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  1. Here's another from a different article. https://www.out.com/out-exclusives/wedding-guide/vows/2013/07/03/josh-kilmer-purcell-brent-ridge-fabulous-beekman-boys
  2. Shouldn't there be clear and conspicuous disclaimers on screen when Shawn applies mascara to her false eyelashes? https://www.proskaueronadvertising.com/2014/03/narb-panel-lashes-back-against-nad-finding-of-literal-falsity-in-mascara-advertisement/
  3. All three of these were within 22 seconds at the end of the Algenist show.
  4. A couple of last night's nose wipes and a song to play along.
  5. You're welcome! I saw that when she did it live, but must have turned away just before the nose wipe. I wasn't expecting that bonus when I when to copy the clip. The camera cut away before the wipe was completed.
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