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  1. askasza

    S15.E21: Good Shepherd

    Link never said that he dont know who derek shepherd was. He probably knew that. I got the imoression that he just didnt know when amelias wedding was, and that her brother was already dead.
  2. askasza

    Spoilers and Spoiler Speculation

    I think it will... They said that Amelia will have deep healing. She probably will reconcile with her family and with a help of mother and sisters will understand that she's in love with owen or linc. I hope it will be linc but i have this sick feeling that i'm wrong...
  3. askasza

    S15.E17: And Dream of Sheep

    I think that she was mad about what he said- that he would do it again. When Linc explained to her, everything and repeat what he said at the lecture (from which she left), Amelia admitted that he is right. In my opinion she felt ashamed that she left from lecture before the end. This was fun and accurate: Teddy: Where have you been? I paged you like 15 minutes ago. Owen: I think you meant to say, "Thank you for covering me when me and my boyfriend went away for four days." Teddy: I meant to say, "You're late." I hate Owen. Good for Teddy.
  4. askasza

    S15.E16: Blood and Water

    I think that this is more for the futere. 6 month fedus can survive outside the uterus. But we just started to think about someone elses children. Someone who have to accept this project...
  5. askasza

    S15.E16: Blood and Water

    Alex and his mom are sweet. I would like to meet his sister too. She went to med school so she could fit to series. I also like Jo this season. Linc is a good guy and he seems to have good contact with everyone he talk to (maybe except meredith but she is very fussy about people she like :)) Love that Amelia broke up with Owen. He would slowly destroy her. Can't uderstand why he blame her about their brake up. He got other woman pregnant. Is that really normal thing that youre girlfriend should accept? Really? And i'm glad that Amelia gave up with custody. She deserve better family that this. Latly she seems to be the only grown up there. I like her. I'm already anoying by Delucas family. I'm afraid its not going to end so fast. Maggie and Jackson are better apart. Still don't like either of them but I prefer when they are not on the same time on screen. Still... Maggie... you can't sany think like that on public without second thoughts. Just no. Every normal person would at list think once if detail like that should be reveled on public. Especially that this afect others people life.
  6. askasza

    S15.E15: We Didn't Start the Fire

    Ok mayby Korasick is not boyfriend you wish for someone you care about, but its Owen's problem not Teddy's. Tom never hurt any of that girls. he actualy was the one who help them with theirs crises. Owen has his own life and his own girlfriend that he should care about, and he doesnt like Tom to that level, that he didn'e even see that Amelia is about to leaving him becouse of that. Actualy I never saw that Owen loves Amelia. He always care only about himselves, and she was just addition to his miserable life. I think that she should leave him and start healthy relationship with someone else. I would like to see her with Link. They both have similar attitude, and Link seems to be guy who can understand problems - which she really need from the partner. I liked Bailey with Cathrine but why she didn't want a party? That was her idea! I like Richard. Hes cool. Maggie and Jackson - hate them separatly. Double hate them together. They are both anoying, lame and not funny at all. Alex and Jo behaved strangely. As Alex's mother came from a distance, they should take her home. Especially if she has schizophrenia.