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  1. I want to know why the heck Steven hasn't been paid? Are the Koehls really that greedy and cold hearted? It's just so wrong!!!! Yes, it upsets me, anyone with a heart should be upset that such an injustice has gone on for so long against a, fellow, disabled veteran!
  2. I just watched this DVD a few minutes ago. Peter Koehl Junior and Stephen Koehl, and daddy too, team up to sink to new and profound depths of moral bankruptcy in this Profit episode. And now we find out that they don’t even own the company! What a family of weasels. Their new facebook page that was revised after the Profit episode was aired is refreshingly revealing. It seems they don’t care what we think anymore. Click on the facebook link below to see their latest propaganda. It's really kind of funny; https://www.facebook.com/Skullduggery-Inc-1527359324236475
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