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  1. Gloworm

    S15.E14: Finale, Part 1

    They had to sneak in the "At Sally Beauty, we'll always make you beautiful" line somewhere in the show. I've noticed that one of the stylists throws it in during the product placement section of the show. The design a logo twist must have been one more thing to satisfy the Brothers Sewing sponsor contract. I also giggle (inwardly) when the designers are dinged for not making outfits that look expensive enough when they have the JustFab wall of accessories to help out. I mean... it's JustFab.
  2. Gloworm

    S12: Last Chance Kitchen

    I wish I had read through this thread before wasting 15 minutes watching the recent LCK. What a waste of time. I'll be even more annoyed if there's still no definitive resolution between Doug and George on Wednesday's episode. I'd like to see this come down to Mei and Doug. Gregory seems to have crashed and burned in later episodes but floated through on the strength of his earlier success.
  3. Gloworm

    S01.E01: Pilot

    Right. I should have phrased my original statement a bit better. I look at those scenes and think "I can't believe this is still an issue". But it is.
  4. Gloworm

    S01.E01: Pilot

    Boy, this show is a soapy mess. I know pilots are typically clunky, heavy-handed, and have to set up a lot of storylines. I felt the response to the gay son was outdated. Didn't like the use of the f-word at all. TPH was definitely chewing the scenery and considering the writing here -- that might be the best acting choice. I might give this show a few more episodes.
  5. Gloworm

    S03.E01: Time After Time

    "Adjourn your asses." Awesome. I'm starting Season 3 now. The cold open of the tower's debris spreading through the streets was great and of course, symbomlic. I didn't pick up on the mayor and the real technician note but that's a great point as well.
  6. Gloworm

    The Real Husbands Of Hollywood

    Season 1 definitely had some magic that latter seasons do not. Every recent episode feels like it's 30% too much. Like there aren't any "no" men around Kevin Hart to say... "you know, let's try it this way". KHart plays the same character virtually everywhere he goes, perhaps I'm just over the schtick. I really enjoy (or enjoyed) how Boris and Duane mocked their real life persona. Overall, the show was better when it was a more on-the-nose mocking of the "Real Housewives" franchise. RHOH has become that party guest who you have to tell "go home, you're drunk".
  7. Gloworm

    Omar Little: You Come at the King, You Best Not Miss

    I am currently watching this show via Amazon Prime and I must say - I can't wait until there's a scene with Omar. I'm only in the middle of season 2. Michael K. Williams is doing (er...did) some brilliant work as Omar. The courtroom scene for Bird's trial had me glued to the laptop screen. Dude is definitely magnetic in this role. I had only seen him on "Community" before but I knew he was on this show. I feel like the professor might have been a cousin of Omar.
  8. The more gimmicky "Chopped" gets with the theme shows, sob stories, and casting, the less interested I become in the episodes. I ended up reading while the Family Feud episode played.
  9. Gloworm

    Mozart In The Jungle

    I discovered this show while marathoning "Transparent" and "Alpha House". Both of which I liked more than "Mozart". But pilot episodes are notoriously bad as they have to introduce and setup in a limited amount of time. I am hoping this show goes beyond "the symphony is full of pill poppers and people sleeping together" and "hot young crazy new director shakes things up". I do like seeing Gael Garcia Bernal in the role. We shall see.
  10. Gloworm

    S13.E11: The Highest Bidder

    These "design-testants" know the deal when they sign the contract and surely they've seen previous seasons. The "Tim Gunn Save" isn't a new concept. If you don't like how it works or fear that you might be negatively impacted by it, don't do the show. Char hasn't been interesting design-wise all season, but I'm not sorry about seeing Korina go. I'm sure we'll see Korina in a future season or in the All-Star cast. The producers won't let that drama goldmine go by without getting more from it.
  11. Gloworm

    America's Test Kitchen

    Christopher Kimball's disdain for anything that comes from a supermarket (clutch the pearls!) is completely off-putting. Yes, it would be lovely to make everything by my own hands or pluck it from my backyard garden, but I have other things to do sometimes. Like living. I have learned how to whip up a few sauces at home on my own and they generally are better than what's in the jar. But the jar comes through in a time crunch and it's good to know which brands are worth the cash. Sometimes, I want Jack to smack him during the taste test segments. Get over yourself!
  12. Gloworm


    I laughed that they still call each other by stage names. While I wasn't a huge fan, I can get with them being Unsung. They ushered in a new sound and vibe.
  13. Gloworm


    I took this show off series record. The Mexican cartel killed "Weeds" and it looks like they're doing the same with "Dallas". Ewing Global must be like a Jenga tower with all of the constant company shenanigans. It's exhausting. I don't care what happens to Emma or Elena but TPTB will make me for another season, so I'm checking out. Losing Christopher wasn't a big loss because all he did was whine, scowl, and judge John Ross or urgently call Princess Elena over the crisis of the day.
  14. Gloworm


    Russel Neal's arrest was mentioned very briefly. It appeared to be edited in after the show was complete and tacked on the segment before the last commercial break. The way it was added in felt like it was a quick fix.