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  1. Interesting blind item Here. That site isn’t what it used to be but they’ve had a few decent blinds lately. Would the feds view stolen car parts traffickers as a better win than sending a pervert like him to jail? this is the blind: This former reality star who has a habit of molesting children and watching them being molested is arguing for a no jail time deal. The only way he is getting a no jail time deal is if he rolls over all the car dealers in his area using stolen parts which would also mean throwing a bus over dad who is paying for everything.
  2. They have a picture of Velazquez’ Las Meninas on their wall - have they been to Spain, demonstrated an interest in 17th century court painters or art in general? I love the painting but it’s not the first one that comes to mind to hang in my foyer. I’m giving this a 4-star Pretentious rating.
  3. If it’s an iPhone, the easiest way I’ve found is to email them to myself and when it ask what size I want to mail them, choose medium Sorry, no help regarding a photo editor.
  4. Tim must be really desperate (or being punished) if he’s living in that trailer. My camper is way smaller but I spend a lot of time in camping forums. The water supply for it comes from a hose that would freeze in the winter as it doesn’t look like it’s set up permanently. The toilet lines would also freeze and I wonder where he dumps his waste water to - did they crack open their septic tank and run the line to it? Plus, those trailers aren’t very insulated and he must have to sleep in his coat.
  5. Of all the things this universe of fundies has promoted, this is the first company that seems to have put some time and effort into making their product and model look good. She has a very good figure.
  6. Claire looks like she’s had a lot of Botox. I think that’s why she looks old and young at the same time. I don’t think she’s really had Botox but her cheeks and forehead have that kind of puffy look Botox gives.
  7. Maybe it’s the other way around. Maybe Derrick wanted to stay at Walmart and pursue a law degree (does Walmart cover tuition for employees?) but because a real 9-5 is not compatible with reality show filming, he had to quit and go to Central America. Neither Derrick nor Jill ever looked truly happy there but TLC got video of “real” Christian missionaries baking banana bread and talking about how scary it was. And once he quit Walmart, he couldn’t go back. I can’t judge - if someone offered me a good sum of cash for a reality show (and of I was younger with less life experience, it might see
  8. I was working at a super boring engineering firm in college where I was the youngest person by 20 years. I used to spend all day with headphones and Passions was broadcast on some radio station. I NEVER was able to see it but I listened to it for years! Fast forward 10 years and when we bought our first house, the Hispanic housekeeper from Passions was my neighbor. I recognized her by her voice when she said hello to us. She thought I was crazy.
  9. This camp would be my nightmare in so many ways but I can see why the tweens and teens would love it. The kids seem to have some semblance of freedom to socialize and there was a good number of them there. I wonder how many marriages have come out of these family camps.
  10. Anna does beautiful braids on her girls. She takes that crowning glory BS verryyy seriously.
  11. Those pants were $1800 when she probably bought them and $500+ on sale now - a brand called Ashish that’s obviously too fancy for the likes of me. She drops a lot on clothes!
  12. I’m with Garcelle - where does Sutton get her money?? Spending $2k or even $8k like Kyle at a boutique of that caliber doesn’t get you a personal invite from Domenico (was it Dolce or Gabbana?) and a private salon to do your shopping. Sutton’s AmEx bill probably makes Dorit’s (supposed) $30k look like an amateur.
  13. I think it’s funny that Ivy is always shown with Sophie the giraffe who is named after St. Madeline Sophie, Catholic saint and founder of the Sacred Heart. If I was a petty social media person, I would hashtag #wearesacredheart on her post so she would show up among so many evil, strong, independent Catholic women of Sacred Heart education.
  14. Whats going on with them? Sometimes I snoop on her IG when she’s mentioned here but I just find her boring and sanctimonious. Her husband creeps me out a bit bough.
  15. Their past and their beliefs tell me this IS blanket training. A stylish blanket, cute clothes, and tacky bow just makes it look more normal. Those poor kids.
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