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  1. Amazing how they contorted themselves putting together Savanna's last 10 years with no mention, and one very brief sighting, of Matt Lauer. Most of the "memories" seemed to be from the last few years, with a montage of hairstyles, which took up a nice chunk of time. That had to be a producer's nightmare.
  2. Man, I'd love to see her come back another year to annihilate those kids. They don't even know what hit them.
  3. I'm almost 65 and in my first marriage 6 years. My husband lives in Massachusetts and I live in Pennsylvania. We see each other on week-ends and every Friday is "date night". It's a beautiful relationship that I highly recommend.
  4. And, when exactly (and WHY) did Jonathan plan that convention fake?
  5. And didn't Micah say that he posted a couple pictures on his social media when he was at the agent's office? It's really hard to keep track of how they're straddling the Aw Shucks vs. Modern behavior patterns.
  6. Do they ever just refer to themselves as "brothers and sisters" instead of "siblings"? That part seems weird to me.
  7. And contributes absolutely NOTHING. They must LOVE her hands on involvement!
  8. And isn't said bathroom that Sandy barged into INSIDE Hanna's closed door cabin in the first place?
  9. It is boring. And, it's not a news program any more. At least not ALL the news. They are, first and foremost, news readers. Not opinionators, experts, or influencers. Just teleprompter talking heads. Once you take that away all you are left with are their personalities. And, they are not entertainment (or entertaining) personalities.
  10. That was absolutely Frenchie from Botched.
  11. I wish they'd put a sign in the ladies room: "If you're gonna squat, be neat and lift the seat!!!" Honestly, women get so mad at men pissing all over the seat and they don't even think to do the same thing as they're pissing all over the toilet. Shameful.
  12. No news they can report anymore. At least not all of it. Kristen Welker reporting that Obama came out against the handling of the pandemic under the context that he just came out for Biden. No Kristen, the context is that he's looking at deep shit trouble. Why can't you tell us about THAT context and let us make up our own minds? Scared much?
  13. Have to agree. Veering into SMDH territory and just unwatchable. Hope the mid-season episode gives us a reason enough to care to tune in to the rest to see how it plays out, but with the way it's going, it's not looking likely.
  14. she speaks with her teeth clamped together like some sort of... I don't know what.
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