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  1. After reading about Natalie saying that rats on the Edge would bite their fingers and toes every single night... yikes. No way would I send my kid out there. I agree that mental health would be a huge issue. And 16 year olds are still growing and I don't think the lack of nutrition and the physical toll is good for the body. I truly hope that they are encouraging 16 year olds to apply just to keep them in the pipeline for a future season. Too funny. I think it was during Jeff's heartfelt chat with the Edgers that I turned to my husband and said, "I'll bet you that we have a 'Survivor: 2nd Generation' season within the next couple of years." It just makes sense. These Survivor greats are so revered that CBS would be crazy not to extend the life of their popularity. Jeremy's girls, Cirie's sons (I know a lot more must have kids that would qualify, those are just the first two that come to mind) It would be ratings gold. And then at the end, Jeff mentions having 16 year-olds apply. We might have that season sooner than later. I didn't think I could adore Yul more. I was wrong.
  2. I just don't understand why fire-making should automatically equal an advantage for men. You can best believe if I ever competed in Survivor, I would be proficient in fire-making before I set foot on the beach. Season after season It seems like we see people content to allow one or two people (men) to tend the fire. Don't happily fall into a predefined gender role for 39 days and then complain when it doesn't suit you. I think it was Princelina upthread who pointed out that Sarah was more than happy to allow Tony to idol hunt in the pitch dark.
  3. It's nice to know that we all saw through her BS with the gender equality card she tried to pull. Don't get me wrong--I know gender bias is real and happens everyday. But I don't think it occurs within this game as much as folks like to allege. All of her tears and righteous emotion? That's in direct response to how she's perceived by the viewers, not her fellow contestants. If viewers find her arrogant, unlikeable and insufferable, don't use that as a reason to guilt jurors into a vote. If she really was going to be so powerful and own her game (what game?!) then she shouldn't let people run her off of Twitter.
  4. Several times but the one that always sticks with me is the season when they gave a french press and coffee as the reward and poor Dreamz and Cassandra didn't know how to use it. The rest of that triflin'-ass mean tribe just let them drink "coffee" full of grounds. Fuck them forever. Anywho, back to the question at hand-- Once Ben and Sarah were gone, I was content with any of the F3 winning. They all had valid, strong arguments for a victory--no goats this season! No way I would've given up immunity to make fire. I know I've said this in past seasons but I don't like that the fire stations get assigned to the participants. I feel like they should do a coin toss or Rock-Paper-Scissors and the winner can choose their station. I'm not saying that there would be deliberate differences in the stations by Production, but one station may have drier kindling or a different pattern breeze. Just my thought. Congrats, Tony. Pretty flawless game overall.
  5. Bye, Condola. Not professional at all and not cool. I knew I didn't care for you for a reason. Sigh. Everything is an issue with Molly. She's exhausting and Andrew should just bounce. Kelli killed it the whole episode. Her man: "We Wobblin" overseas now?!" I'm so old. I didn't know Vince Staples was a real person. I had to Google him.
  6. So I just caught up with the past two episodes and I could not believe the audacity of Moaner confronting Tinsley. As you said, she SHIT ON THE FLOOR, left it for the staff to clean (and the camera crew to film!) and now she wants to be Miss Manners with Tins. FOH! Tinsley is better than me. I would've reminded Ramona of that with the quickness and we all know the Shady Bravo Editors would oblige with the flashback clips. 😏
  7. Or, oh I don't know, talk strategy literally ANY OTHER PLACE THAN THE WATER WELL?! (Not unless Sarah led them there knowing that Tony would be lurking in the Spy Nest.) But you couldn't get me to say 2 words of strategy near the water well based on Tony's history.
  8. So, what Michelle did with that coin counts as a "flip?" Not that it mattered---she would've been safe anyway but I'm just saying... The fact that Michelle is the only one to mention his name is truly mind-boggling. Dumbass, smug Sarah goes scurrying back to the others to condescendingly laugh about Michelle pointing out the obvious? I guess in her mind, she's played as good a game as Tony?? I hope she's cringing in embarrassment as she watches this play back but I doubt that she has enough self- awareness, even now. I thought Jeremy's pleading, hopeful face was the cutest thing I saw in the whole two hours. Cracked. Me. Up. I understand why J was so tight with Tony. 2 weeks straight, Tony really helped him survive the vote and he seemed to really think they were in lock-step. But I need to know when Denise and Ben became so tight? That's the one that seems to be out of left-field for me. It may have been strategy, but I couldn't stand Denise's "I'm ready to go" act. That would've been beneath me. Go Michelle, I guess? I really can't stomach any other players right now.
  9. Thanks for the explanation and sharing the results of your experiment. 🙂. I give zero effs about Kass and her conspiracy theories but I did mention to Mr. Suite that everyone but Tony looked so stretched out and awkward--as the challenge went on, Tony's bent arm just seemed to be an advantage for his balance (at least from my perspective). And yes---Kass is such a bitter, irrelevant llama. THIS. I've been a Denise fan all along but that really rubbed me the wrong way. And I didn't take Jeremy's reply to be a threat but more of a shocked reminder that she could need him tomorrow. I hope they find a way to mend that rift. I have a feeling that Denise will seek J out and apologize firstly because she seems like a mature, cool person who briefly lost her shit but mainly because she's found herself on the wrong side of the vote for two Tribals straight so she needs allies.
  10. I don't think the game is rigged for Tony but I swear, he looked to have more slack on his chain than anyone else because he had a bend in his arm---everyone else's arm appeared to be straight in the air. Nick is the most unconvincing liar ever. 10 days left in the game and people stepping down for peanut butter. Insane and infuriating. Jeremy has nerves of steel because I would've played that 50/50. Sarah. GAH. I'm hating her more than Ben now and that's saying something. I really need to see the vote breakout--I have no idea what votes went where.
  11. Good point. I'm calling them snoozes (maybe unfairly) but it's because we're seeing very little of them actually strategizing. And I agree--I admire a strategic game as well, probably moreso than someone who just outright dominates in a physical way. But damn if Tony hasn't won me over with the perfect blend of humor, hustle and strategy.
  12. I agree 1000x. So funny to me that she was whining to Rob about being labeled an Undeserving Winner and she's fallen right back into that sort of gameplay this season. And she's not alone. Ben, Kim and Sarah are snoozes. Even Nick has been fairly invisible. And for all her analysis about resume-building, Sophie was a snooze too. (A strong competitor but a snooze nonetheless.) I am happy to see Tony ramp up the action in all his Tony Mania. I signed up for Instagram just to hear Cirie, that's how much I love her. Thanks for the intel, Growsonwalls!
  13. My emotions went through the wringer with this episode. At first, I was throughly pissed with Tony and Crew that they had the nerve to be annoyed with Jeremy playing his Safety. "How dare Jeremy not let us vote him out!" And on top of that, he finds an idol?? But then my annoyance switches to Parvati. Because once again, she tries to take credit for something someone else does. Nat found the wine bottle, Nat figured out that the clue was hinting about something being back at camp and Parvati gets to narrate the stealth plan about recovering the Extortion advantage and how to use it? Whatever. Ben really is useless. King Goat. And Michelle and Kim are Goats-In-Waiting. So Tony deciding to switch the target to Sophie gives me more joy than should be allowed from just watching a show. Sophie and Sarah were waaaaaay too comfortable. Break that shit up. Kadooz to the editors for throwing me off because I really, really, really thought Jeremy would never believe Tony. That blindside was perfection **chef's kiss** I just remembered, Tony flying around with that bag, gleefully thinking that he really had an Advantage from E0E was some seriously funny shit. He was so giddy thinking that he could play that against someone and then he reads, "This advantage is being played against you." I hollered. You visibly saw the defeat wash over him. In hindsight, I love that he scrambled and got the payoff together but when it happened, I was convinced it sealed Jeremy's fate. Especially when Jeremy came SO CLOSE to winning Immunity. I thought he stepped down because he felt safe in his alliance with Tony. Or did he lose his balance? Either way, I thought that was his ticket home. I can't believe this show can be this good 20 years in.
  14. And don't forget the Double Sinks in the bathroom! When did this become a thing?! Do you know how often I need to share a bathroom with someone requiring a second sink? NEVER! I halfway expected PBs to squeeze the double sink requirement into Jen's nook. LOL
  15. This is a great point. I'm already irked beyond explanation that every. single. home show has to have an Open Floor Plan concept. I live in an old, charming home with a walled off kitchen and I love it. I'd be livid if someone "surprised" me with an open floor plan.
  16. Just found this show last night. Can I just say that I love me some Brad Pitt? I'm glad he seems to be at a point in his life where he is just happy. I mean, you never know what someone is going thru but he looks happy and was so excited to do something for Jean (who seems to be such a sweet, humble woman.) I think he may have teared up more than Jean when he saw the pic of her parents. So cool. I loved Melissa's big, loud Irish Catholic family. She and her cousin were so cute together. For as much as they clowned the "Before" house decor, I thought everything was lovely and immaculately kept. (Well, maybe not that ugly green carpet LOL) I cackled at her Uncle Joe's chair. My dad's recliner can relate. Well, I just learned something new...I never put that "Mccarthy" name connection together. And I will join BiakBiak in said delight!
  17. I said "OH NO" out loud, by myself, when it fell out. I was horrified and not ready for that level of reality. I love the show but I'm really kind of over the extended sex scenes. Molly & Andrew's did make me laugh though--"Take all the cake!" Issa is better than me--no way I could be cool and jokey with my ex's new boo. Nope. Ain't that much growth in the world. Still not sure how I feel about Condola. But Lawrence definitely leveled up from bank teller Tasha and "I'm too cool for school" Jasmine. Taurean is just a dick. A rude, arrogant dick.
  18. I really Cannot. Stand. Sarah. I hope her whiny, entitled ass gets on Tony's last nerve and he abandons that stupid Cops R Us loyalty. Jeremy was right to want to split up she and Sophie. Jeremy's one daughter was his straight-up twin. I'm not mad at him playing his advantage. I really thought his whole Firefighter "You go, we go" code would kick in and he wouldn't play it but I think that whispering unnerved him---no one seemed to be checking in with him. I still love Rob above all others but I will be rooting for Tyson to get back in again from The Edge. He was pissed.
  19. I'm really happy this show is back too. After I binge watched the HBO marathon on Saturday, I was ready to jump back into Insecure. So far I'm not really feeling the sex montages (just extra for no damn reason) and I sometimes I found myself straining to follow Issa & Molly's "banter." But I will deal because this is such a good show. Molly is ridiculous. Andrew was nothing but charming, fun and HONEST with her and she's sulking like an 11 year old---they really have to develop her character more this season. Who knew that Paula Jai Parker could play a role relatively straight? More Kelly, please!
  20. I thought of that too but Devins made it back from EoE and I definitely thought he should've won. Chris? Not so much. Thanks for all the clarification on the "fleur de lis" pronunciation. During that whole exchange with Adam & Michelle, I really got the impression that the editors were clowning him with the subtitles--implying that he was mispronouncing. Learn something new everyday.
  21. Kind of a snoozer tonight. Just a few thoughts: I can't believe that no one picked Denise in the Reward Challenge. I actually think she's the strongest woman there despite being petite. Michelle. Girl, just stop. You did NOT want Wendell gone. Ummmm, why does Sarah think she is immune to vote-out talk? They need to bounce her ass next. I have never cared for her but I was really annoyed that Parvati acted like she found that clue on her own accord. Dani figured out the hint---she should've kept her mouth shut and looked by herself when she had the chance. But the EoE crew just seems to be more kumbaya than anything else. I'm really, really surprised that Tyson doesn't seem to be on anyone's radar. Weird and more than a little foolish on their parts.
  22. I don't remember liking Tony all that much from his season (probably because I adored Woo) but I'm finding myself highly entertained by Tony this season and I honestly wouldn't be mad if he went all the way to the end. I thought last night's episode was a little dry but he really cracked me up with his comparison of lack of fire tokens to being a broke kid in the bodega. Hilarious. And I really expected there to be some sort of frantic idol search after the merge. I'm sure these veterans thought to search the food, the water well and everything in between but I guess they just didn't show that.
  23. I really can't stand Adam and I couldn't believe how whiny and close to tears he seemed pre Tribal Council. I can't believe he won before---no wonder I don't remember him at all. Tyson's purchase of peanut butter doesn't seem so foolhardy now. He did well in that challenge. I wonder how he will hide his big jar from the merged tribe? That rain looked miserable. I wish I could care more about Wendell being bounced but I'm really indifferent. I'm glad Jeremy and Denise are safe for the moment. And finally, Yul is beautiful. That is all.
  24. That thought made me laugh out loud! JT was not the brightest player but I always enjoyed watching him. Adam, not so much. He's condescending, and I dislike the "whoa is me" kind of play he's got going on. Hold up, now! Did you forget Fabio? I guess he could be Shemp.
  25. Awwwwww....no Survivor shaming allowed here. LOL. Ben doesn't bother me at all. Truth be told, I like him way more than Adam or Sarah. I can't stand either of them.
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