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  1. red.

    S05.E12: Lizability

    Considering the direction of the show is up in the air, why wouldn't they have Liza go to Chick(y), at least for a few episodes? It would have really brought some freshness to the cast/story. New characters, dueling between the two imprints, etc. Cheryl Sussman is manipulative, petty and eccentric, which is a nice break from Kelsey drinking and Charles trying to form words. Then if they wanted to have Charles and Liza be end game the arc could last for half of the season and then they could start another brand or she could go back to Millennial. OR she could kick Charles and Josh to the curb and start her own. Giving her a job offer just to rescind it like 10 minutes later is a waste of good material. I'd rather watch a show about Lauren... or Josh starting a sperm donor business. Also can they please get some type of coach up in there to teach Charles to kiss Liza if they want us to believe he's a straight man? He sort of just smushes his face against her cheek. Hopefully he's better at other things..
  2. red.

    S05.E10: Girls on the Side

    Wasn't Kelsey's boyfriend conveniently killed by a crane or something? Your idea probably isn't too out there for the writers hahaha
  3. red.

    S05.E08: The Bubble

    100% the weirdest kiss I've seen on TV. I replayed it hoping I had just seen it wrong the first time but it didn't even look like he actually kissed her lips? Weird weird weird. He's kissed her previously and it's been less awkward, right? Has he ever actually kissed a woman before this? (that's a story for a different day I guess). A beautiful man but there seems to be a disconnect with the acting or kissing or something. Idk why it grates me. .. K nevermind I just watched this and can definitely see the good chemistry, guess I had forgotten.
  4. red.

    S05.E07: A Christmas Miracle

    Episode-related things aside, what's going on with Peter Hermann's face? It looks like he got some weird work done where his lips got pulled really tight. It's distracting.
  5. Late to the party but WTF WTF WTF. How the episode SHOULD have gone - Miguel turns out to be innocent Liv's "intuition" and "justification for rape victims to get revenge however they want" is wrong and Stone rips her a new one Noah is kidnapped/killed by the cartel instead of Stone's sister Liv has nothing left to offer SVU or NYC, so she runs off with Cabot saving battered women. /ENDSCENE.
  6. red.

    S19.E11: Flight Risk

    TBH this episode made me embarrassed that I've ever watched this show. Cringe all the way home. Wrap it up guys.
  7. red.

    S19.E09: Gone Baby Gone

    An Olivia twin so MH can be in twice the number of scenes hahahahahahhaa omg. Please no.
  8. red.

    S02.E08: Stay Beautiful

    Thanks! That makes sense. I thought I heard a gun shot at the end but wasn't sure.
  9. red.

    S02.E08: Stay Beautiful

    Soooo I must have missed part of this episode, but it was too grim to go back and re-watch: 1) Why did the guy want to have his wife killed (and watch her die) 2) Did he shoot himself afterwards? Also, plot twist- Ava is the one coordinating all of the family hits so she can have her restaurant and live happily ever after the way she wants to
  10. red.

    S19.E07: Something Happened

    WTF am I watching? Less than 1/2 way in and I'll probably turn it off but I LOL'd when Laurel had to remind us that Benson is a 'pretty lady'.
  11. red.

    S02.E06: It's No Fun If It's Easy

    Favorite episode this season, I think. Great acting with tons of little hysterical things thrown in: Holland and Charles swapping accents, Porn again, Jacob as Imamu and more. Such great acting and range from MD, JDB and Nyles. MD slays every outfit. Do we think Teo is going to stay stuck in that hotel room? I feel like we'll see him again. Also, at the beginning of this season I was so over Jacob still being around, but he was perfect in this ep - we really got to see how Letty and Javier's behavior and actions affected and changed him.
  12. My shallow surface level snark after the wedding episode & seeing the previews for the season - Rachel the sex expert - in a few clips I was convinced a 7 year old applied her blush - her entire face was pink/purple. Dr Peppers facelift looks good. At least we don't have to see Cilona anymore. Ashley - Was convinced she was going to be Jamie 2.0 running from Anthony and crying in the corner but was pleasantly surprised when it looked like she was having a good time. I thought she was way more attractive than her match but my s/o seemed to think they were on an equal level. Cody - weird that he and his brother both decided to try out for this.. like they're desperately trying to escape their crappy bumpkin life. He's a former fat kid so there may be some internal insecurity there. I feel like he will be Way more into her than she will be into him. Also doesn't he live more in the country? I don't see him being compatible with a yogi. Danielle - the tiniest person I think I've seen. I feel like she will be the female equivalent of basement mouthbreather Ryan from season 2 - just not too into Cody. Nathan - just no. Seems way too immature. He was licking his lips and sizing up Sheila and saying "my queen" and "my empire" way too many times. Sheila - Sure, just go on national tv and tell everyone you haven't had an orgasm. Doesn't she work in a school system? She's gonna get pissed off at Nate in .2 seconds. oh and Anthony.. I guess he wasn't really memorable enough to talk about.
  13. After my bit of SM sleuthing (insta usually is the most telling for me), I'm pretty sure Cody & Danielle are no longer together (which makes me sad because they seem really awesome individually). Too many posts scream that they aren't living together, and many of their comments on IG from before the show started indicate the same. I do however thing that Ash & Anthony are together (or were together until recently) - definitely were some pics on both of their accounts that showed they were at the same place. Verdict is still out for Nate & Sheila although I'm leaning more towards no just since it seems there's too much of an age gap.. but we will see! Overall seems like a fun group of individuals. I'll enjoy snarking with y'all.
  14. My hope is that they are getting a kick messing with everyone. But whatever, I might just wait to tune into the last few episodes now. Tom's creepy and Nick is too hard to read.
  15. It's not even worth her time to respond, although I'll say she's responded in a classier way than others on this show.