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  1. I think that "window" closed a long long time ago for sonja
  2. I think that "window" closed a long long time ago for sonja
  3. I think that "window" closed a long long time ago for sonja
  4. Thank you for your input, RHJUNKIE, I appreciate it.
  5. why call alcholism à disease? A disease is not necessarily something one can control.....alcoholism is. I am a recovering alcoholic.....and I am in complete control of my drinking as, imo, so is Kim.sorry, I lost track of who I was responding to.
  6. I think Erika is probably the smartest of these women...i think she has probably figured them all out and will proceed to put them all in their Respective places
  7. Oh boy....my sentiments exactly! How that woman gets away with stuff is amazing
  8. I don't understand why kim has her own show......wonder how long this last for an alcoholic and addict
  9. I think all these articles are ways to let the addict/alcoholic not feel responsible for his/her behavior...as I have said before, I am a recovering alcoholic, and the only "thing" in control of my drinking is ME.
  10. I am confused; an addict simply has no control over the addiction? Simply going on my own experiences an alcoholic does have the control to stop drinking.
  11. I am so glad you're having no problems with alcohol. I think it only exacerbates the depression and delays recovery. Hang in there, kiddo!
  12. I really don't see where anyone has treated Kim like dirt....Kim has brought the disgust with which she is viewed on herself with her own behavior. Imo, she has underlying psychiatric problems that need to be treated before she can really stop her substance abuse. Imo, alcoholics quite often have personality disorders which existed before the abuse began.
  13. Thank you for your response....depression in particular runs on my father's side. My father liked to blame my problem on his grandfather who was an alcoholic which I always thought was a bit of a stretch..
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