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  1. SusanL464

    Season 2 Wish List

    It looks as if there will definitely be a second season - Mentors are Project Runway All-Stars Mila Hermanovski, Michael Costello, and Korto Momolu. Details here: http://bloggingprojectrunway.blogspot.com/2014/04/under-gunn-season-2-now-casting.html
  2. SusanL464


    I'm going to wait for the West Coast to see the ep before posting anything. What a flipping wild ride!
  3. SusanL464

    Small Talk: a.k.a. 'The Meet Market'

    Long time lurker over at TWoP, and looking forward to being a contributor over here!
  4. Going with my gut and saying that Spencer will be the last one standing. There, I said it. :)
  5. SusanL464

    Small Talk: Don't Tell Jeffrey!

    I have all of my kitchen stuff ready - let's get cooking something FABULOUS!