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  1. Mary Beth describing a $529.00 Christmas tree today, with the lights out in the top section.
  2. ^That's how she looks when she poops her pants.^ This is how she looks going to the bathroom.
  3. I don't know what they're up to now. We've heard Robb Spewak doing his show on 97.1 FM sometimes when we were in Ocean City. I wonder if Pubic Bone ever goes there.
  4. I first learned about them listening to the Don and Mike show.
  5. Four flicks can be seen. I slowed it down here but if you expand it you should be able to see them. It almost looks like she might have licked her thumb after, but I don't really think she did.
  6. She was flicking her right nostril with her thumb. I thought it might be hard to see. It really happened live on my 55" HDTV.
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