waves/. Max is totally right to move to Six, but his staring at Zoey while talking about how nobody fought for him was uncalled for. They were both wrong in their fight.
  23. I couldn't believe that Arin went minimalist for the main round, but not the preheat. And after going minimal last week, too! I find him less annoying than Jason--maybe it's just that I see him as that actor in Airplane! or that it seems less put-on than Jason's folksy sayings.
  24. Yes, Zumbo's is AMAZING. I was so pleased when the second season was released.
  25. Agreed on the rock cake. It just looked sloppy to me. The judging of Molly's cake shows how subjective this all is; I'm sure if she had been more of a favorite, the looser interpretation would've been fine.
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