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  1. Addicted

    S02.E12: Into The Abyss / S02.E13: The End Game

    Congratulations David, I knew you could do it. I love how David was talking about staying even longer when his daughter was sneaking up behind him. I don't think it's right that they made him stay 2 more days after Larry tapped. C'mon these guy are starving.
  2. Addicted

    S02.E11: Winter's Fury

    I knew Nicole was gonna tap out as soon as her luck ran out. David making enough pitch fire starter for a couple of weeks makes me think he's gonna win this thing. I don't see anyone else thinking more than a day ahead.
  3. Addicted

    S02.E10: The Gamble

    All I was saying about Nicole, is that now that her luck has run out, we will see if she can handle the bad as well as the good. I'm curious to see if her positive attitude will hold up if things get tough.
  4. Addicted

    Fix The Show? Or It's Fine As It Is?

    The show is fine as is, they just need better editing and the contestants need to do their part too by filming more interesting stuff.
  5. Addicted

    S02.E10: The Gamble

    My predictions: Nicole and Larry will tap out soon. Nicole has had it easier than the others until recently, now we will see the real Nicole and Larry is just looking for a reason to tap. If David makes through the night without freezing, he could go all the way. I'm not sure about Jose, they don't show enough of him, but if he eats those shell fish, it could be the end of his journey.