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  1. That's right Brett, not having a relationship for two years is getting along without him (and nobody else)
  2. What they need to do is find Rachel several hobbies that she will like and keep her busy during the summer months.
  3. She got that advice about not bathing from Mindy
  4. I can't believe Virginia is not married, since she and Erik will be part of the next couple cam series.
  5. I agree with hating all the commercials. Here is what I do: I set the DVR to record the episode. Around 8:45 pm I start watching the episode on the DVR. I can skip through all the commercials and finish the episode the same night around 10: 15 pm.
  6. Paige is sure a "potty" mouth in this clip for being a religious person.
  7. Several things: 1. I hate the slow motion in this episode 2. Brett - Did you notice how empty his side of the aisle was? I thought he would have have invited his uncle, Larry the Cable Guy. 3. Olivia - Seeing her father in profile, I can see the family resemblance. She is sweet and doomed. 4. Woody - The way he moves his head, he reminded me of a living bobble head doll.
  8. I read the production crews left and remote cameras were installed. I understand that it is the same setup that was used in the upcoming show that follows the successful couples that will begin airing in the near future.
  9. I agree about Meka. On this year's show, I thought she had the nicest figure. That's no lie!
  10. I agree. Drama brings ratings, ratings bring higher add fees, higher add fees bring in more profit.
  11. I guess I'm one that does not think she is gorgeous. She has a fine figure, but I do not find her face very attractive. She DOES do a good job her presentation, but she is not gorgeous.
  12. Yes, like when Katie saw the turtle and thought she was looking in a mirror. Yes, he and his wife will be in the new Couples Show that Lifetime is coming up with.
  13. I saw a different article on this show. It said that one of the couples from this season will be on the show. To me, that means Jessica and Austin.
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