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  1. The girl with the pink eye or bacterial infection in her eyes...does anyone think she won't be medically removed from the game? I don't see her lasting much more. She really needs to have her eyes treated. So far, I only have two dislikes and they are both on the Gen X team. The oldest guy, who was trying to run the show and the model guy who thought he was the resident expert on primitive living. Anyone that comes to an island they've never lived on and thinks they know it all is a victim, in my book. I see both of them gone, probably by mid game.
  2. Yeah, the fratboy reference sort of nauseated me, too. And yes, in the boomer generation, it was hippies, not slackers. Except that I would say that the Millennials are a bit more in tune with technology than we were, so I question if they slack as much as we did. In any regard, I don't miss the selfishness of our hippie generation. We cared about causes, but when it came to family we were disgusting.
  3. I like this new take, being a Babyboomer. I'm actually hoping that it proves the stereotypes wrong, but so far, it hasn't...at least, not to me. I'm not sure about the geeks vs. "beauty" thing going on in the Millennial camp. I guess my ideas of beauty are much different than today's ideas. I see those kids as pretty much plain Janes, so they would fit into the geek camp for me. But, if it were me, I'd lay low with all of the groups forming, for now. Much better to let the game take you to your destination, than determine early what your destination will be. I see early alliances as a brilliant way to be cast as the bad guy and voted out. It seems the ones that lay low and make big moves after they've rounded the mid-term do well in these games. The ones that keep everyone on friendly terms and go with the flow, until the pompous and the authoritarians piss everyone off and get voted out. Then, you make the moves and generally turn up the competitions a notch or two. That's when you take that extra bathroom break and look for an idol. I thought the Gen X assumptions about the Millennials was a bit silly, even though in the initial stages of building shelter, the Millennials did fit that stereotype of "just let it happen." Oddly, it reminded me of the hippies of my generation...pretty much unplanned thought, people assuming they are creative when they are just lazy, and sort of an arrogance that I was turned off by, back then. But, I did admire the way they beat the Gen Xers in the competition. Apparently, problem solving was their specialty. But, I have a feeling that if the Gen Xers stop making power plays to run the camp and use their noggins, they may have a good chance of winning the game. They seem less scatter brained at this point. And I do think the game takes a certain amount of commitment. They seemed to have thought long term, (fishing gear instead of chickens you have to feed, for instance). Their shelter seemed more adequate. I'm hoping these people have the good sense not to reveal secrets they shouldn't or overly trust anyone this season. That's basic survival 101. Anyone who has actually had to survive a primitive existence knows you commit yourself to getting the jobs done first and then enjoy the free time, not the other way around. And here's what blows my mind every season. You know you are going on Survivor and you don't bone up on how to start a fire or build shelter BEFORE you go? Call me crazy, but I'd be all over the internet learning just those two very basic things! Then, I'd be studying facial expressions, gestures, signs of how to read nonverbal communication. And I'd become an expert on how to create food from nothing that tastes good.
  4. Am I the only one that didn't feel sorry for Sarah when she left? I kept saying, she played the field and got played. She let someone go that really seemed to care, only to get caught up in the Daniel competition. What a waste of time! And what an illogical move? Was she simply so bored with the game that she wanted to go home? I was boring of her, anyway. There is something about her that is either too laid back, almost like she smoked five blunts before she utters each word; or as if she's purposely trying to keep that too-calm tone of voice that becomes unbearably annoying after awhile. And she baked a cake for a guy that puts her in competition with two others? Seriously? Can we have next season without her? Honestly, she's not that interesting, from that dull cow-like stare to her tonal pitch. And Daniel! Is this guy on drugs? I don't get it. Three gals competing for him? He reminds me of a Saturday Night Live skit where two brothers Yortuk (Dan Aykroyd) and Georg (Steve Martin), "two wild and crazy guys" emigrated from Czechoslovakia view themselves as sexy and capable of picking up some "foxes." It's almost as if Daniel is following their script. His dialogue is odd like that. I think he may be trying to be self-deprecating, at least one would hope this is his direction, but his act just comes off weird. Almost slightly pervy, weird. Izzy...wow! Where in her serial dating book did it tell her to date one guy, see a better looking man and then, just dump her date? Did I miss that in Dating 101? And these gals wonder why they are single! Jeez! If Lampman doesn't reciprocate her feelings, and I don't think he will, then she's on the fast track home. And she's not memorable enough to call back for another Paradise, is she? Ashley is the perfect definition of "How to screw up everything you touch." Talk about vindictive. She makes the perfect villain. She's mean. She's manipulative. She's self-pitying. She's imperious. Disney could use her for their next Cruella Deville or Natasha Fatale type. And she couldn't push Jered away any more if she loaded him on the tongs of a forklift and shoved him over the edge of a cliff. Frankly, she's beginning to make Chad look sane, in comparison. Evan, who was once almost normal, now reminds me of Pe-Pe le Pew. I smell halitosis when he speaks. I see bland faces with sickening sweet smiles. I think of every guy I ever wanted to run from who always caught up and asked, "So where did you go?" There is just something so un-sexy about him that I'm left thinking of the scent of brussel sprouts. And when he kisses Carly, I almost pity the girl. Yet, she chose him. Out of desperation, maybe? Josh is still moaning. This guy's sound effects would halt any inclination to introduce him to your folks. I mean, can you imagine saying, "Mom, Dad? This is my boyfriend, Josh," and then having him go, "mmmmmmhhhh, yeah, mmmmmhh." It's almost creepy. Both Amanda and him wanted a date card. Why? Can't they suck face just about anywhere? I think the date would be wasted on them. I think what keeps me watching this, when I gave up watching the After Paradise show, (after watching Sean Lowe chastise Chad Johnson, and wonder how hypocritical it was that the 'King of Mean' was taking task with 'King Lush', for being rude) is that there are so many despicable types on this show. The twins come to mind, especially showing off their dumb and dumber routine. I mean, this defines reality is stranger than fiction. And they wonder why they remain single?
  5. Really! After living in Mexico for nine years, the LAST thing I missed there was that God awful pizza! And if it was a cheese pizza, I've seen TONS of better examples.
  6. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE good dirty humor. But, Daniel's convo seemed like a script from some B-rating pervert picture, where the lust-driven perv approaches a beautiful woman with a bevy of age-old sexual cliches. The type of creep wearing a raincoat, black socks and nothing else. Some of his dialogue was so old and tired and excessive that I was wondering if his grandfather wrote it for him. And honestly, he seemed more comfortable sucking liquid out of that other guy's navel than dating Ashley. I think Nick and Daniel SHOULD spark up a man thing. But then, he was with Ashley...so that says it all. I thought it was hilarious that he simply went on eating when they carted Ashley off, to sacrifice "a virgin", which she seems to wear like a badge of honor. We get it...you may or may not have ever had sex. Not sure I'm buying it, because all of the virgins I've ever known kept that stuff private, but...
  7. Stalker alert! Manipulation on the horizon with that one...in tens!
  8. I thought he was having an orgasm. The sound effects were priceless. And it's true, Amanda came second to that cheese pizza. We were laughing that he even positioned the plate so she couldn't reach and get a piece and he never offered her one, either. Carly, Carly, Carly...you are a nitwit. First you can't stand his 'kisses', then you like him because he's got all of the qualities of a freaky stalker, from the pity party to the, "Stay with me tonight, please," moves? Wow! Bimbo alert! Ashley was a one woman self indulgence party, last night. She's that gal that says, "C'mon girls, lets go to the restroom" that you say, "Ahhhh, no thanks" to. Because you know its going to be a one-way conversation, with her talking at you about all of her dramatic trials and tribulations and how utterly mean the world is to her. I used to have acquaintances like her. I got rid of them. Something in my inner 'id' said, you deserve as much attention as her. Besides, the tears were manipulation. Had I been Jared, I would have told her to go F herself, for coming there to sabotage his efforts to meet someone nice. That type of manipulation wouldn't attract me for a possible lifetime sentence. I do get a kick out of the passive aggression of the twins though. They blurt out, "She so pretty everyone wants her, " about Caila and fret. Then, "I don't get why he picked her when I'm so much prettier." Dumb and Dumber was created for them, if only they had female roles. And no, Emily and Haley, you aren't cuter than Caila. She's got it hands down over both of you, because of your attitudes and the excessive makeup. In fact the excessive makeup makes an otherwise normal nose you both have look odd. The twins remind me of a parody of some Swedish Swim Team Heineken babes. It's too bad they don't develop their gray matter so they can pimp their product better. And clues....hanging out with your sisters is cute in junior high. Not so much on a date, or when you are old enough to put big girl panties on...even for twins. Nick has finally found love...again. Something tells me it won't be long and she'll figure him out too. I keep wondering why they don't put the Argentine soccer player on with his odd form of "Ayyy yayy yayy" in a squeaky voice that made me shudder as an Argentine woman. After all, he was about as disgusting as Chad, as offensive as Sean, and sort of another Nick. He would have been a perfect accomplice for Nick...two dorky dudes, one with a throwback Eddie Haskell hairdo, and the other with a homophobia and that very unmacho Ayyy yayy yayy" to Freddie Mercury, YMCA levels. I always suspected he was more about "the fellas" anyway and I sort of feel that way with Nick..."not that there's anything wrong with that." He didn't having me "Cry for him Argentina," I was crying because he was Argentine.
  9. I'll be honest... This season seems to be stuck on blonde. So much so that I have a hard time remembering who is who and sometimes feel when they are grouped together that I'm looking at a bamboo floor. They all seem to fade into one. Was Clairol in charge of placing these babes?
  10. Ain't that the truth! I was wondering if my husband and I were the only people that thought it odd that Jubilee was so hungry she had to stuff her face while being interviewed. That was odd.
  11. I agree with Spencer Pratt too, although I don't remember who he is. The people at Paradise were so busy with their own lives that they had so much time to watch Chad and Lace in a jacuzzi? Really? Wow! That would be my idea of a potential mate, someone who lived life as a voyeur. I felt the others were immature in the way they focused on him when he was drunk too. People get drunk, you don't let them become your talking points when you are there to meet someone as a potential mate. And you certainly don't try to pick a fight with a drunk. Somehow, I don't think Sean would have been much defense against Chad, but I could be wrong.
  12. I am not getting the "I must have Sarah" thing, either. She's cute, but she's definitely not one of the key lookers there. And she has a sort of bland, understated personality or manner of speaking that might put most men to sleep. So yes, I thought that too.
  13. There is something called a reality check that seems to have missed Evan. First, Josh has "that look" that Evan never will have. Second, you never go up to a couple that spends all day and night swapping spit and say, "Excuse me, but how about I interrupt your hot and horny time?" Third, he's already been outted as a horrible kisser. Now, the last one could be subjective, but c'mon ladies, if you heard that would you go, "Oh HELL YEAH, I can't WAIT to get with that one!" The sad thing? He's truly a nice guy. But, does anyone really believe these babes are seeking nice guys?
  14. And it comes off as "Would you like a vodka with a side of bitch?"
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