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  1. Mldh598

    S03.E18: Her

    I was watching this at my mom's house, and this is what she's saying too. Wouldn't surprise me either I guess. Nicky was my "whoa" moment last night - curious to see how that plays out.
  2. Mldh598

    S03.E17: R&B

    Totally agree! From infants to teens to adults, it is amazing how they cast everyone. Not only in looks, but mannerisms.
  3. Mldh598

    S10:08 Aspyn's Royal Wedding

    I laughed so hard when this happened....I feel much the same.
  4. Mldh598

    S03.E15: The Waiting Room

    I really hope not. If that's the case, the writers do not know their fan base AT ALL. I wasn't left anything last night, though it was still a really good episode...
  5. Mldh598

    S03.E10 The Last Seven Weeks

    I typically lurk and really enjoy the day after the show airs to read everyone's thoughts. I do have a question though - does anyone think the woman in Vietnam is going to a storyline that is forgotten, or will it resurface? I thought about that last night and how the focus is off her now, but I know the writers are good for circling back to things when we least expect it. Like others, I was confused by the storyline and felt like an extremely unorganized person to see Beth wrapping gifts well before November when I was thinking the election would be in November. LOL
  6. Mldh598

    Season 6 Discussion

    I have seen this too with the groom. My mil was fun at our wedding...she insisted her Dad walk her down the aisle to her seat since he didn't walk her down the aisle at her own wedding. I didn't know until I saw the video that she "made it a moment' - when they got to the end of the aisle, she hugged him and said something to him (what, I don't know), but she's fun like that. LOL
  7. Mldh598

    S02.E13: That'll Be the Day

    I'm glad you mentioned this - I find that I'm always watching for the little cues now because they seem to "mean" something later. I noticed that Jack putting her tape away "seemed" like a moment or something we need to remember. But, I can't imagine Kate wanting him to go back for that, and I'm not sure that would be in Jack's range of thoughts at the moment, so I'm stumped. LOL
  8. Mldh598

    S02.E12: Clooney

    Question/thought about last night's episode. Not sure if I watched correctly or made this up in my head (which is entirely possible), and if this was mentioned already, I apologize. But, did Kate talk about the fact that she was the thinnest she had ever been right before Jack died? If so, that could explain her weight/issues with food to some degree. That coupled with what I thought was a 7 on her wrist/being dissatisfied trying on the 5 and it not fitting properly, never being happy with her current weight no matter what it was, etc.
  9. Mldh598

    S02.E12: Clooney

    I thought the same thing (LOL) until they panned out and focused on the smoke detector. UGH
  10. Mldh598

    S09.E02: Groomzilla

    As the episode went on, it seemed like Janelle was totally over Tony, as am I! LOL
  11. Mldh598

    Nicole & Azan: Supersize My Tagine

    I have no idea how I got to this site, but I've been watching this Periscope clip - Danielle is giving her perspective on Nicole and Azan and says she's talked to him once or twice! Dear God....Danielle giving advice to the new couples? Especially Nicole and Azan? Link: https://www.pscp.tv/JohnYates327/1PlJQYMAXeYJE
  12. Mldh598

    S02.E10: Number Three

    Great catch - I didn't notice that at all. This is why I love these boards...everyone has such good observations on these little details! The writers are all about subtle clues, and this is likely one of them.
  13. Mldh598

    Season 5 Discussion

    Was watching with my 80 year old mom who said Azan kept walking away from her because "that's one way to get her to exercise." LOL
  14. Mldh598

    S02.E09: Number Two

    Okay, I'm glad I'm not the only one who walked away wanting more. Last week I felt like the history of Kevin made us understand him better (we always knew some stuff, but it seemed to "make sense' more after watching last week). I was hoping for an equally deep episode with Kate, but feel that we didn't learn enough about her. Still a good show of course! =)
  15. Mldh598

    S02.E08: Number One

    I've been getting better at catching these little clues, but for some reason Toby calling didn't register with me at all last night. Jack's comments made me laugh. Reminds me of, "If you fall out of that tree and break your legs, don't come running to me." Fun things parents say when they're frustrated.