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  1. CaffeinatedAunt79


    Logo TSV coming up Monday...and it is another dud in my opinion. A lounge dress. For such a popular line, they always seem to pick the worst TSV’s. At least Q2 had some non Christmas programming on today. Saw an item during Courtney’s style show, a GILI bag that piqued my interest so I hopped over to read the reviews and found out it was on old TSV from several years ago with poor reviews. Should have guessed that from the sale price and free shipping. While all colors were sale priced, some were lower than others. I notice QVC does that a lot and wonder why it is? Maybe due to quantity available...not sure but it is weird.
  2. CaffeinatedAunt79

    Home Shopping Network

    I was watching HSN because my Saturday fixture AM Style was bumped off by Christmas in July..ugh. Beekman and their TS was on...I don’t get them or those products, not my thing. But the goat in the birthday hat was cute. Been a long time since I purchased from HSN, but I am going to do so this weekend with free shipping. Been wanting to try the Slinky line and there is a top I have my eye on, it is a good price on sale and with free ship.
  3. CaffeinatedAunt79

    Shopping Channel Hosts: Sales Prevention Team

    Hope your day was great! I also have a birthday later this year of a number ending in “0” and to be honest, it is sort of freaking me out. But, on the other hand, I am going to take full advantage of it, shopping! and hope to visit my favorite city also. Philosophy TSV coming up this weekend and I am not interested in purchasing but I want to try and catch some of the shows as Christina Carlino is supposed to be calling in to the show. She was quite the piece of work when she used to be on air. Interested in how she will sound and act.
  4. CaffeinatedAunt79

    Shopping Channel Hosts: Sales Prevention Team

    Ugh indeed! Because that means in addition to the WEN dedicated shows, that damn gallon will be on every AM & PM Style and general/beauty fashion shows. AM Style is a Saturday morning fixture for me and I like Leah but it is going downhill. Way too much beauty and far too many TSV presentations. Not really a fan of Ant but I do agree that her anniversary show being dumped to Q2 is low blow plus Shoe Shopping with Jane on the main channel will probably be the same stale show it always is...numerous presentations of the Vionic TSV and more fugly Clarks and Ryka shoes.
  5. CaffeinatedAunt79


    Same here. I basically want it for the watermelon and pear scents. Also, getting tired of Philosophy products and want to try something new. Not gonna lie though, the more I watch the presentations, the less it makes me want to buy as watching the models and Josie slather product all over themselves is kinda gross and uncomfortable to watch.
  6. CaffeinatedAunt79


    Yeah..I think that is going to be an epic fail. Wonder if Seacrest will actually show up for the show?? Never been a fan of his and he seems like the type that, in my opinion would wrinkle his nose and look down at QVC.
  7. CaffeinatedAunt79

    Actors, Characters, and TV Personalities You Love

    My favorites characters ever...Michael Scott, Jim Halpert, Pam Beesley and Dwight Schrute....oh how I miss them on my tv every week. Thank goodness for Netflix and reruns as I never get sick of watching. Always been a fan of Mike Myers, since the SNL days.
  8. CaffeinatedAunt79

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    Stunned to see Grey’s Anatomy is not only still on the air, but has been renewed for two more seasons! I watched on and off in the early years but it never hooked me. Also not a fan of Ellen Pompeo, onscreen or off. She comes off as cold and unlikeable to me.
  9. CaffeinatedAunt79


    About QVC being stale...today’s TSV is a perfect example. Isaac gets a few points for having a TSV other than peplum, lace or stretch pants. The flower cardigan isn’t horrible looking but it is also nothing unique and it seems like a design that has been around for ages.
  10. CaffeinatedAunt79

    The Simpsons

    Been forever since I watched a new episode but I had to catch this one since I live in upstate NY (suburban Buffalo). Loved that they were at Mount Splashmore at the beginning. I liked the upstate NY song, the animators nailed the skyline of Buffalo and Homer at New Era Field. They were spot on with the song as much of this area is not exactly booming but some folks here got into quite a tizzy over it, even made the local news. Being so close to the border, I’ve been to Canada many times so I got all the references which is exciting for me because that usually never happens! Lisa’s Canadian family asking about going to dinner at Harvey’s or Swiss Chalet was great (Swiss Chalet is amazing and so worth the trip over the border) The Stanley Cup lamp and Quebec Nordiques rug in the living room were nice details. Also LOL’ed at the Ottawa Senators reference. Gonna be honest though, the harsh political overtones kinda ruined the episode for me. Since it has been so long since I watched, I asked my co-worker who is a more frequent viewer if it is always like that and even he said it was over the top on this one.
  11. Agreed...I wanted to know if the transplant was successful, they could have just had a line or two to let us know! This wasn’t a bad movie otherwise as the “Hallmark Hall of Fame” ones usually are better in my experience. Yes it was predictable, but I liked the story between Charlie’s father and Lizzie’s daughter. And Jeff Hephner is nice to look at.
  12. CaffeinatedAunt79


    I am an unhappy camper right now. Saw an item I was interested in and watched the video attached to it...the price for the item on the video $49.96 and the host called it “clearance”. The price of that item right now is $73 and change. That is ridiculous and there is no chance I will buy that item now and I really wanted it also. In fact, if it was still $49.96 may have purchased more than one. I just don’t get this!
  13. CaffeinatedAunt79

    Shopping Channel Hosts: Sales Prevention Team

    She is all kinds of awful now and has joined my “no watch list”. She is just too much to handle for me.
  14. CaffeinatedAunt79

    TV Star Crushes

    I watched a movie with Jeff Hephner last night. Wasn’t familiar with him before but I am now...he is handsome! My number one tv star crush will always be John Krasinski. He looks good with a beard, clean shaven, longer hair, shorter hair...all day, every day he is so hot! I was stunned to learn he was in my area recently scouting possible filming sites. Really hope he decides to film here!
  15. She is awful. She has a line of clothing on QVC...will not watch or buy from her ever after some of the nasty stuff she has said in the past. There are some celebs who have done products on the shopping channels who seem like they were an active part of the whole process and are enthused about being there/interacting with fans. Lisa Rinna is the opposite of that.