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  1. If it wasn't for the behind-the-scenes reporting I would say that every so often Joy and Nutmeg are told to act this way to drum up publicity for the show. However, if Nutmeg acts this way after the cameras stop rolling then I guess I'd be wrong. I do think ABC loves all the attention Nutmeg brings to the show and that's why they'll keep her (unfortunately).
  2. Does NutMeg have to mention her father on every single show? Everyone in the world has lost a loved one. There comes a time to keep it to yourself.
  3. MM is extremely lucky to have all this time off. ABC must be falling all over themselves to keep her on the show. I wonder if the other hosts would be afforded such leniency. Not that I'm complaining either.
  4. I wish my former employer allowed me to take two or more weeks off when my parents died. Not that I'm complaining that she's still not there. I guess they must have told her to take as much time off as she wanted to. Meanwhile us "regular" folk had to just carry on after maybe 3 days off.
  5. I think Meghan is very over-dramatic because she knows the cameras are rolling. She's used to being the center of attention. Out of the entire family why is she the only one who can't keep it together. I rest my case.
  6. Does anyone know if next week's shows were pre-taped or will they be live for another week?
  7. I had never seen a show with Dershowitz before so I couldn't understand why people objected to him. Yesterday he seemed fine to me. I guess I'll have to tune in next time he's on cable.
  8. I am just curious -- when Megan is constantly giving side-eye is she trying to see the audience or the camera or both?
  9. I don't know of too many "regular" jobs where people are allowed time off each week to visit a sick parent. MM should consider herself lucky. I guess it must have been put in her contract.
  10. Is there any possibility that the producers tell Meghan to act this way in order to gain ratings? I'm not defending her at all, however, if the powers that be see great ratings they're more likely to keep this twit on for another season.
  11. This show is becoming similar to the shopping channels now that view your deal is on twice a week. I guess they can't manage to get too many really interesting people to come on any more. With the exception of C. Booker, the rest of the week is bland. I'm sure MM will be falling all over Tuesday's guest.
  12. Maybe MM is the one who will be out on Friday. There are so many more commercials now -- I don't think they need to have View Your Deal on twice a week. I always skip that portion of the show.
  13. I am very disappointed to hear that CCB will be returning. I hope her other projects keep her from appearing on a regular basis. I just wish that Raven would not be coming back as well. These are two we can easily do without.
  14. Does anyone know when the hiatus will begin? This week's guests are not very appealing to me.
  15. I saw BAB aka Candace on an entertainment news show last night. She said she has signed on to return next season. What bad news! Has anyone else heard this?
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