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  1. That bothered me too, as did pretty much everything else about Molly's story. If someone is that close to death, as Molly's mom said they knew she was, they're generally in bed for a while and not running around pricing speakers. Also if Molly was going to do something generous as her last living act, you'd think it would have been for her parents or Charlotte and not the person she hadn't seen in 30 years. It would have been more believable if Molly had died suddenly in an accident or even if she had been sick but didn't know it, but they probably couldn't figure out a way to use that to create the tortured dilemma of what Darlene will do with the tickets.
  2. Did I mishear this or did Dan say he was getting $100 a week to foster the dog? That's so stupid I feel like I must have heard it wrong. You don't get anything when you foster except maybe some kibble or the random pet supply, but even that isn't a sure thing.
  3. Yes, Elias is Jerusha's brother. I remember Glenn saying something about how he couldn't fire Elias because he was his brother-in-law and it would upset Jerusha.
  4. A lot of really funny moments in this episode. Dina's "... because I'm a racist! I should probably work on that!" and Sandra's pen drop were hilarious, but the second pen drop had me rolling. Glenn bear-hugging the customer and customer's tiny-voiced, "unnhh coronavirus ... " Also Dina's interview hair and the genesis of her Glenn hatred. The raccoons leaving made me surprisingly and stupidly emotional. Haha. When he came back to make a more serious closing announcement and started with "you know what?" for half a second I expected him to bust out a British accent and then stand up and walk away. I prefer to think Elias has a second job as a medical school janitor and picks up a foot from the research corpses now and then. I thought Dina looked a little pregnant too at the cookout but that they purposely left it ambiguous. I'm going to imagine her as pregnant and newly married to Garrett. It was a really good finale, even though it did feel a bit rushed. Cynical me expects that any spinoff will be shown on the Peacock streaming service only.
  5. In the books and the original series, James's rival for Helen's affections was Richard Edmundson, who was wealthy and a little bit of a snob, but not her landlord. (The Aldersons owned their farm.) They had been friends since childhood and Helen's dad hoped they would get married, but it never seemed particularly serious on Helen's part. She went to dances and things with him, but it wasn't a serious romance. The original didn't have a Hugh Hulton, but there was a Lord Hulton, who was a wealthy aristocrat but very unpretentious and he worked his own farm. He was probably in his 50s or 60s. In general, the original series was very faithful to the books, and the new series makes a ton of changes. I much prefer the original, but I can enjoy this one as long as I don't compare the two.
  6. That confused me for a second when I saw her on the dance floor and at first thought she was with Gordon because he had patted her on the back before she got up, but right after he said he had to leave. Like, "I've got to get back to the station, but first ... we dance!" Then they showed her moving around to stay in the shot, but by herself, which was odd. His shirts have a 70s vibe which is normally not a good thing, but it works for him. I find him the most attractive of the four guys, and I adore how exasperated he always is.
  7. I wish they hadn't made Marcus and Justine cousins because they'd be a hilarious couple. My vote for the spinoff has Sayid as the main character in a better but still aggravating job. Maybe he's finally able to buy his own Subway franchise or something and has to manage a bunch of fools and that one sociopath that every Subway has. Yeah, I think they're going to bump her off in some comically ridiculous way.
  8. Absolutely not. I am against this nation's long history of intentional, systemic racial discrimination against [checks notes] white people, especially in the area of appearing on a reality TV show, which is a fundamental human right. My god, the suffering.
  9. Well, ya know Peach, if you let the those people be 50% of reality TV shows, which according to God and arithmetic should be 60.00000001% white, then they might want other things, like fairness in housing, education, employment, access to health care, and a full and accurate Census count. If you let 9 of the those people on Survivor instead of ... uh ... 7 the those people, 10 legally-and-morally-entitled-to-appear-on-Survivor white people and one person who's mostly white but maybe has like a Filipino grandmother or something, then the next thing you know, the those people will be demanding not to be murdered by the police. Slippery slope, my friend, slippery slope.
  10. I was going to write my post as a rhyming poem, but after about 30 seconds I decided it was too much work. Kudos to Calvin for that speech. He and Moira will probably do it a couple of times, then break up amicably. I wonder if Carrington is surprised that he comes in last/worst on almost all the votes. I had to laugh at Laurel's, "in all my 22 years of life ..." I have bras older than her. Congratulations to Justine and Caleb. I doubt they'll end up married, but at least they both have an extra $50K. And good luck to Cely and Johnny's future partners, whom I assume they will dump each other for before the month is out. See you all here next summer!
  11. My plan for the next two days is to repeatedly check giphy until someone posts one of Calvin eating that oyster. Caleb has something strange going on with the back of his head. It looks like when babies sleep so much that they get a little bald spot where their heads touch the mattress. Disappointed that Laurel didn’t grab the keys to the Ferrari and leave Carrington in the desert. Johnny: Here we are in love and on our date so let’s toast to our love. I love you. Cely: Now I will toast to our love because we are in love and I love you. Johnny: I can’t wait until we take our love to the outside where I will still love you as I love you now. Cely: And I will love you more than I love you now which I do you know. I love you. I’m not just saying that.
  12. The funny thing about the baby challenge to me was that the women held the babies facing themselves and the men held them facing out, which is how I notice it goes with real babies too, though I've never understood why that is. I also liked that they gave Johnny and Cely a chonky baby with a giant head to match Johnny's physique. Carrington accidentally amputating his baby's leg aside, it seems like the men did better than the women overall and I kind of remember that being true last season as well. Cely didn't care at all and Lakeyn is so dumb she admitted that she doesn't like babies and doesn't want children and got fired from her nanny job geE I wonDeR WhY. Moira and Calvin's Mission Impossible: Sleep Outside was cute. I'm surprised more people haven't slept outside since waking up gradually has to be more pleasant than all the lights suddenly coming on and/or Cely screaming and banging things. I'm not voting because I don't care that much, but if I were I'd vote for Moira and Calvin. Going back to the family visits, I was laughing at Justine crying about how she hopes her parents are proud of her right after she had sex on TV, but then her family came and said they were proud of her, so I've concluded that reality TV people are just different. I mean, you love your kid no matter what, but all of these families going, "oh what you're doing is totally cool and normal!" is just weird to me. First presidential debate tonight so the tonight's episode might be on at a different time, depending on where you live.
  13. Now that I look at that picture, she doesn't appear to be wearing a gown, just a cap and possibly a bra for a top. I clicked over to her instagram (i am really fucking bored this morning) and it looks like it was a graduation party at someone's house. As for the bears, there's a second picture. Jules was probably a graduation bear with a cap and gown, and they stuck the cap on Gus. Anyway, congratulations to Mackenzie. She's still a nut, but it sounds like she turned at least some things around with her education, so good for her.
  14. She's wearing a cap and gown, but was there a ceremony? She says she took her last class August 11 and met Connor two weeks later, so that photo is clearly from within the last week or so since they left the Villa, but what college holds graduation ceremonies in September?
  15. I can't believe Justine wore the wig to bed at the Hideaway. When they did the closeup of them kissing before they pulled the covers all the way up, you could see it was starting to slip backwards off her head. IDK, maybe going from long hair to wig cap in the middle of sex is one of her moves. I think she has three: a long straight full wig, a long curly full wig, and then a long straight hairpiece that she attaches as a ponytail. I don't know what her real hair is like -- we only saw it briefly one time when she was combing it up in a short ponytail -- but it could not possibly be worse than that long, straight, very unflattering wig that she seems to favor. She's pretty when she wears the curly one or pulls her hair back in the front, but the '60s go-go girl look is not working for her. Speaking of the Hideaway, how did I not notice before how hideous it is? A giant red lips headboard? *shudder* Moira's not two-faced; she's wishy-washy. Also, I think she was understandably spooked by creepy-ass James early on and never really recovered. Based on the other votes, I'd say America loves Caleb, so he and Justine are probably winning the whole thing, which is fine. Cely/Johnny and Laurel/Carrington have had too much drama followed by convenient forgiveness and Lakeyn/Bennett are too new and/or not a real couple. I actually find Moira/Calvin a little more genuine right now than Justine/Caleb, but I think it's because they're not trying to win; they seem to know they're out of it, so they just want to stay until the end and mess around and have fun. They're a summer romance that ends in September. I had to replay that segment three or four times and I laughed like a lunatic every single time. No kidding, but that was the happiest I've felt since February.
  16. i love Calvin and i will post that GIF of him dancing every day until you agree with me
  17. Lakeyn is getting a negative edit, but she also seems kind of terrible, so it's fine. When she and Carrington talk to each other, they're so disdainful of everyone else. Even the way Carrington says that Laurel is sweet comes off sounding like a slam. Lakeyn is also a mush mouth. I can only understand about half of what she says. And she looks like Janice the Muppet. But it looks like she yells at Carrington tonight, so I might end up on her side. Dang, Julia almost got the Noah edit. At least they let her say something at the end, but what a waste of time that whole thing was for her. The girls pranking the guys was cute, and Calvin's face when Johnny was blowing up the floatie was so funny. waaat is happening here? All my favorite pairings are the BFFs: Kierstan and Laurel, Caleb and Calvin, Justine and Cely. The actual couples are a lot less interesting.
  18. Carrington’s explanation is that he didn’t know he was going to meet someone exactly like himself. But now that he has, he’s swept himself off his feet! I don’t know which was more romantic, Justine and Caleb squatting next to the fire pit trying to roast marshmallows over a tiny flame, or Moira and Calvin agreeing to give up and settle for each other.
  19. Cely: I am LITERALLY not surprised at this news. Kierstan: [drinks wine with her forearm] Moira: I think I want to get to know Cashel!
  20. I'm so bored with this season that I decided to Google what's happening with last season's couples. Elizabeth and Zac (winners of season one): Broke up, December 2019 Alex and Dylan (runners up of season one): Broke up, November 2019 Caro and Ray: Broke up, June 2020 Emily and Weston: Broke up, November 2019. Got back together. Broke up, January 2019. Got back together. Broke up for good, May 2020. Kyra and Cashel: Broke up numerous times after mutual accusations of cheating, finally ending it for good in December 2019 In light of this information, I'm not going to get too excited about any elaborate "Will You Go Steady With Me?" productions, no matter how many towels anyone rolls up to form into the shape of a heart. Also why was Johnny crouching down behind the kitchen counter like a mole man? If you want to hide, just go stand behind a wall! Like a person! Moira putting the moves on Calvin. LOL. I'm telling you guys: Bubble. Boy. She has no idea how to interact with the other humans.
  21. The guys were talking about how high their heart rates were before they saw the women dance but after they watched each other dance. It's no Bro Stack, but I'll allow it. And it makes sense to me because the guys were all pretty decent pole dancers, but the women were, uh, not. Kierstan was good and Justine was surprisingly only just okay considering she's a go-go dancer, but the rest were awful, especially poor Laurel. I can't remember but which guy was the plumber? How is a plumber sexy? He was carrying a plunger for god's sake. Yes, bring the the thing that's been in a bunch of people's clogged toilets, it gets me hot. WTF.
  22. I may never get over the contact embarrassment of watching those stripteases, but I would like to thank whichever PA dressed Carrington in that little collar and suspenders because for the next two days I will randomly remember how stupid he looked and burst out laughing. Moira is so bad at flirting. It has to be an act. Please let this be the last we hear of Connor and Mackenzie until the inevitable 48 Hours Mystery episode.
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