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  1. I was glad to see the surgery went well and Diez seems to be making a good recovery. However, I was shocked to see that they let him climb up the ladder on the bunk bed when they got home. Also, I wonder what their sleeping arrangements were before if this is such a big improvement. It looked to me like the bottom bunks were shared by two kids, and then there were several other beds (mattresses?) on the floor next to the bunk beds? How many kids are sleeping in this room? I really hope the oldest daughter doesn't have to sleep in there...
  2. I also had the captions on and it said $30,000. $3,000 actually sounds too low for a place that would house 18 people for 10 days (I think that is what they had said they needed), but maybe an Air BNB in an outlying area not near UCLA? Either way, I think it's ridiculous that they would take everyone. Just focus on the child having the surgery and leave the others at home with Eric and GG...
  3. $30,000 to rent a house for 10 days??? It must be a mansion in Malibu or Beverly Hills. Just leave the other kids at home with Eric. He's the nanny, right?
  4. Have we ever seen the kids' bedrooms or even know how many bedrooms they have? The house looks pretty small from the exterior shots. we know the parents have one bedroom, and it showed the dad and GG quarantined in another one (where I am assuming GG stays when she visits). Where does Eric stay? Are all the boys in one room and the girls in another, for four bedrooms total? The remaining rooms can't be that large. Are there triple/quadruple bunk beds? I guess that's why we never see the bedrooms...
  5. I lived in Santa Barbara/Goleta in the mid 80's and I never heard anything about the murders. My brother still lives there, and for about 20 years in the 90' and into the 2000's his house bordered county land right on the San Jose Creek where the GSK accessed this neighborhood (the actual murder locations were just blocks from his house). Although some time had passed since the murders, he also had never heard anything about it until I told him I saw his former house on another GSK documentary!
  6. They left a big part out of this story. Investigators previously had used Ancestry DNA to identify a suspect who had nothing to do with this case at all: https://www.nola.com/news/article_d58a3d17-c89b-543f-8365-a2619719f6f0.html 48 Hours did a story on this a few years ago.
  7. I do not remember Alicia's original episode. How long had she and Tim been together? What was their story? Personally, I saw him as being very controlling, and prior to her losing all that weight, she probably was okay with letting him make all her decisions. He justified it by saying he was being protective of her, and I think she liked that too, as she did not have to do anything in life but eat. I agree that he probably would prefer she stay overweight so he can continue to control her (I am assuming he also has a thing for overweight women).
  8. I totally agree. It is not fair or accurate to compare Big Cat Rescue to these roadside zoos. I have visited BCR and found it to be well run. The enclosures are very spacious and the cats are well fed and taken care of. Of course it would be better if these cats could be in the wild, but that is not possible...
  9. It actually is much stronger than it looks...
  10. When I visited Big Cat Rescue, I actually took the feeding tour (it was first thing in the morning before it got too hot). Though they may feed some that way, I did not see any of them fed with meat on sticks. The enclosures have these extensions with gates at both ends. The feeder puts the meat at one end of the extension, closes the gate, and then opens the other gate to let the cat in to eat.
  11. I will preface this comment by saying I think Carole Baskin is totally crazy, clearly takes advantage of her volunteers, has a questionable past, and may very well have had something to do with her husband’s disappearance/death. However, Big Cat Rescue is actually a very good animal sanctuary, and takes in big cats who have been in captivity in circuses and roadside zoos, or were "pets" that people could no longer handle. Once they have been in captivity and can't go back to the wild, they really have nowhere else to go. I have actually been there once, and their enclosures are quite sp
  12. I could be wrong, but I had assumed that Dr. Emma was a private physician, at least for the patients she sees at her London office. It is in a very nice area with a lot of private practices.
  13. When I saw this I had the same question - how long was it in there, and wouldn't the towel have dried out before they found it (assuming it had been in there for a while)? And why wrap it in a wet towel in the first place???
  14. They said the gun was found in the car wrapped in a wet towel, which I thought was odd. Explains the rust though...
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