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  1. One word: Tova I can’t believe what I see. And her model…Taylor in a gauzy nightmare, um, I mean nightie. Giant pumpkins hanging out. I just thought of another word: Halloween
  2. I received an Isaac cardigan and those Christmas wrapping bag thingies stuffed in the same very small carton. Looks like the Q is consolidating shipments to save $$$ even though I was charged sky high shipping on each.
  3. As an addendum to my post re a broken foot compliments of Cloudsteppers… …I have been wearing a pair of Spenco slides that hold my foot together without pain and get me through an active work or play day. They actually feel really comfy good. Don’t know the style name, but they are canvas and look like Birkenstock clogs. I’m so pleased, I ordered a pair of black flannel ones to go with black work trousers.
  4. Q’s recent Mr Christmas dust collectors are pure gravy genius money makers for Leslie and her company. Cast clay. Blob paint. Bake. Glue. Sell. Visiting the company’s website reminds me they built their business and reputation on exquisite museum quality private collections, elaborate displays, engineered mechanical wonders, carousels, etc. In the beginning, the Q carried MC’s expensive mechanical toys, carousels and artificial trees. Mass produced ceramic trees seems to have kicked everything else to the curb.
  5. Picture Joan Crawford minus the wire hangers Bette Davis without a seatbelt Bozo sans red dye #2 dumb luck
  6. Yup. Rationally, yes. Realistically, lol.
  7. Thanks! Joan Rivers never.ever.gave.up! She was a champ at 81! I walked in and said I wanted a job. The owner was walking by and hired me on the spot. Long story short…chemistry…serendipity. Anything is possible.
  8. Will do. When I retire again. After sitting around for two years missing the bustle of corporate life, I recently went back to challenging full-time work at the ripe old age of 74. Surprisingly, I entered at the corporate level in a high-tech company…which shows you companies are desperate for workers. lol. I’m saving for a Maserati. It also shows you scammers Ant & Co. are full of BS stating no one would hire them. I may be a great-grandma but I’m not braindead. Yet.
  9. We have to keep in mind it’s all about booking “numbers.” “In Process” no-mans-land cements our orders in place. No one at the Q knows when or if our order will be delivered. It may not have been produced yet. All they know is they have our bank account by the short curlies. Many items are drop shipped from third parties which turn into logistics nightmares. Everyone is at the mercy of John or Jane Doe and their factory. Unbelievably, a certain trendy seller of black & white check household goods is worse than the Q. I ordered an “in stock” item April 1, waited six weeks for deli
  10. I’ve worn Clarks for years. Loved the quality and sturdiness. They were a heritage niche brand catering to the “sensible” shoe crowd. Think Miss Marple. Margaret Thatcher casual . Queen Elizabeth in her dowager years. IMO, now that they’ve gone “trendy” their quality is in the toilet. Flimsy. Paper thin insoles. Stretchy but uncomfortable…oxymoronic. I was seduced into running around in their Cloudsteppers. Comfy, at first, turned into ouchy then unwearable. Last week a long bone (fifth metatarsal) spontaneously broke while walking. The cute shoes offered no protection from hard grou
  11. Yeah. Uh, stupid blonde floozie may have been Part Uno of hubby’s college fantasy We all know about Part II - High Seas Hyenas Can’t imagine how insanely Part III will unravel
  12. I know she’s been mentioned here, so I looked up Leslie Hermanson from Mr Christmas. Former MC President. (Possibly current President.) Former corporate lawyer practicing in NYC. Lives in Wyoming with husband and children. Smart cookie slyly posing as country bumpkin.
  13. Kudos to true warriors @marmalade, @notanxxs and all others who have fought courageous battles unaided and with dignity. Life deals twists and turns and roadblocks and triumphs. Those who quietly rise to meet personal challenges without public spectacle are heroes and conquerors. True grit and character are intertwined. At first glance, Ant’s mental health seemed to be the issue. A closer look tells me an entire hospital cuckoo wing could be named after her clan. Historic pirate ships had better morals and scruples and codes of ethics. They stole from each other, not pensione
  14. Call me a cheapskate.. Twelve sausage patties, $70? No thanks. Rachel and the mustachioed ‘meat ambassador’ said “without a casing patties” are super special stuff. I can buy a cart full of pigs and a bottle of sauce for that price.
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