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  1. Read about this elsewhere. https://www.glamour.com/story/fran-drescher-laura-geller-ambassador-women-over-40
  2. I had to look that up since I've never seen it. They are somewhat similar. Here it is in case anyone else hasn't seen it.
  3. Something about a dance in the movie Jag. Start watching at 10:50.
  4. When I made this gif, Bongo Rock by Incredible Bongo Band was playing. No lie. It was perfect. Try playing it while you watch.
  5. How many times has she said she doesn't like preppy?
  6. "Unfortunately, while “Kobe” beef is trademarked in Japan, that trademark does not extend outside the country’s borders. Many shady restaurants, grocery stores, and wholesalers will attempt to sell non-authentic Wagyu beef and steaks as “Kobe,” “Kobe-Style,” or “Wagyu” in order to charge higher prices." https://www.mychicagosteak.com/steak-university/wagyu-kobe-beef-difference/
  7. Saw this shared this elsewhere. https://www.qvc.com/BYO-Burp-%26-Fart-Machine-%26-Fan-Launch-ChallengeCombo-Set.product.T38565.html
  8. https://forums.primetimer.com/topic/63181-rules-announcements-faq-please-read/?do=getNewComment
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