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  1. krawz555

    S12.E08: Judge Cuts 1

    I was at a taping last year at this stage of competition at this location. I got to see only 5 acts and we were like, thats it?? They filmed the into, a few takes (with Nick), they pretape all our reactions, the 5 acts perform and we're shuffled out. The judges take a break and then then the next 5 perform but thats it for one day. They must then have to wear the same outfits the next day to make it look like its all filmed at once. TV taping is weird.
  2. krawz555

    S12.E04: Auditions 4

    Really?? Bello Nock the clown?? He's the famous Ringling bros clown!!! He's out of a job so he goes and "tries out" out for this amateur competition show?? Wth?? Edited to add: Ok, went and did research. He was with Ringling Bros. In the early 2000's which is when my i took my son. Thats why i remember him. The circus even named their entire tour one year after him: Bellonation!!!!! He was The star of the show!! Since then, he's been rather busy doing stunts, featured on morning shows. Why is he competing on THIS show????
  3. krawz555

    S12.E03: Auditions 3

    Its funny you mention the audiences reactions. Ive been to a few tapings of AGT and they pretape ALL reactions before the show!!!! A producer comes out, and will say, "Pretend you just saw something so funny!!" or "Now, act shocked, then laugh, clap and stand up!" And there are cameras swirling all over the audience filming these reactions that they'll splice in later. You're doing this while looking at an empty stage!! Its all manufactured, but actually fun.
  4. krawz555

    Mommy Dead and Dearest

    Omg, me too. I was Social Service major in college and took a Child Abuse and Neglect class and we talked about this subject in length. Since then it has always fascinated me and boggled my mind. Even in the movie, The Sixth Sense, remember?? I shouted out, Munchausen by Proxie!!!!
  5. krawz555

    S06.E16: A Fresh Start

    Seriously. Driving in the car and shoving pepperoni pizza into her mouth. Who does that with their kids?? Snacks, yes.... crackers, pretzels to tied you over until you get real food. Not a full greasy meal IN the car, driving. Gross.
  6. krawz555

    S06.E08: What Will We Do This Time About Adam?

    Ok....Jessa puking in the toilet. Then that smile at the end when she buzzes Adam up?? Could SHE be pregnant too?????? Gah!!!
  7. krawz555

    S24.E02: Week 2

    I'm so happy people are feeling the love for "the baseball guy" David. Or as us diehard Cub fans call him Grandpa Rossi. That winning Cubs team is a young team and they all looked up to David who had been to the World Series before. It has been said, that during the the 7th game of the World Series, game tied, in the 10th inning and a much needed rain delay...... in the locker room it was David who gave an inspiring speech to the Cubs who went back out there to win the championship!! All of Chicago love him and it's great to see him shining on this show!! He's a great guy!!!
  8. krawz555

    S23.E13: Brand Like A Boss

    Seriously?? Go sees in Vegas?? Yikes.
  9. krawz555

    S06.E08: Gypsies, Cramps & Fleas

    "It's a building that turns into robot. What's fun about that?? Can't be, like, a bug???" "You don't just walk into a meeting and say, "Bug."
  10. krawz555

    S01.E01: Somebody's Dead

    I'm sure everyone's gonna get tired of hearing from us "bookworms" claiming "the book is better! The book is better!" cuz, we'll, it usually is. I'll give this a chance though. All of Liane Moriarty's books are set in Australia, as this book was and it was kindergarten, not 1st grade. Don't know why they made that small detail change. The book was pretty spot on about the different types of moms at schools. We'll see how this show plays that out. If your a parent you know those types and what type you fall into!!
  11. krawz555

    S15.E06: I'm Going Full Ballmer

    Yes! Takes me back to his comedy movies like "Twins". He's very comedic, like his jabs with Jon Lovitz!
  12. krawz555

    S01.E01: Episode 1

    Oh, I like it!!! The visuals are stunning. There are times the light is shining bright on him in his white suit and then when he was standing next to Sister Mary in the big meeting room it was like they were in the shadows. And I truly believe his confessional at the end is true. Something very sinister with this Pope and Sister Mary!!
  13. krawz555

    S01.E01: Disconnection

    How about her appearance on Saved By The Bell as Zachs girlfriend??? She was practically born into scientology. It seems once you begin with them it all seems well and good. By the time you figure out what nut jobs this "religion" is you've" already invested too much of yourself and your money to leave. It's rather scarey. I adore Leah.
  14. krawz555

    S04.E10: Los Gemelos

    Ok...I'm college educated, consider myself a rather sharp tool in the box, I watch the Profit pretty regularly but if I was told to "go do research" I'd probably hit up the Internet first, too! I'm not a marketing major and either is Adelo. I feel like Marcus was rather harsh in critiquing him. The guy makes tortillas. Marcus saw how he ran his business....did he really think Adelo was gonna have a strategic marketing strategy with charts and graphs and visit 50 stores and ask all the right questions?? Marcus kept saying he was very clear with his instructions but unless more was said off camera , I don't think so. I felt bad for Adelo. I think he was trying very hard and doing the best he could but doesn't have a head for business. And Marcus exploited that for his show.
  15. That turkey looked.....gross. not browned or seasoned at all! Blech!