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  1. "A place for Mom" - is that why they made cemeteries? Dad goes there? IF this service or whatever was "A Place for Dad" we would have GMA ; Kelly and who or whatever having this on their show; and all the soccer moms marching. Still,,,, this service seems ok - no protests - only the cricket sound. Makes me sick And then we have the OLD valentines day coming up - Dad gets a $89 drill from Menard s Mom gets a $6k diamond ring from Jared (another crock of feces holiday) Maybe it should be named a place for Them?
  2. Ok - then you should be in the Clergy (with your patience)
  3. some of us don't have a DVR and cable and need to watch tv ads in real time ? I really feel your pain - Are you at the library right now to post on the net? Jus wondrn
  4. Is there one tv ad out there that has NO FINE print associated with it (in other words a HONEST ad) Be it for whatever product or service; some greedy human and or org and or corporation?! I swear every AD on tv is designed to : #1 Deceive you #2 Take your $$ like a circus carney and or lawyer Look at the forum numbers on this site - we have as of now 2K of consumers (with ?able IQ) that actually love a tv ad and then we have 655K that would pee in the office water jug at some Ad agency....go figure But the issue goes deeper than a love/ hate idiom - we pay for cable - why the hell make good and honest tv ads? WE got the leech on our neck and it's called cable tv. They get our $$ (at obscene monthly rates) and throw them weekly (except for the cable/network negotiations) to the networks who will run catheter / adult diaper / soft sex ads / and toilet paper that shows if you're bleeding and other ASSorted visual feces AD Nauseam. We see the same irritating , deceptive ads over and over and I thank the Supreme Being that I got a FF on my DVR control. We want torture in this country? Strap a perp to a chair and let it watch tv ads non-stop for a month I cannot remember when I saw and listened to a tv ad in real time....maybe it was "WHERES the BEEF?!"
  5. All I can say about this addiction tv ad is that they are TRULY honest - They tell you that this 800 call is toll free. Yeah I want to call up a stranger and empty out my closet full of skeletons..... Can anyone besides a owl or The Supreme Being read that fine print?
  6. A few of them - Any slimy lawyer tv ad - any doo-dad that will be doubled "BUT WAIT!" for $19.99 (just pay separate S&H) Need I go On?
  7. Breaking news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1-800- (call anyone) is...................................................... A free call!!!! Oh boy!
  8. rules are;;; #1 Cop some old song from the 70's and use that as a theme (how tough is that?) #2 If you're on a project for fast food - get two male dolts in a car #3 Make your ads as annoying as possible because there are idiots in society who remember those ads and will spend non-existent $$$ to buy the snake oil or whatever they are pimping #4 IF you are making an ad for a slimey lawyer - make sure the next one the lawyer wants is one for cheap toilet paper because you can then get people to sue the manufacturer for your finger going through it when you wipe.. #6 Make sure society knows that all is well in the world when you can screen swipe your cell phone and it will be the key to life happiness #7 Make almost every female in any ad to be a power/contact/know it all woman...(where did Toyota Jan go? Did she go hiking in the Grand Canyon blindfolded? I hope) And Lastly make sure the viewer knows that a 800 call is toll free
  9. Sorry us in the midwest ONLY get hospital and medical center ads that show these brain dead statues....dont know about ice cream ads
  10. The ones that really bug me (haha - they all do) are the ones where the humanoid is staring into the camera and that's it. Is that going to get me or anyone else to buy their snake -oil ; medical service or anything else?!? I don't think so
  11. seem so damm bossy i.e. CALL NOW!!!! or the best is 1-800 - blah -blah "this call is toll free"
  12. Yes and now "Hallowed Toyota" has to make "toyota care - a warranty" a selling point for their "reliable and DEPENDable" cars
  13. Why do commercials ask the consumer to be honest WHEN THEY ARE NOT?
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