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  1. I feel your pain…also a long work week for me and AM Style/Leah (despite its increasingly boring lineup of products)is one of the few remaining shows I watch on a regular basis. Luckily, I missed the chidlish behavior of the freaking squirrel but for the little time I actually watched…it was an endless, and I do mean endless TSV presentation. Speaking of the TSV, I own plenty of Skechers and they are of good quality and comfy but zero interest in today’s TSV. The price isn’t that great in my opinion especially when you add in $5.50 shipping for a lightweight shoe. That is a dealbreaker for me
  2. I see Joy Mangano is back on HSN. Back when she had Today Specials like every other week and sold tens of thousands in quantity but weeks later the reviews on many of her items (other than the Huggable Hangers) were atrocious. Also, that line of handbags she partnered with Iman on…lol! They always tried to compare them to designer bags but in reality they were cheap plastic poorly made bags. Oh and Iman always looked like she rather be literally anywhere else than next to Joy.
  3. ^This!!! That term has always bothered me when I have seen used elsewhere like social media for example and to use it on a shopping channel as a selling point…ugh!! Once again, QVC is making it difficult to want to do business with them letting behavior like this and the bullshit antics of the unwashed one slide right on by with no acknowledgement or punishment of any kind. AM Style is almost totally unwatchable now. The other “general” fashion shows..like Fashion’s Night In for example seem to have a better mix than AM Style which is now Breezies, Susan Graver, Renee, endless pres
  4. Ugh…I hear you. We had nearly 3 inches of rain yesterday in my locale. On top of more rain from earlier in the week. We don’t have the heat so much…but humidity for sure. Yesterday actually looked and felt like I could wear some of those “transitional pieces” the hosts are starting to push. Alberti and Dan were actually not that bad together. Alberti is a fine host when he isn’t doing food or with that obnoxious twit on Saturday mornings.
  5. Agree! Lug has done some nice camo patterns in different colors in the past but no camo option here. Can’t believe I am considering the upcoming PLW TSV. It’s a cute hoodie and their quality is actually pretty good..have a few items that are several years old that have held up well but I swore I wouldn’t buy more because their presentations have become so off putting and haughty.
  6. Breezies presentations are an instant click for me. Unfortunately, they are on all. the. damn. time. AM Style, Fashion’s Night In, the Your Style Live clearance shows on Q2. Avoiding QVC at all costs this weekend…hopefully they will have counter live programming on Q2. I had 2 items sitting in “preparing your order” status for over a week. Yesterday, got emails stating both were delayed. Today..they showed up at my door. Trying to give them the benefit of the doubt as I know many places are having staffing issues but between high prices, little perks outside of easy pay, stale prod
  7. *fingers crossed* Like every other D-list celebrity these days, she has started a beauty line. Hopefully, QVC will say no to that and just move on from her. Again, QVC is making is harder and harder to want to do business with them. I saw an item I wanted during one of the shows yesterday. It was at a sale price (and it was an decent sale for once also) but the color choice I wanted was sold out when I went to order. Checked back in a couple times throughout the day and it didn’t reappear. Today…the item is back to full price and shocker…the color I wanted is back in stock along wit
  8. I never cared much for Kathy Levine. Can’t quite put my finger on why. I will say this though…she was good at presenting jewelry and she was there at the to,e jewelry was a big part of QVC’s programming. She was queen of Diamonique and sold the hell out of it. I do believe she has been repping Nutrisystem of late. Pretty sure I saw her selling it on HSN not that long ago. I liked Courtney for awhile but she is becoming tough to watch. Caught some of her Friday show with Amy filling in for Jane and there were some weird vibes going on. Several times when they had a split screen while Amy w
  9. Dave Portnoy. I’ll give him some credit and he at least seemed genuiune on his effort to help struggling small businesses over the past year but otherwise…he is an obnxious attention seeker otherwise. Not a fan of his company either.
  10. I won’t even consider purchasing an “adavnced order” item any longer. I placed two orders on free shipping day last Sunday…both are still sitting in “preparing your order” status. Between order issues, boring programming, obnoxious hosts and little appreication shown to longtime customers…QVC is sure making it tough to do business with them these days.
  11. I saw Katrina on during the daylight hours the other day. She’s a pleasure to watch...polished and professional. Which seems to be lacking at QVC and elsewhere. She damn near talked me into that less than stellar Barefoot Dreams TSV the other day. Carolyn doesn’t generally bother me...don’t watch her much as I have little interest in Denim & Co and gardening but I am just reading the astest kerfuffle..and yikes. Not much shocks me these days but that was pretty lowbrow and it doesn’t seem like it was a “joke”.
  12. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. Can’t stand either of them. And I especially can’t stand the obnoxious 24-7 “Bennifer” updates and hype.
  13. So sad. He was only in a few episodes but he was such a memorable character in my opinion. Going to go watch “The Injury” for the 115th time now. RIP.
  14. Oh no, WEN gallons are back. Endless presentations have already begun..and it isn’t even June yet. Also, does QVC have an entire warehouse of nothing but loungewear? Can’t believe how many of these two piece sets/joggers they show. The fashion shows are so boring now due to this and beauty items and brand repetition. Renee and freaking Breezies...ugh, so sick of both.
  15. “Something special” coming on Sunday. Generally means free shipping or EZ Pay. If it is free shipping again, hopefully the website can handle it this time. During the free shipping day last weekend, took me several tries throughout the day to place my order. Their website continues to be awful.
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